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  1. 1. General Certificate of Secondary Education<br />Physical Education<br />B451/ B453<br />Unit B451/3: An Introduction to Physical Education<br />CVMS December Paper<br />Time: 60mins<br />Candidates answer on the question paper.<br />Additional materials: None<br />Candidate Forename: _________________________________<br />Candidate Surname: __________________________________<br />Centre Number: 10108<br />Candidate Number: n/a<br />INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES<br />• Write your name in capital letters, your Centre Number and Candidate Number in the boxes above.<br />• Use black ink. Pencil may be used for graphs and diagrams only.<br />• Read each question carefully and make sure you know what you have to do before starting your answer.<br />• Answer all the questions.<br />• Do not write in the bar codes.<br />• Do not write outside the box bordering each page.<br />INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES<br />• The number of marks for each question is given in brackets [ ] at the end of each question or part question.<br />• The number of marks for this paper is 75<br />FOR EXAMINER’S USESection ASection BTOTAL<br />2<br />Section A<br />300990016827500<br />Answer all questions. Please circle the correct answer.<br />1 Which one of the following is a fundamental motor skill often used for active leisure activities?<br />(a) Netball pass<br />(b) Hockey flick<br />(c) Running<br />(d) Triple jump [1]<br />2 Which one of the following is a social reason that might affect participation in physical activities?<br />(a) Family<br />(b) Equipment<br />(c) Weather<br />(d) Facilities [1]<br />3 Hypertrophy is an increase in:<br />(a) muscle size due to physical activity<br />(b) lung capacity due to increased physical activity<br />(c) cardiac output due to increased physical activity<br />(d) calcium production due to increased physical activity[1]<br />4 Which of the following is not a recognised method of assessing an aspect of the body’s readiness for exercise?<br />(a) Cooper’s 12 minute run/walk test<br />(b) Body mass index measurement<br />(c) Sit and reach test<br />(d) Height measurement [1]<br />5 Which one of the following is an example of a performance-enhancing drug?<br />(a) Steroid<br />(b) Alcohol<br />(c) Carbohydrate<br />(d) Paracetamol [1]<br />6 Which one of the following describes why skilled performers in physical education are different from unskilled performers?<br />(a) They try harder<br />(b) They are more outgoing<br />(c) They are more co-ordinated<br />(d) They interact with spectators [1]<br />7 A secondary school is trying to encourage its students to participate in an active healthy lifestyle. Which piece of advice would you give to the staff at the school who are trying to encourage a healthy, active lifestyle among their students?<br />(a) Make lunchtime sport compulsory for all<br />(b) Run teams only for the best performers<br />(c) Run sports clubs during weekends only<br />(d) Put on a number of activity clubs open to all [1]<br />8 Which of the following is not a characteristic of a balanced, healthy lifestyle?<br />(a) Exercising regularly<br />(b) Drinking water regularly<br />(c) Only drinking 5 units of alcohol per day<br />(d) Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables [1]<br />9 A major muscle group that is responsible for movement around the shoulder is:<br />(a) biceps<br />(b) abdominals<br />(c) quadriceps<br />(d) deltoids[1]<br />10 Why is warming up before exercise important?<br />(a) It improves flexibility<br />(b) It improves heart rate<br />(c) It decreases the removal of lactic acid<br />(d) It slows adrenaline release [1]<br />11 A young person doing his GCSE’s in school no longer participates in exercise. Which of the following could be a reason for this non-participation in exercise?<br />(a) Peer pressure to stop exercising<br />(b) Physical Education is not compulsory in Year 11 at school<br />(c) Exercise can stop effective learning<br />(d) Young people do not need to exercise to stay healthy [1]<br />12 Why might strength be an important health-related component to help a young person lead a healthy lifestyle?<br />(a) To give a good body image<br />(b) To be able to lift and carry objects safely<br />(c) To be able to protect yourself from physical attack<br />(d) To improve endurance [1]<br />13 Cardio-vascular endurance is a component of fitness and a healthy balanced lifestyle. Which of the following describes cardio-vascular endurance most accurately?