Earthquake data


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  • Earthquake data

    1. 1. Earthquake Data By: Perry Kaplan
    2. 2. Map
    3. 3. Earthquake List1. Thailand2. Japan3. Chile4. Australia5. India6. Italy7. Indonesia8. Philippines9. Columbia10. California
    4. 4. Updated List1. Japan: Because they just had a major 9.0 earthquake and they are experiencing many aftershock quakes. To prove my point japan experienced a large aftershock of 7.2 less than an hour after the major one hit.2. Chile: The reason Chile is ranked in at number two is because on january first they received a large7.1 magnitude quake and since they have received small aftershocks most recently as of 12/29/11 a small 4.7. Chile is Located on the border of the South American plate.3. California: The reason california is number three is because it is right on the north american plate boundary. it also has aftershocks from japan which travel and hit california almost daily.4. Alaska: There were 32 minor earth quakes in alaska today the largest at3.3 and some as low as 1.2.Plus it is right on the north american plate boundary Even though the quakes are small I think with so many constant earthquakes there will be a large one soon.5. Australia: Over the past month of March Austria has had a range of quakes from 1.0 to 7.2. this is likely to continue and that is why they are number four on my top ten list of places where quake will hit next.
    5. 5. Updated List6. Italy: the last major earthquake to hit italy was a 6.3 quake leaving 308 dead, 1,500+ injured and 65,000+ left homeless. This occurred on April 6th 2009. This place has not had a major quake in a while and it is located right on the border of the Eurasian plate boundary and the African plate.7. Indonesia: The Largest quake to ever hit was on december 26th 2004 recording as a whopping 9.3.The Pacific, Eurasian and australian plate are all surrounding Indonesia. With so many plate boundary I think indonesia will be a good zone for a major earthquake.8. Philippines: The most recent Earthquake experienced in the Philippines occurred 3/30/11 at 8:03 and was recorded as a 3.1 magnitude. this happened in Mamburao. There were four quakes today march 31st ranging from 2.5 to 3.2. I think that these could be pre-shocks for the Philippines.9. Columbia: Columbia will be a major quake zone because they are right on the edge of the south american plate. They are located on the west coast of south america which is very earthquake prone.10. India: On the map we made on ARC Explorer there was so much seismic activity around india you could barely see its borders. I think this will be the next big earth quake because it is surrounded by a fault line and has some large seismic history. some of this is the quake of 2004. it was recorded as a 9.3 and was the third largest quake ever measured.
    6. 6. Which Places are Overdue for a Earthquake There are many places that are over due for earthquakes. Some of the main places are Russia and Greenland. They have not had many earthquakes in a long time. They are also really close to plate boundaries. Part of the Eurasian boundary goes through the Eastern part of Russia. The last time Greenland experienced a major earthquake was on February 17th 2009. The earthquake on October 7th 2010 was the last major earthquake to hit Russia.
    7. 7. What have you learned about Earthquakes and Earthquake predictionI have learned that Earthquakes are very hard topredict. there is no sure way to insure that aearthquake is going to happen. One major thing Ilearned is that earthquakes hit many places everyday at low forces. I used to think earthquakeswere occasional and they were all large anddestructive ones. I think this is a very importantto study because it can help to inform people onwhere they decide to live or even vacation.
    8. 8. What factors influence earthquake predictionSome of the factors that influence earthquakeprediction are Earth quake history around that regionand plate boundary location. Quake history can helppredict earthquakes because if there just was a quakethere could be after shocks. It could also tell someonethat there is gonna be a quake if there was a lot ofearthquake data for that location. The secondinfluence is the plate boundary location this can helpinfluence the prediction because if a are is located onor by a plate boundary is has a better chance of havingseismic activity.
    9. 9. Where on earth do most of the big earthquakes strikeMost of the big earthquakes strike in the Easternregion of Asia. They strike here because they areconvergent plate boundaries. This means that the twoplate boundaries are pushing together. This causesmovement of the earths plates resulting inEarthquakes and Tsunamis. The Eastern region of Asiais located on the boundary of the Eurasian and Pacificplate.
    10. 10. Citations❖❖❖❖❖❖❖❖