Weight Loss - Golden Rules for nutrition


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The main points to my hypnotic weight-loss programme...it's just about changing those 'not-so-great' habits into really beneficial ones...exercise is still key of course. And I have some key techniques to help you break the old habits easily.

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Weight Loss - Golden Rules for nutrition

  1. 1. THE GOLDEN RULES ...change your eating habits for good.
  2. 2. BETTER EATING HABITS • Why eating fast makes you fat... • Why not to diet... • Can you really tell when hungry...? • Eating consciously
  3. 3. EATING TOO FAST... ! The stomach releases the •W hen your correct levels of acid to digest s t o m a c h the food, as long as we eat conciously produces excess quot;#$%&!'!()%&*+! ! acid, your body converts it to fat /0-1!2&3140%1! • Thetop causes of ,-.%!! When excess acid is produced, quot;#$%&!'!()%&*+! our body produces cholesterol excess acid are: to protect the organs from acid Eating Quickly, ! damage Alcohol, Stress, Smoking and Resulting in our bodies quot;#$! converting this excess excess Protein acid into FAT
  4. 4. AVOID A DIET MENTALITY • You may know Perato’s 80/20 rule...it suggests that 80% of our revenue (for example) comes from 20% of our customers... • And 80% of our problems come from 20% of our customers... • When you apply this to your nutrition, if you eat well for 80% of the time, you can eat whatever you want for 20% of the time...no need to restrict yourself from anything!
  5. 5. AVOID A DIET MENTALITY • We all know that the less you try to do something, the more you end up thinking about it...cause the brain can’t understand negative commands, it first has to picture it, to then understand ‘don’t picture this’! It’s like saying don’t think about chocolate now...you can’t not!
  6. 6. OR ARE YOU JUST THIRSTY? • Studies showed that 80% of the time that a test group reported as hungry, their hydration rate had actually dropped below a 20% threshold rate, they were in fact thirsty 80% • So if you get into the habit of drinking when you think you’re ‘peckish’ it’ll be interesting to note how you feel after drinking
  7. 7. OR ARE YOU JUST THIRSTY? • Drinking plenty of water is essential...drink between 1.5 and 2 liters a day • However, tr y to avoid drinking too much half an hour before and after a meal...cause you could send a false signal to your stomach that you’re full
  8. 8. EATING CONSCIOUSLY? • You know how wine buffs smell the wine before they taste it...you’ll enjoy the taste of your food more if you do that with your first mouth full. It’s all to do with there being more receptors in our noses than on out tongues
  9. 9. EATING CONSCIOUSLY? • It’ll also act as a trigger to remind you to eat slower, perhaps a quar ter of the speed if you nor mally rush...taking regular breaks to talk (obviously not to yourself!), notice how you’re enjoying the food or just paying more attention to your stomach (how full am I?)
  10. 10. EATING CONSCIOUSLY? • When you get the message from your stomach that you’ve had enough...are you programmed to finish your plate? That’s a good one! Not wasting will create such a waist! Just laugh at how that old programme will undo all the good work you’re doing and say to yourself...”Mmmm, that was nice, yet I’ve had enough” • Then...STOP EATING! It’s that simple. You don’t even need to waste the food...put in the fridge...just don’t keep eating it out of habit...it’s such a big waist!
  11. 11. SUMMARY • Over eating and eating too quickly will produce too much acid...and we know how (and where) that goes • Don’t diet, eat what you want 20% of the time, eating consciously and healthily 80% of the time • Drinkplenty or water - 80% of the time you think you’re hungry, you’ll be thirsty • Eat consciously; smelling the first mouthful, slowing the pace down and not finishing the plate out of habit • Have fun changing your eating habits...and reward yourself!