<br />(a) The ability of our heart and lungs to cope with exercise over a long period of time<br />(b) The ability to use muscles over a long period of time without them getting tired<br />(c) The amount of force a muscle can exert against a resistance over a long period of time<br />(d) The ability to change the body’s movement quickly over a long period of time [1]<br />14 Most sports players accept that, when they participate in physical activities, they should observe appropriate codes of behaviour or etiquette. Which of the following is the best example of good etiquette when performing a physical activity?<br />(a) Shaking hands with your opponent at the end of a tennis match<br />(b) Obeying the referee in football<br />(c) Shouting ‘well played’ to one of your team-mates in hockey<br />(d) Politely questioning a decision made by the referee in basketball [1]<br />15 Which of the following is an example of intrinsic feedback?<br />(a) The crowd booing a bad pass that has been made<br />(b) The performer hitting a pass and the technique feeling right<br />(c) The coach shouting encouragement following a good pass<br />(d) The performer passing to a team-mate who has shouted for the ball [1]<br />16 Which of the following is an example of extrinsic motivation?<br />(a) Trying to beat your personal best in a 100 metre sprint<br />(b) Participating in badminton for enjoyment<br />(c) Wanting to swim a length of the swimming baths to gain a badge<br />(d) Taking up aerobics to get fitter [1]<br />17 Why is personal hygiene important in physical education?<br />(a) To avoid minor infections<br />(b) To be a more successful performer<br />(c) To be able to lift and carry equipment safely<br />(d) To keep the equipment clean [1]<br />18 Which of the following best describes the training principle of overload?<br />(a) Concentrating on specific muscle to make it relevant<br />(b) Putting the body under stress to improve strength<br />(c) Doing too much exercise<br />(d) Doing less exercise to rest muscles [1]<br />19 What is meant by physical activity participation rates?<br />(a) number of people who attend PE lessons<br />(b) number of people who watch sport<br />(c) number of people who learn sports skills quickly<br />(d) number of people who are involved in sport[1]<br />20 What is the main reason for SMART goal setting?<br />(a) To punish performers who do not stick to an exercise programme<br />(b) To reward performers financially if they stick to an exercise programme<br />(c) To check whether the coach is setting a good exercise programme<br />(d) To motivate participants to follow an exercise programme [1]<br />21 Why is feedback on performance especially important?<br />(a) It discourages poor performers<br />(b) It increases competition<br />(c) It sets a personal best target<br />(d) It helps to improve technique [1]<br />22 Which one of the following is an example of an important role of an official in physical activities?<br />(a) To help performers’ fitness levels.<br />(b) To ensure that rules are followed correctly.<br />(c) To make money.<br />(d) To ensure that the right tactics are used.[1]<br />22 Why is flexibility considered a component of a fit and healthy lifestyle?<br />(a) To avoid straining muscles during physical activities.<br />(b) To impress others during warm-up activities.<br />(c) To be able to lift heavy weights.<br />(d) To help fight infections.[1]<br />23 Which one of the following is a health screening test?<br />(a) Sit and reach test.<br />(b) 30 metre sprint test.<br />(c) Blood pressure test.<br />(d) Cooper’s 12 minute run test.[1]<br />24 In a bicep curl the lower arm moves towards the upper arm. Which of the following terms describes this movement?<br />(a) abduction<br />(b) adduction<br />(c) extension<br />(d) flexion[1]<br />25 Which one of the following pairs of fitness components is yoga likely to develop?<br />(a) Flexibility and cardio-vascular endurance.<br />(b) Speed and flexibility.<br />(c) Strength and flexibility.<br />(d) Muscular endurance and cardio-vascular endurance.[1]<br />26 Many people participate in physical activities and follow an active, healthy lifestyle. Which one of the following is a health reason for regular participation in physical activities?<br />(a) To make friends.<br />(b) To have a job and earn money.<br />(c) To be a good role model.<br />(d) To manage stress more effectively.