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Bill Gates & Black SEO (En)


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How Bill Gates tried to increase popularity od Microsoft site

Published in: Business, Technology
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Bill Gates & Black SEO (En)

  1. 1. One day, Bill Gates was wondering how to make his target audience visit his website more.
  2. 2. He found some very convincing and extremely cheap optimizers who promised to deliver the results in a matter of days.
  3. 3. As Bill knew nothing about the Internet, he thought he was phrasing the task right: “Increase my website traffic!”
  4. 4. Website traffic is easy. Especially when the client doesn’t understand that there’s traffic and traffic…
  5. 5. Cheap optimizers are never scrupulous about the way they get the results. Nor do they care about the consequences …
  6. 6. At first, Bill was happy with the rising traffic. The optimizers delivered the goods!
  7. 7. But the picture wasn’t as rosy as it looked at first glance… Website traffic was growing, but the visitors were just random people. The right kind of people, buyers of goods and services, gave the site a wide berth…
  8. 8. Bill eventually understood that ‘traffic at any price’ wasn’t his intended goal at all. His buyers are leaving, dissatisfaction with the website is growing, money’s gone down the drain…
  9. 9. What should one do to draw more buyers to the site, not just visitors? 1. Constantly improve website visibility to search engine robots. This should be done regularly and insightfully, while most optimizers just scratch the surface now and then; 2. Keep on making the website more user-friendly. In 99.9% of cases, visitors leave because a website is extremely user-unfriendly. 3. Constantly improve the site’s textual content. You can make visitors choose your product or place it on their short list just after they read your product description.
  10. 10. What should one do to draw more buyers to the site, not just visitors? 4. Constantly analyze all (!) of the Internet users’ inquiries related directly or indirectly (!) to your product. And tailor the site to potential buyers’ demands rather than make them buy what you have in stock. 5. Always look out for websites that are similar to yours in terms of subject matter and direction and to set up partnership programs with them that will bring in buyers
  11. 11. You can do all that yourself or hire at least four expensive Internet specialists. But there’s a better option: contact Optimaza, the creator of Natural Optimization product. Natural Optimization helps you use your website to increase sales. You can find out more at or send us a letter (make a call). Valentin Pertsiya, +380 (67) 220-20-67, Mikhail Voznyuk, +380 (68) 351-09-78,
  12. 12. Natural Optimization has a great track record in increasing sales! Don’t buy the cheap “remedies” online to raise website traffic – they won’t help. Go to those who guarantee increasing sales with the help of the Internet: Optimaza!