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Apparel innerwear category india


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Apparel innerwear category india

  1. 1. Intimate wear / Innerwear Women Collated by Peshwa Acharya
  2. 2. • Intimatewear includes lingerie, underwear, homewear, nightwear, fitness & dancewear & swimwear, anything worn next to the skin.• This product category requires special attention, fabrics need to be anti – stress, anti- smog, anti-static, anti –allergic, anti- bacterial,anti-moisture & anti-odour treated.• Good innerwear will give the woman’s body/torso perfect fit & shape.• Every woman looks for comfort, quality & durability in their innerwear.
  3. 3. Different types of ProductsTeddy : This product is the combination of camisole & pants, like a body suit for women.Camisole :Sleep lingerie, fits perfectly to the waistThong : Undergarment &acts as a swimsuit product for womenChemise : Comfortable garment worn before tops, T-shirts & kurtas.Blank sleepers : specially designed for winters to keep the woman warm. Others : Bodices, Bloomers, Corsets, Maternity bras, sports bras.
  4. 4. Global• Global Market in 2003 was estimated at 29.15 billion $ with a projected growth of 9% in the next 3-5 years. ( 31.6 bn $ in 2012)• Market for women’s innerwear has an ever increasing demand , much potential lies in Western Europe & Northern America which tog cosntitutes 65% of the global market.• Key playersCalvin kleinDKNYVanity FairTommy Hilfiger
  5. 5. India• Asian countries like India & China are emerging as prospective markets, merchandise will be sold in more quantities at lower prices.• The Market size of Innerwear is at Rs. 4000crore ( 2009 ). Women’swear apparel mkt = 28,375 crores, covering 32.1% share of the Indian apparel mkt. in value terms).• Rupa & Co launched in 1985 is India’s biggest innerwear manufacturer & seller• Renowned brands such asCalvin Klein, Lejaby,Rosy, Lise Carmel, Victoria’s secret,Levis, M&S, Lovable, Triumph, Maxwell industries (Vanity Fair, Daisy Dee dominate the market.Levis operates in women’s innerwear & also has socks selling in its stores.
  6. 6. Other Brands• Lingerie segment in India has its own local offerings like Neva, Bodycare, Softy, lady Care, Little lacy, Featherline and many more.• In the 90s jockey re-entered the Indian market followed by calida & Liberti blu.• High Fashion , Gossard existed for a limited time.• In the 21st century, Enamor another foreign brand entered the Indian market through Gokaldas exports.• Very chic French brand Aubade started its only outlet in Bombay. La senza has also entered the market
  7. 7. Triumph• Leading foreign player in India is Triumph.• Present in 150 countries around the world & turnover of 2billion US Dollars.• They produce of over 200mn. Units annually, producing 6000 new fashion styles per year designed by 200 designers in 11 countries.• Operations started in 6metros in India expanding to 45 cities in India.• Markets through Retailers, Franchisees. From 300 outlets, they are targetting 1000 outlets in 3-5 years.• All raw materials are imported from Europe, triuph is produced in Chennai , has gained a 50% increase in sales since its entry into India
  8. 8. Lovable• Incorporated in 1987, caters to the premium segment in india• Flagship Brands – Lovable, Daisy Dee.• Daisy Dee caters to mid segment market in India• College Style caters to the young segment of India
  9. 9. Trends• Youngsters are demanding transparent, colourful, halter neck straps to suit their dressing more so since attires are more and more westernized.• Innerwear is priced from Rs. 200 – rs 3000 and available in different materials like lycra,chiffon, net, rayon and cotton too.• Lingerie brands are trying to educate Indian women about their perfect fit, also cotton is not necessarily the best fabric that Indian women are used to