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  1. 1. Sport and the media
  2. 2. The golden triangle Sport spectators Buy merchandise Will buy sponsors from media product if marketed companies wellRely onsubscription Rely on fans buying products Business Media sponsors Attract sponsors as Need the media to spectators interested in promote media
  3. 3. SponsorshipReasons for sponsorship Recipients of sponsorship1. Sponsors name/product is given 1. Events publicly. 2. Governing bodies2. Association is developed between 3. Stadiums product and performer/team/event 4. Teams3. Sponsor associated with supporting 5. Individuals the community and country4. Sponsorship reduces tax paid by company
  4. 4. Advantages of sponsorshipPerformer Spectator Officials/Coaches World Games May have a chance to win Many coaches aren’t paid Can gain financial supportFree clothing and equipment something at a game. For nearly as much as performersor payment for wearing example, in a raffle or a so could welcome extra cash.sponsors clothing draw.Performers can use their Products are readily May be provided with better New sports can be promotedequipment available for the spectator facilities to work withCan concentrate on training If the performers are able towithout financial worries. work better withParticularly important for sponsorship, entertainmentathletes levels should rise.Gives performers something tostrive for to improve theirgame.Can improve fame of aperformer
  5. 5. Disadvantages of sponsorshipPerformer Spectator Officials/Coaches World GamesMay be tied in to a contract The sponsor may demand May have to call a time out to The advertising and media mayincluding appearances at excessive advertising which allow for advertising. For become considered moresponsors events. could interrupt the game. example NBA basketball. important that the actual competition.Young players may have their Performers could be more Players may not be available for Sponsors may want to alter thesponsorship withdrawn if their money orientated that goal games/training due to time of the year whenperformance does not show orientated and not work as sponsorship commitments competitions are held forimprovement hard. Makes sport less maximum viewing entertaining.Players in less well-knowngames may not be able to getsponsorship
  6. 6. Technology in sport• Video replays• Wireless communication of referees• Television viewers have access to computer generated predictions instantaneously• Advances in clothing and equipment• Advances in fitness training methods• Advances in facilities and playing surfaces
  7. 7. Examples of technology in specific sports Sport Example Tennis Hawk eye Cricket Hot spot, snicko, hawk eye Rugby Video referee – with a review system Swimming New streamlined swimsuits Football Lighter boots for speed Formula 1 Communication between driver and teamGeneral viewing: Slow motion cameras for entertainment purposesInjuries: Cryotherapy, hyperbaric chambers and hypoxic tents allow for shorter recovery time
  8. 8. Advantages of technology in sportPerformer Spectators Officials/coaches World gamesDecisions will be More exciting to Easier for officials Big decisions will bemore accurate so a watch. E.g. Tennis to communicate correct and will beplayer wont feel fans cheer when more fair. Wont becheated hawk-eye is used remembered for controversyBetter equipment High quality Easier to make Improves qualityto work with performances decisions and therefore entertainmentSafer to compete Players less likely to Coaches can see be injured so more how hard their chance of seeing players are working the “stars”Injuries quicker torecover
  9. 9. Disadvantages of technology in sportPerformer Spectators Officials/coaches World gamesTechnology may not Time consuming so Referees may Expensivebe available for may be boring become irrelevanteveryone so thereisnt a level playingfieldsBreaking records May be argued that If decisions are stillmay not be so its part of the sport wrong, officialsspecial (e.g. in could come underswimming) more scrutinySafety may decline– football bootsdesigned for speednot safety
  10. 10. Commercialisation in sport• “Using sport with the sole intent to make money from doing so”Characteristics of a commercialised sport:• Usually in the professional games• Sponsorship• Entertainment• Athletes as commodities• Winning and success• The media being heavily involved
  11. 11. Advantages of commercialism in sport• Provides capital which can lead to improved resources/facilities/coaching/playing standards.• Leads to more events• Provides role models• Allows performers to earn income and train full time• Raises the profile of the sport
  12. 12. Disadvantages of commercialisation in sport• Encourages deviant behaviour as success becomes more important• Encourages to speculate not participate• Tends to support popular sports and less popular sports get ignored• Leads to a squeeze on amateur sport• Favours certain types of performer
  13. 13. Commercialisation and the media changing sports• Rules introduced to speed up the games • Breaks for advertisement • Scoring changes for excitement • Format of sports changing • Competitive seasons being lengthened • Performers pressure to perform when injured • Gives a more personal experience for the viewer • Increased media coverage can hype of events leading to disappointment • Action replays allow for more detailed analysis • Some events are only available to people subscribed to certain media packages 
  14. 14. Forms of media in sportTV and RadioThere are highlights; documentaries and quiz shows about sports. Radio also allows forlive commentary on matches.Cable and Satellite TVThese show events on a pay-per-view basisInternetAll teams and major athletes have their own websites where you can find all kinds ofinformation about the team/athlete/matches. Also sites like BBC and ESPN give liveupdating for sporting events.Newspapers and MagazinesPrint predictions and results, as well as articles about athletes and clubsBooks and FilmsBiographies are big business for ex sports players