[1]<br />27 Which one of the following is not a pathway for involvement in physical activities?<br />(a) Regularly taking part in physical education.<br />(b) Becoming an umpire in hockey.<br />(c) Volunteering to help organise the 2012 Olympic Games.<br />(d) To regularly watch your favourite football team.[1]<br />28 Discrimination is one reason why some people do not participate in physical activities. Which one of the following is an example of discrimination?<br />(a) Boys not selecting dance as one of their physical activities for assessment.<br />(b) Disabled pupils not choosing to participate in a physical exercise session.<br />(c) Women not being allowed to play golf at peak times at their golf club.<br />(d) Older people going for a swim at their local swimming pool.[1]<br />29 Which one of the following pairs shows two good examples of characteristics of a balanced, healthy lifestyle?<br />(a) Non-smoking and non-active.<br />(b) Nutritional diet and regular water drinking.<br />(c) Non-alcohol and low-protein diet.<br />(d) Physically active and smoking only a limited number of cigarettes. [1]<br />30 Which one of the following is the best example of a fundamental motor skill?<br />(a) Simple pass of a football.<br />(b) Simple shot in football.<br />(c) Simple run up the pitch in football.<br />(d) Simple save by goalkeeper in football.[1]<br />31 A healthy, active lifestyle helps to improve and maintain mental health. Which one of the following is an example of an improvement in mental health?<br />(a) Better stamina to keep going.<br />(b) More skills to carry out specific physical activities.<br />(c) You live longer.<br />(d) More able to think positively.[1]<br />32 One of the key concepts in physical education is creativity. Which one of the following is an example of creativity in physical education?<br />(a) Participating in different physical activities.<br />(b) Thinking of new movements in a gymnastic sequence.<br />(c) Being tested on physical fitness.<br />(d) Learning fundamental motor skills.[1]<br />33 To show competence in physical education, which one of the following would be most applicable?<br />(a) To select the right skill at the right time.<br />(b) To maintain physical health.<br />(c) To regularly participate.<br />(d) To understand the aims of physical activity.[1]<br />34 Why is a cool down important after exercise?<br />(a) To raise resting heart rate.<br />(b) To improve speed.<br />(c) To make muscular contractions stronger.<br />(d) To speed up the removal of lactic acid.[1]<br />35 One characteristic of skilful movement is that the movement is aesthetically pleasing. Which one of the following best describes this characteristic?<br />(a) The movement takes place at high speed.<br />(b) The movement shows a high level of strength.<br />(c) The movement looks good.<br />(d) The movement is always successful.[1]<br />36 Which one of the following is an example of a performance goal?<br />(a) To win the competition.<br />(b) To improve your technique.<br />(c) To beat your personal best.<br />(d) To please your coach.[1]<br />37 Which one of the following is an example of intrinsic motivation when learning physical activity skills?<br />(a) Enjoyment of the activity.<br />(b) Pleasing your parents.<br />(c) Trying to win a competition for the cup.<br />(d) Receiving a badge for swimming a width.[1]<br />38 Which of the following bones meet to form the elbow joint?<br />(a) Femur and pelvis.<br />(b) Humerus and femur.<br />(c) Humerus, radius and ulna.<br />(d) Humerus, tibia and fibula.[1]<br />39 Which one of the following best describes the role of tendons?<br />(a) They attach muscles to bones.<br />(b) They attach muscles to muscles.<br />(c) They attach bones to bones.<br />(d) They attach ligaments to bones.[1]<br />40 Which one of the following is a long term effect of a healthy, active lifestyle?<br />(a) Heart rate increases.<br />(b) Muscles increase in temperature.<br />(c) Blood flow is slower.<br />(d) Stroke volume increases.[1]<br />41 How would you minimise the risks associated with a fitness centre when exercising?<br />(a) Eat plenty of carbohydrates.<br />(b) Check that all equipment is working properly.<br />(c) Always try hard in all exercises.<br />(d) Record fitness progress in your training diary.[1]<br />42 Which one of the following best describes aerobic training?<br />(a) Long intervals of slow work.<br />(b) Short intervals of slow work.