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  1. 1. Year: 7 Activity: Badminton Range and content: A, F
  2. 2. Learning Objectives Developing Skills Making & Applying Developing Physical Evaluating and K&U of involvement, Wk Decisions and Mental Capacity Improving health & fitness & diff roles 1 Racket and foot Forehand grip. Basic Shot selection Develop co-ordination Teep Understand the familiarisation Recap court markings and Positional play and timing to hit the AFL importance of a warm on basic grip footwork Controlling the speed shuttle. up. Maintain a basic rally Court markings for of the shuttlecock. React to shots of Question and Answer Acquire stretches Develop Forehand half court singles. Hitting the shuttle opponents. session. Run to court for specific muscles Shots Basic scoring. into space. markings used in badminton and Developing forehand Getting back to base the importance of shots. Where would be the stretching Ready/Base Position best place to hit the shuttle to? 2 Recap on rallies Technique required When it is Reaction speed – Teep Develop different Perform a forehand for the low serve. appropriate to use moving towards the AFL warm up activities low serve Develop how to return the low serve. shuttle. Why is the low serve that are related to Recap on low serve the serve Develop the Understand both used.? the activity. Introduce the technique for the attacking and What is the best shot Introduce the use of underhand clear underhand clear. defensive returns. Be to play following the dynamic stretching Link the clear shot able to apply the underhand clear. exercises for into a rally underhand clear shot badminton for defence. Work out positional play on the court 3 Recap on underhand Develop the technique Be able to decide to Develop stamina to be Teep Be able to identify clear required for overhead play the overhead or able to move around AFL. the major muscles in Introduce overhead shots. under hand lob shot. the court. In Why Should we the arms and clear Link different shots Umpiring a game of particular forward to disguise the drop stretches related to Introduce drop shot to differing serves. Full court singles. defend the drop and shot. them. Require the technique Being able to use the back to defend the Peer evaluation. Be able to identify for the drop shot. clear and drop shot clear. Looking and the major muscles in during a rally. positioning for shots the legs and Understand how to stretches related to gain advantage during them a rally. 4 Recap drop shot and Develop the correct Understand when to Speed to be able to Peer Evaluation. Understand why introduce basic backhand grip play forehand and move to shots around 2 star wish. strength training is backhand strokes Learn positional play backhand shots the full court. To things you peer important in Full court singles play for a full court Gain basic tactics in Stamina to last for does well. 2 things badminton. and assessment singles game. full court singles the game. they could improve on. Be able to link both Use shots Umpire a game of full Develop the will to warm up and appropriately for court singles. win. stretching exercises
  3. 3. Year: 8 Activity: Badminton Range and content: A, F
  4. 4. Learning Objectives Developing Skills Making & Applying Developing Physical Evaluating and K&U of involvement, Wk Decisions and Mental Capacity Improving health & fitness & diff roles 1 Recap on year 7 work. Understand when to Work out how to gain Develop ability to Teep Recap on the Focus on overhead play the clear or drop an advantage against focus on opponents AFL importance of a warm clear and drop shot shot during a rally their opponent using position. Try to play up in sport Understand the the drop and clear the shuttle away from Question and Answer Understand the importance of the shot Be able to select them. session. Run to court importance of making backhand stroke for when to play a markings the warm up fun and saving time to get to forehand or backhand active. the shuttlecock stroke. Where would be the best place to hit the shuttle to? 2 Recap on the basic The technique Be able to select Stamina and speed to Teep Be able to explain why backhand grip and required for the high when to use the high move around the AFL speed and agility is shots. serve. Be able to or low serve court in defence and Why is the low serve required for control the direction depending on their offence. used.? badminton of the shuttle opponents starting What is the best shot Understand why the Develop the technique position to play following the heart and lungs are required when Be able to link shots underhand clear. linked together for performing the smash together allowing respiration shot. them to perform the smash shot to win the point. 3 Recap on low serve. Recap the smash shot. When to use the Select when the Teep Introduce the high Introduce the block block shot to allow shuttle needs to be AFL. serve shot for returning the speed of the played gently over theWhy Should we the smash shot. shuttle cock to do all net or hit to the back disguise the drop Introduce basic net the work. Develop how of the court. shot. play to cushion the shuttle Select when to play a Peer evaluation. returning over the gentle return shot, Looking and net gently. making a partner positioning for shots move around the court. 4 Recap on serving. Recap on net play. Understand the Be able to encourage Peer Evaluation. Introduce the smash Introduction to key principles of movement around the 2 star wish. shot tactics in badminton. maintaining an court forcing their To things you peer Half court singles advantage over their opponent to chase does well. 2 things play and assessment opponent. after the shuttle they could improve on. Use shots cock. Be able to correctly appropriately for positioning and use of grade fellow pupils both attack and technically from assessment
  5. 5. Year: 9 Activity: Badminton Range and content: A, F
  6. 6. Learning Objectives Developing Skills Making & Applying Developing Physical Evaluating and K&U of involvement, Wk Decisions and Mental Capacity Improving health & fitness & diff roles 1 Recap on year 7 and 8 Basic forehand and Basic tactics, moving Develop concentration Evaluate the best Understand how the work. Focusing on backhand grip. around the court and and reactions. place to play the body works court movement. Footwork around the placing the shuttle in Reacting to shots and serve. Where is the anaerobically during Recap on the high/low court. Technique different areas. choosing and best place to be badminton. serve. required for the Tactics of each serve. appropriate return following your serve. Understand how the Introduce the backhand serve. Rules Positioning to receive Assess and critically body works backhand serve. for the serve in a serve. Deception of evaluate on of you aerobically during doubles play. a serve. peers. badminton 2 Recap on backhand Technique required Positioning of the Develop speed and Peers evaluation. Identify ways to train serving. for the push shot. shuttle. Be able to power in your shots. Identify what type of appropriately in Introduction of the Linking the push shot angle the racket to training your peer badminton to ply push return. Recap on into a rally or from a make the shuttle land could do to improve faster and more the push return. serve. Be able to use in different areas of their games. (do they powerful shots. Introduce deception the same technique the court. Select the need to be faster, for shots. for the drop, smash best shot to play stronger? and clear shot. during a rally. Deception of the shots being played. 3 Recap on overhead Technique required When to play the Develop Why is communication Develop an shots. for the backhand backhand clear shot. Communication skills important . understanding of Introduce the overhead clear. Positioning on the between your partner. What different ways muscles working backhand clear. Hitting to an court to work to best Develop power in your can we set ourselves together to pull and Introduction to the opponents weakness. as a team strengths. shots to beat 2 up to best work push. Be able to lead full rules for doubles Technique required Apply the correct opponents. together as a team. the stretches in play. Basic serving set for serving and rules for doubles play. groups of 8 up positions. starting positions in Linking appropriate doubles shots together 4 Doubles play. Focusing Know when a Attacking and Develop the ability to Where is the best Be able to lead the on attacking and defensive set up is defensive principles. focus on your place to position warm up in groups of defensive play. required for Communication opponent and the yourselves to best 8. Be able to lead Doubles play and attacking. between pairs. shuttle to be able to works as a team. both warm up and assessment Use shots positioning and use of find gaps in games. Be able to correctly stretching exercises appropriately for technically grade fellow pupils together both attack and appropriate shots from assessment defence sheet