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Where 2.0 Perch Product Launch Presentation

Product preview for Closely's new Perch small business mobile app. Perch gives merchants a bird's eye view of their business neighborhood. Perch combines social and promotion posts into one daily use tool for the business owner.

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Where 2.0 Perch Product Launch Presentation

  1. 1. All the cool kids are chasing theconsumer to follow, find & tracknearby activity.There are two sides to the mobilelocal ecosystem.Perch powers the business side.
  2. 2. A Bird’s Eye View Of YourBusiness Neighborhood What’s going on with: • Direct Competitors • Business Neighbors • Event/Crowd Activity Live stream of social postings, promotions, deals, check-in specials. A simple, effective daily tool.
  3. 3. Our proposition.The ecosystem only scales when small businesses engage.They’re on the sidelines, confused and overwhelmed.We deliver their personal local awareness app.Then, we’ll help them participate.
  4. 4. Private Beta Invitations via Follow us @closely