<br />(c) Long intervals of fast work.<br />(d) Short intervals of fast work.[1]<br />43 Local authorities attempt to encourage more participation in physical activities. Which one of the following is a local authority facility?<br />(a) Leisure centre swimming pool.<br />(b) Private gym club.<br />(c) Rugby club.<br />(d) Premier League football club’s training ground.[1]<br />44 Which one of the following is an example of a media promotional campaign to promote a healthy, active lifestyle?<br />(a) TV advertisement for high energy drinks.<br />(b) Radio advertisement for sportswear.<br />(c) Leaflets on a balanced diet in the local library.<br />(d) Newspaper report on a death caused by smoking.[1]<br />45 Which one of the following is a potential hazard whilst participating in a physical activity in an outdoor adventure area?<br />(a) Slippery rocks.<br />(b) Cutting your leg on a sharp stone.<br />(c) Concussion by banging your head.<br />(d) Exhaustion because of walking too far.[1]<br />46 Which one of the following is the best description of the specificity training principle whilst weight training?<br />(a) Increase the weights lifted for each training session.<br />(b) Concentrate on training muscles in the upper body.<br />(c) Lifting your maximum weight for one repetition.<br />(d) Using all free weights rather than machines.[1]<br />47 Which one of the following is an example of the skeleton as a support structure?<br />(a) Producing red blood cells.<br />(b) Storing minerals.<br />(c) Producing calcium for strong bones.<br />(d) Helping with correct posture.[1]<br />48 Which one of the following would be a good example of personal protective equipment to reduce the risk of injury if participating in a physical activity?<br />(a) A gum shield in hockey.<br />(b) A post protector in rugby.<br />(c) A crash-barrier for the crowd.<br />(d) Well-fitting training shoes.[1]<br />49 Which one of the following is the best example of a ‘SMART’ goal set to improve performance of an official in a physical activity?<br />(a) To learn the rules of the game and to give the right decisions in the next match.<br />(b) To get fitter and to keep up with the run of play.<br />(c) To learn the signal for offside by this time next week.<br />(d) To talk to the players after the game to get feedback on performance of the official.[1]<br />50 Which of the following movements best describes flexion around a joint?<br />(a) Lowering your body using your arms in the press-up position.<br />(b) Bending backwards at the hip whilst standing.<br />(c) Turning your hand around so that the palm is facing upwards.<br />(d) Squeezing your ankles together whilst lying on the floor.[1]<br />51 Which of the following would you recommend to prevent inflammation of the joints during or after physical activity?<br />(a) Rub massage oil into your joints before and after exercise.<br />(b) Use carbo-loading to increase energy levels.<br />(c) Stretch your muscles thoroughly before exercise.<br />(d) Do not do too much activity at any one time.[1]<br />52 Which of the following is a performance goal in a physical activity?<br />(a) To win a tournament in golf<br />(b) To score the best in a strength test<br />(c) To improve your technique in tennis<br />(d) To get a personal best time in a 10 kilometre run[1]<br />53 Which one of the following might be included in a good exercise programme to significantly improve flexibility?<br />(a) Plyometrics<br />(b) Interval training<br />(c) Body pump<br />(d) Yoga[1]<br />54 A movement that predominantly uses a hinge joint in physical activity is:<br />(a) Sprint start leg action in athletics<br />(b) The bowling arm action in cricket<br />(c) Heading the ball in football<br />(d) Ankle action when swimming breast stroke[1]<br />55 Which of the following is a role of the National Governing Bodies in sport?<br />(a) To provide equipment to fitness clubs<br />(b) To write the curriculum for school physical education<br />(c) Ensure health and safety guidelines are in place<br />(d) Make money for the share-holders[1]<br />56 Which of the following is an example of a volunteer pathway?<br />(a) playing for a school team<br />(b) being a table official in your school basketball game<br />(c) getting a part-time job at the local gym<br />(d) taking a coaching qualification[1]<br />57 In order to improve the health of the biceps, which one of the following activities would be most effective?