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Medical value travel to kerala

Presentation on the status of Health Tourism to Kerala state with suggestions to brand Kerala as a Health Tourism destination. Presented in the CII conference on Kerala Health Tourism, at Kochi in November 2013.

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Medical value travel to kerala

  1. 1. Medical Value Travel Role of Hospitals in building the ‘Big Brand’ Dr. P. Mohanakrishnan CEO, MIMS Hospital, Kottakkal
  2. 2. Making of the ‘Big Brand’
  3. 3. Formation of consortium of hospitals
  4. 4. The scope of the consortium
  5. 5. Scope of the consortium • Capitalize on the strengths of Kerala • Take steps to correct weaknesses • Nullification of the effects of prevailing ‘Threats’ • Interact with Government agencies, Travel agencies and Medical Tourism agencies • Preparation of the hospitals to be ready to accept patients from abroad • Interactive Website showing all the details of member hospitals • Unification of treatment expenses • Identification of target countries • Developing the ‘Big Brand’ and marketing of Kerala Hospitals in selected countries
  6. 6. Capitalize on the strengths of Kerala • Proficiency in English • Traditional hospitality • High rate of literacy • Already a Big Brand - ‘God’s Own Country’, thanks to the efforts of Kerala Tourism Department • One of the top fifty tourist destinations in the world • Developing Corporate Hospitals • Adherence to Healthcare Quality systems • Global reputation of healthcare professionals from Kerala
  7. 7. Take steps to correct weaknesses • Inadequate hospital infrastructure and systems • Improper attitude • Lack of unity among providers • Unhealthy competition amongst providers • Lack of clarity on services provided • Lack of uniformity in rates • Lack of proper follow up systems
  8. 8. Nullification of the effects of ‘Threats’ • Anti propaganda by agencies with vested interests • Competition by neighbouring states and metropolitan cities • The ‘Delhi Bug’ • The AMRI verdict • ‘Foreign Body’ by Robin Cook
  9. 9. Interaction with allied agencies • Kerala State Government • Ministry of Health • Ministry of Tourism • Ministry of Industries • Medical Council of India • Ministry of External Affairs • Travel agencies • Medical Tourism agencies
  10. 10. Preparing Hospitals for MVT • Infrastructure development • Exclusive International Desk • Exclusive wards for international patients and family • Hospital website • Designing of comprehensive treatment packages
  11. 11. Preparing Hospitals for MVT • Formation of exclusive team to look after MVT • Legal formalities • Personal comforts • Communication facilities • Multilingual staff • Accommodation and food • Interaction with clinicians in home countries • Interaction with patients’ family • Coordinate travel and pleasure tourism • Formation of a team of committed Doctors
  12. 12. Interactive Website of the consortium • Separate pages for all member hospitals • Detailed description of the facilities of hospitals • Educational materials about diseases, treatment, follow up and prevention • Facility to interact between member hospitals and treating doctors in home country • Regular updating
  13. 13. Treatment expenses • Uniformity • In tariff • Payment pattern • Benefits
  14. 14. Identification of target countries • The consortium shall decide the geographical area where we have to concentrate first • Neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh, Myanmar etc. • The Middle East • African Continent • Developed countries like USA, UK and other European countries
  15. 15. Marketing the ‘Big Brand’ • Selection of countries in the identified geographical area • Initiate relationship through Ambassadors and High Commissioners in India • Handle formalities of visits • Organize discussions with Government agencies, hospitals and doctors’ groups in target countries • Organize screening camps • Develop local contacts for follow up activities
  16. 16. True Medical Value Travel (Under-developed and Developing countries) • Most effective, ethical and subtle mode of marketing is creating awareness and providing help to develop in-house capacity • Help the countries in need develop their own healthcare systems • Conduct surgical procedures in their own hospitals whenever possible • Help them establish various facilities • Help them establish good emergency care systems • Offer training of Doctors and paramedical staff in our hospitals • Advice on conducting mass healthcare awareness programmes on disease prevention and treatment
  17. 17. When there is a health problem, they will always think of us
  18. 18. Our slogan should be When you fall sick Think of KERALA
  19. 19. Thank you! Dr. P. Mohanakrishnan CEO, MIMS Hospital, Kottakkal