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Public speaking skills course


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This is the pps which gives details of the Public Speaking Skills course. The elements in this pps are covered over 8 consecutive Sundays with participants preparing and delivering atleast 6 speeches.

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Public speaking skills course

  1. 1. Personality Developer BANGALOREPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  2. 2. Public Speaking Skills Course Ground Rules a. Ask Questions – One at a Time b. Switch off mobile phones c. Be Here! d. Ask Questions – Take NotesPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  3. 3. Public Speaking – QuickWay Self Introduction – Name, Profession,Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  4. 4. Public Speaking – QuickWay What is Public Speaking?Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  5. 5. Public Speaking – QuickWay What is Public Speaking? ―The Perfect Speech‖ Audience T.O.P.I.C Time LimitPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  6. 6. Public Speaking – QuickWay Purpose – Inform/Educate/Entertain Persuade/Inspire Speech – Opening/Body/ClosingPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  7. 7. Public Speaking – QuickWay Opening: Story/Anecdote/Quote & Formal Address Body: 1,2,3 Points – Supported by Facts/Figures/Experience/Feelings/ Learnings Closing: Quote/Message/Call to ActionPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  8. 8. Public Speaking – QuickWay Albert Mehrabian Theory generalized to mean that in all communications: 7% happens in spoken words. 38% happens through voice tone. 55% happens via general body language.Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  9. 9. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Words – Raw Material Vocabulary – How many words are good enough? 3 R Method 3 Months to English (Self Learning Method)Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  10. 10. Public Speaking – QuickWay Right Attitude Express – Do not TRY to Impress Believe! Find opportunities to speak.Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  11. 11. Public Speaking – QuickWay Right Words What is a ―Word‖? Simple Clear Vivid Action Not more than 3 Syllables No JargonPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  12. 12. Public Speaking – QuickWay Right Words Specific Uplifting Positive Energizing Appropriate Exercise: ―I have a pet‖Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  13. 13. Public Speaking – QuickWay Figures of Speech Simile Metaphor - the Concise Oxford Dictionary puts it as the "application of name or descriptive term to an object to which it is not literally applicable." The word is derived from two Greek roots—meta with and phero bear—which in combination denote "transfer“ of meaning Alliteration Triad PersonificationPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  14. 14. Public Speaking – QuickWay Speaking Style: Clear – Simple, specific, concrete Appropriate to audience: Use you, I, we, my, our ColorfulPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  15. 15. Public Speaking – QuickWay Don’ts Use Jargon SMS Language- Abbreviations / Acronyms – FM, ICRISAT, MS, HSDPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  16. 16. Public Speaking – QuickWay Demo Speech – The Right WordPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  17. 17. Public Speaking – QuickWay Demo Speech ReviewPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  18. 18. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right VoicePersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  19. 19. Public Speaking – QuickWay Voice has a unique ―personality‖ Children – uninhibited, natural A Good Voice Pleasant, Natural, Dynamic, Expressive and Easily Heard.Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  20. 20. Public Speaking – QuickWay Your Voice Type Whisper / Boom Monotonous / Melodious full, clear, mellow and enthusiastic Vs nasal, breathy, harsh or lifeless Mumblitis – Articulation Pronunciation - formulation and utterance of words Enunciation: fullness and clarity of speech sounds. Rate of speechPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  21. 21. Public Speaking – QuickWay Your Voice Modulation Inflection: I was born in Guntur Variations – Level, Up, Low, Up-Low-Up, Down-up-Down Use: Your lips to completely cover the word Your tongue to move as required Your teeth to open and close at the precise moment Your nostrils for special effects Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  22. 22. Public Speaking – QuickWay Your Voice Tonality ― I appreciate the kindness you have shown me and I hope to return the favor when I can‖ 1. Simple Honest Statement 2. Sarcastic ―Kindness! Do you call that kindness? I wouldn’t treat a dog the way you have treated me!‖ 1. Resentment 2. AngerPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  23. 23. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Voice – Demo Speech (Only Audio)Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  24. 24. Public Speaking – QuickWay Impromptu Speaking Mark Twain said ―It usually takes me more than three weeks to prepare a good impromptu speech.‖Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  25. 25. Public Speaking – QuickWay Impromptu Speaking Success = Preparation + Opportunity Raw Material ? 5 Ws & 1 H – Method Relax – 10 sec Rule Personalise Opening / Body / Close Stories / QuotationsPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  26. 26. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language It conveys and communicates: Confidence, Power Releases nervous energy, Illustrates / emphasizes the pointsPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  27. 27. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language F.S. G.E.M : Remember First Standard GEM. F – Facial Expressions S – Stance G –Gestures E – Eye Contact M – MovementPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  28. 28. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Facial Expressions: Most easily noticed, prominent. speaking about accident – SAD; speaking about topping a class – SMILE; speaking about pain/agony – contortion. Range of emotions: sadness, anger, frustration, nervousness, aggressiveness, confidence, uncertaintyPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  29. 29. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Stance: Default position – Stand Still! Shows confidence level of the speaker Shows comfort level in the subject Shows level of preparedness The audience is automatically attracted to a speaker whose stance is natural, confident and purposeful.Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  30. 30. