Peru Mission: A Photographic Review


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These photos represent just a few of the many blessings we've enjoyed here in Peru over the past six months. Thank you for being a part of the blessing through being a part of our community!

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Peru Mission: A Photographic Review

  1. 1. A photographic review
  2. 2. JunePastor Allen Smith taught a seminary course on aBiblical perspective on dating and courtship.
  3. 3. A team of dental students from University of Mississippi MedicalCenter, led by Jason Vassar, came and ministered to patients in ourcommunities.
  4. 4. The Sutton family rejoiced in the birth ofMargaret Aurora.
  5. 5. Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church visited and worked on the new sanctuary in the Parque Industrial parish.
  6. 6. Teams from Trinity Presbyterian Church (Statesboro, GA) and New Life PresbyterianChurch (Tifton, GA) came to Cajamarca to work on a new sanctuary for the church inHualqui.
  7. 7. Matthews Orthodox Presbyterian Churchvisited us and worked in both construction andmedical ministry.
  8. 8. Christ Presbyterian Church of New Braunfels, TX followedsoon behind and resumed the work on the sanctuary.
  9. 9. Elizabeth Johnson arrived in Arequipa, Peru to study Spanish.In September she joined our team in Trujillo. Here she is helping at a medicalcampaign at Cristo Restaurador Presbyterian Church in Manuel Arévalo during avisit in July.
  10. 10. The Johnsons accepted our invitation to join our team.They are now raising support to join us next year.
  11. 11. Megumi Mills, PhD gave a lecture on faithand science at SUSA’s innaugural large-group meeting of the year.
  12. 12. Peru Mission Communitywas established to allow away for our closest friends inthe U.S. to support our coreministries.
  13. 13. JulyFirst Presbyterian Church of Jackson, MS came toCajamarca to lead a medical clinic and vacationBible school.
  14. 14. Peru Mission team member Albert den Oudsten arrived.
  15. 15. A group of guys at the Pro-Health barbecue at Cristo Restaurador Presbyterian Church in Manuel Arévalo.
  16. 16. Lucas David Campos was baptized at Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church in downtown Trujillo.
  17. 17. The Briones family were received as membersat Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church.
  18. 18. The congregation of Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church held a sports day. Different cell groups fromthe church formed teams and competed in soccer and volleyball.
  19. 19. The missional cell group of El Golf meeting to discuss ministry plans for the year.
  20. 20. Some of the team together for a ministry coordination meeting.
  21. 21. Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church became particularized. Pictured here is the church’s newsession: (left to right) pastors Allen Smith, Jaime Avellaneda, Oscar Briones, and WesleyBaker.
  22. 22. Trinity Presbyterian Church of Tuscaloosa, ALcame and held medical clinics in our communities.
  23. 23. August2nd Presbyterian Church of Greenville, SC came to continue the work in Parque Industrial.
  24. 24. Another baptism in Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church! Alida Raquel Celiz
  25. 25. The Halberts accepted our invitation to join our team. They are now raising support to join us next year.
  26. 26. Constitution service at Cristo Redentor Presbyterian Church, Manuel Arévalo
  27. 27. Karina joined the Stewardship Sinergia staff.
  28. 28. The missionary kids always have a blasttogether! Here they are enjoying an Egg Olympics party in honor of the Smith girls’ birthdays.
  29. 29. The missional cell group of Santa María continues to serveand learn together.
  30. 30. The Los Rosales cell group, which Stuart has led for the past year and a half, says goodbye to the Mills family. The Mills will be on home assignment in the U.S. until next year.
  31. 31. Hermes joined the Parish team to assist with local sales and marketing, and also discipleship.
  32. 32. Wes Baker led a leadership conference on worship for leaders from Cristo Rey Presbyterian Church.
  33. 33. September A team from Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah, GA visited us. They worked on some projects at Cristo Restaurador Presbyterian Church in ManuelArévalo, and partnered with the Wichanzao Clinic to hold medical campaigns.
  34. 34. Wichanzao Presbyterian Church begins itsSaturday children’s program “Yo Aprendo.”More than 50 kids in attendance each week!
  35. 35. Dr. Rodney Woods taught on expository preaching in Cajamarca and Trujillo.
  36. 36. Thank you for your prayers and support!