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Climate powerpoint

  1. 1. CLIMATE RESEARCHPRESENTATION Ecological Design 2012 by Mary Perotti
  2. 2. Location: East Canaan, CT
  3. 3. Site Plan
  4. 4. Sun Path Diagram
  5. 5. Wind Roses: January & June
  6. 6. Precipitation, Snow, Humidity & Wind
  7. 7. Average Monthly Temperature & Degree Days in Hartford CT Avg. Monthly Temperature Heating & Cooling Degree Days 14008070 1200 Heating Degree Days60 1000 Cooling Degree Days50 80040 60030 4002010 200 0 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  8. 8. Narrative The Climate of East Canaan is much like the rest of New England. We get some harsh winter weather and mild spring and fall seasons and the summer can be very wet or very hot. The microclimate of my actual house location is different for many reasons. First of all there is a river to the south of our house and a waterfall which adds moisture to the air. There is also a mountain right past the river which gives us some shade in the winter. The stone wall on the north side of the house gives protection from northern winds and the southern facing windows allow for passive solar heating. We also have a green house on the south side which provides thermal buffering. The driveway is black so it soaks up a lot of the heat and warms the front porch area. Also the
  9. 9.  The winds that come in from the northwest hit the back side of the house but there are smaller windows and one door which protects from air leakage in the house. The sun is essential to our house because we have solar panels for hot water and electricity and to optimize that we built buildings with one slope angled south. Overall by taking aspects of climate into consideration we have been able to optimize our renewable technologies and have an efficient house. There are times when we have large amounts of precipitation whether it be snow or rain but they have never terribly impacted our lives. We are high enough above the river that we have never experienced flooding and the large mountain next to us is holds snow longer than anywhere else in town which is optimal in winter time. In the future I plan on building my house in the back part of this property
  10. 10. Indigenous Approach
  11. 11. Artistic Representation of Climatein East Canaan,CT
  12. 12. Sources states/connecticut/hartford/ /climate/windrose/connecticut/hartford/ html q=322366 weather.htm