<br />(a) Football<br />(b) High jump<br />(c) Canoeing<br />(d) Hill walking[1]<br />58 Overuse of tendons in physical activity can cause problems. Which one of the following problems is associated with tendon overuse?<br />(a) Inflammation<br />(b) Arthritis<br />(c) Hypertrophy<br />(d) Bruising[1]<br />59 Which of the following would ensure healthy joints?<br />(a) Maintaining a healthy weight<br />(b) Use of massage oil<br />(c) Eating more red meat<br />(d) Lifting very heavy weight[1]<br />60 Which of the following activities would be best described as both aerobic and anaerobic?<br />(a) Sprinting<br />(b) Long jump<br />(c) Weightlifting<br />(d) Tennis[1]<br />61 Natalie has decided to take up cross-country running. Which type of training would be the most suitable for this activity?<br />(a) Circuit training<br />(b) Weight training<br />(c) Continuous training<br />(d) Flexibility training[1]<br />62 After an hour’s vigorous exercise programme, a 16-year old male, who does not train regularly, experiences some short-term effects on his body. Which one of the following would you expect to happen after such a short exercise programme?<br />(a) Increase in cardiac output<br />(b) Decrease in resting heart rate<br />(c) Increase in lung volume<br />(d) Increased breathing rate[1]<br />63 Which of the following is a potential hazard of a school playing field?<br />(a) Correct footwear<br />(b) Discarded litter<br />(c) The sports equipment<br />(d) Other players[1]<br />64 The following are disadvantages of the sit and reach test except:<br />(a) variations in arm length can obscure results<br />(b) variations in leg length can obscure the results<br />(c) some participants may warm up, some may not<br />(d) it is a simple test to administer[1]<br />65 Which of the following is a Physical Education concept?<br />(a) Frequency of training<br />(b) Warm-up<br />(c) Creativity<br />(d) Decision making[1]<br />66 Which of the following is the best example of evaluating and improving as a process in Physical Education?<br />(a) Watching a tennis player and identifying a fault in the performer’s forehand and then showing them a better technique<br />(b) Watching a hockey player and cheering them on, urging them to improve<br />(c) Watching a gymnastics sequence and telling them the judge’s score at the end<br />(d) Watching an exercise class and telling them they have to try harder next time.[1]<br />We are more likely to copy a role model for the following reasons except:<br />(a) We relate to them<br />(b) They are good at what they do<br />(c) They are our friend<br />(d) They are attractive to us[1]<br />67 One of the functions of the human skeleton as a part of a healthy, active body is to provide:<br />(a) oxygen to the body<br />(b) protection to the internal organs<br />(c) a source of vitamins<br />(d) warmth for the body[1]<br />68 A good example of a hinge joint would be:<br />(a) knee<br />(b) shoulder<br />(c) hip<br />(d) ankle[1]<br />69 Which of the following is a skill rather than an ability?<br />(a) speed<br />(b) catching<br />(c) reaction time<br />(d) balance[1]<br />70 Which of the following shows incorrect information?<br />(a) The multistage fitness test measures cardiovascular fitness<br />(b) taking the pulse measures heart rate<br />(c) the sit and reach test measures flexibility<br />(d) the BMI tests speed[1]<br />71 One of the factors that do not affect participation in a healthy active lifestyle is:<br />(a) age<br />(b) gender<br />(c) reaction time<br />(d) smoking[1]<br />72 The following are both examples of carbohydrates:<br />(a) cheese and fish<br />(b) bananas and bread<br />(c) cereal and meat<br />(d) eggs and mushrooms[1]<br />73 Which of the following statements does not follow the FITT principle?<br />(a) you should take vigorous exercise at least three times a week<br />(b) each exercise session should be at least twenty minutes long<br />(c) the exercise programme should include different types of activities<br />(d) you must eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day[1]<br />74 Which of the following may have a direct positive effect on participation in physical activities?<br />(a) encouragement by friends<br />(b) lower admission prices for spectators<br />(c) more televised sport<br />(d) higher wages for professional sports people[1]<br />75 Which of the following is a locational reason for non-participation in physical activities?<br />(a) age<br />(b) religion<br />(c) climate<br />(d) disability[1]<br />Section A Total [75]<br />