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Ied’s(improvised explosive device)wcc


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Ied’s(improvised explosive device)wcc

  1. 1. • Extremist groups/organizationsINNOVATIVE” EXPLOSIVE DEVICES (IEDs) continue to utilize IEDs to attack Can be disguised as anything or hidden anywhere: Security Forces in an attempt to discredit security efforts. Trash in the roadway, cigarette cartons, trash bags, • soda cans, milk cans, buckets, burlap bags, cinder blocks, potholes, tied to telephone poles, in guard rails and in animal carcasses • Groups will continue to utilize IEDs and entice Security Forces intoVERY HARD to spot IEDs at high speeds prepared ambushes. Slow down, stop, look and listen Situational Awareness is critical to the • 90 Day review of IED attacks: performance of each security team -708 IED attacks member -599 IEDs found -298 IED attacks which caused Situational Awareness is the most injury (718 casualties) important skill you can possess on patrol
  2. 2.  When can you expect an IED Who are IED’s designed to take out? attack? Up to now, security force/personnel soft targets, HMMWVs, NTVs.  24 Hours a day: Because of the reduced Any time a group of Security personnel exposure time compared to a traditional are considered a soft target or unaware ambush, anytime is a good time for IED is a perfect situation for employing an Strike IED.  Morning time IEDs are placed under cover of darkness or periods of reduced visibility. Where are we currently finding IED’s?  Methods used to detonate IEDs:  Command detonated devices Primarily along the MSRs and main  Hard wired (electrical wires between routes of travel. devices and/or leading away from the bomb. Why use an IED?  Remote controlled (battery powered An IED is low cost. More Bang for the Buck doorbell devices (Sega brand), pagers, cell Easily disguised, and exposes the terrorist to phones a low risk of exposure when attacking. as senders and receiving units) Anonymity after the event to a bomb-maker is  Tall buildings or line of sight Observation worth the risks of building the bomb. Points will be near by. Many controllers Psychological warfare at its most vicious level. require a direct line of sight to activate the receiver and detonate.
  3. 3.  The problem with IEDs is they can look like • “INNOVATIVE” EXPLOSIVE any common object. EOD has found: DEVICES (IEDs) Black plastic garbage bags (with 130mm artillery rounds wired in series)  Can be disguised as anything or A Bus (with a grenade attached to the fuel tank; hidden anywhere: failed) Milk cartons, pepsi cans, cigarette cartons (with  trash in the roadway plastique or C4)  cigarette cartons Burlap bags ( again using artillery rounds)  trash bags A pothole in the road filled in with dirt and an explosive charge  soda cans Refrigerator compressor (filled with high  milk cans explosives and re-welded)  buckets MRE bag (bomb platform; common item; easily  burlap bags disguised)  cinder blocks Cars, trucks, vans (older models, worn so as not  potholes to draw attention)  tied to telephone poles Beware of a beater with worn shocks and springs; overloaded, trash on seats; good tires on • VERY HARD to spot IEDs at high a junk car. This is a one-way trip, driver wants speeds no flats. Pipe bombs (Some of the most renowned IED  Where there is A LOT of debris on the Specialists in EOD have fallen victim to low side of the roadway or in the parking yield pipe bombs). lot…99.9% of it is just trash but give a closer look and don’t just pass it over Dog carcasses filled with explosives
  4. 4.  Get in the right frame of mind Keep Alert: Make yourself a “Hard Target”  Intell Reports that a “Blue X” on Rocks Indicates an IED Site Be Prepared for IED  Do NOT Approach the IED Attack Followed by  IEDs are a Very Real Threat Ambush  IEDs are Disguised as Almost Anything  Be and look vigilant, especially Be and Appear Vigilant when “forced” to Slow Down for  Personnel Who Look a “Disabled Vehicle” or an Aware/Ready Make Bad accident Targets  Security Personnel Need the Eyes  Bad Guys Wait for the and Ears of ALL personnel! Next helpless individual or group
  5. 5. The rapid evolution ofinsurgent tactics, requireSecurity Forces to developand maintain a heightenedstate of situational awareness(SA) while on patrol. GoodSA is key to seeing,understanding, and thenacting on pre-attack indicatorsto deny the enemy theadvantage of surprise. Forexample, while on exteriorpatrols also be aware of yoursurroundings.