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Stance: Don’ts : No Slouch / No Shifting of Feet / No Bouncing Do’s : Stand Straight – Feet slightly apart Shoulders squared; Head straight: imagine a string tied to your hear tightly connecting your head to the ceiling  Look directly at the audience – eyes at level with their eyesPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  31. 31. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Gestures: Head / Shoulders / Arms / Hands Show: Size / weight / shape / direction and location Urgency Comparison and Contrast Gestures are: above elbow level and away from the body. Full and varied – Clinched fist / finger at ceiling = pay attention. Remember: Cultural variations – some gestures are acceptable in certain cultures some are not!Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  32. 32. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Eye Contact: Not looking = Ignoring, disrespect Western Cultures – Direct Eye Contact is very important Eastern Cultures – esp. Japanese – Eye Contact is disrespect. Indian context: Some parts young people cannot look the Elders in the eye. Normally accepted behavior: Direct Eye Contact = sincere, credible, friendly and honest.Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  33. 33. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Eye Contact: Do’s: Look directly at the audience – each person One thought / One sentence per person, complete the sentence before looking at another person. Look at the Front and Back of the room. Don’ts: Too short a glance = furtive glance = insincere Too long a glance = stare = uncomfortable for the personPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  34. 34. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Movement: Plan each movement, each step of the speech. Unplanned movement communicates nervousness. When you move purposefully – the eyes / the heads of the audience follow you Walk to the podium – confident, purposeful Head, chin UP / Shoulders BackPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  35. 35. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Right Body Language Movement: Don’ts : No Pacing No Fidgeting No Swaying No bouncing on toes All these distract the audience. Deliver part of speech from one point then move over to another point – across 2-3 steps. Step forward to emphasise. Show Actions: Hit, Slap / Throw / Punch / Wave / Shake Hands / Hug Synchronise the movement with the wordsPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  36. 36. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Perfect SpeechPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  37. 37. Public Speaking – QuickWay The Perfect Speech – Sum Up Write Down every word of your speech (Descriptive, Figures of Speech, Action) Mark places for Vocal Variety – Volume, Tone, Emotion Mark places for Body Language - F.S.G.E.M Practise, Practise, Practise Rock on Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  38. 38. Public Speaking Skills Next Steps ? Join Our 8 week program to prepare & deliver speeches.Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  39. 39. Focus Areas a. Personality Profiling A unique b. Personal Coaching hand holding process c. Public Speaking SkillsPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  40. 40. Personality Development Programme Personality Profiling and Personal CoachingPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  41. 41. Why Profiling? No Strengths = No Success Know your Strengths = Know SuccessPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  42. 42. Profiling Tools Integrated Approach Thomas Profiling MBTI NLP Handwriting Analysis Questionnaire based InterviewPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  43. 43. Tools for Profiling Thomas ProfilingD ominanceI nfluenceS teadinessC ompliancePersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  44. 44. Tools for Profiling MBTI Myers-Briggs type Indicator Extraversion - Introversion Sensing - Intuition Thinking – Feeling Judging - Perceiving Over all 16 categoriesPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  45. 45. Tools for Profiling Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) •Visual,Auditory,Kinesthetic,Olfactory, Gustatory • Understanding limiting beliefs • Identifying phobiasPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  46. 46. Tools for Profiling Handwriting Analysis Handwriting = Mind writing Reverse ProgramingPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  47. 47. Handwriting Analysis If I desire to win I must be willing to be a part of a successful team. The zero digit was invented by an Indian. Do you feel like making the most of your life? You can achieve all your goals when you surrender to your passion and work at what you love. When you do that you no longer have to work! When you are jogging in the park you may meet new friends who can form a part of your mastermind group. I can be open to all the zeal in me to work the magic required to make me a successful person. I can find many animals in the zoo. When was the last time you visited a zoo? Sign: email id. Date: mobile:Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  48. 48. Tools for Profiling Personal Interview a. Pre Intervention questionnaire b. One to One in depth InterviewPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  49. 49. Profiling Tools Integrated Approach Thomas Profiling MBTI NLP Handwriting Analysis Questionnaire based InterviewPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  50. 50. Who needs Profiling? Students Employees Employers Any one who….Personality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  51. 51. After Understanding Personal Profile ? No Strengths = No Success Know your Strengths = Know Success Know Your Strengths + Personal Coach = Know More SuccessPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  52. 52. Personal Coaching Examples Sachin Tendulkar Mahatma Gandhi Nandan Nilekani Ramakant Achrekar Saina Nehwal NR Narayanamurthy J. Nehru GopichandPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  53. 53. Personal Coaching Process Sounding Board Goal Setting Clarification Action Plan & implementation Follow up / Feedback Phobia Cure Overcome Limitations Help the client change - BehaviourPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  54. 54. Case StudyPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  55. 55. Case Study Impact of PP&PC ComplianceDominance Steadiness Influence Before Desired AfterPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  56. 56. Summing Up Personality Profiling Personal CoachingPersonality Developer… ...Shape Your Lives
  57. 57. THANK YOU Contact: Prasad VSV, Personal Coach, NLP Practitioner. 95382 99416 Email : Developer… ...Shape Your Lives