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bConnected Conference Linkedin Presentation


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This is a presentation I gave to the bConnected Blogger conference on Saturday, April 12, 2014 in Ottawa, ON at the National Arts Centre. #bConnectedConf @elvisrun

The thesis here is to present a snapshot of the LinkedIn network as it currently stands and to introduce some of the new features available, specifically targeting the blogger community. This presentation also contains links to the new LinkedIn Publisher Platform available to all members.

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bConnected Conference Linkedin Presentation

  1. 1. Perry Monaco @elvisrun #BConnectedConf
  2. 2. Connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful Our mission
  3. 3. For our members The professional profile of record Connect all of the world's professionals Identity Networks Knowledge The definitive professional publishing platform
  4. 4. The professional profile of record Identity
  5. 5. Connect all of the world’s professionals Networks
  6. 6. LinkedIn Recruiter Pulse Mobilize
  7. 7. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce Our vision
  8. 8. 277+MMembers
  9. 9. 3.5+MActive company profiles
  10. 10. 300+KJobs
  11. 11. 3B+Endorsements
  12. 12. 24+KSchools
  13. 13. Billionsof network updates
  14. 14. Connecting talent with opportunity at massive scale
  15. 15. GroupsSlideShare InfluencersPulse The definitive professional publishing platform Knowledge
  16. 16. LinkedIn Publishing Platform You can now publish on LinkedIn Details here: The 7 Secrets of great content on LinkedIn:
  17. 17. Have a great headline Include a compelling photo Blog! Include two strong “calls to action” Share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Repeat The recipe for success
  18. 18. Would your network thank you for it? What’s the WOW factor? Would you want to see this in your feed? Would you email it? Sharing
  19. 19. FACEBOOK: Thursday/Friday/Saturday TWITTER: lunch & just before the top of the hour GOOGLE+: 9am – 11am PINTREST: Saturdays LINKEDIN: 7 – 9am or 5 – 7pm Be consistent Include links 25% into your message When should I share?