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Kenton & Miles Group Company Profile


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Kenton & Miles Group Company Profile

  1. 1. Kenton & miles international Company Profile April 2009 THE Kenton & Miles Group Worldwide Organization’s Organization’ ™ 2009 Kenton & Miles International S.P.A. All rights reserved - P.Iva 04597220963 - Powered by Kenton & Miles B.A.
  2. 2. ABOUT US Founded in the U.S. in 1986, Kenton & Miles International was acquired by a Business and Financial English group based in London who then acquired the Kenton & Miles International brand name. In the past twenty years K&M International has become a premier global provider for multinational businesses and financial services with tailored solutions for companies operating in various industry segments, and especially in these fields: Sport, Industrial, Real Estate, and Institution and Corporation. Kenton & Miles International has fourten At present, Kenton & Miles International is partnered strategic areas of business and financial advisory by some of the key England based businesses and services: services: financial groups as shareholders. K&M companies are operating through their own subsidiary firms in •Financial Advisory & Business Services different business segments and markets. In 2006 •Merger & Acquisition Kenton & Miles International shareholders founded •Globalization Kenton & Miles Trade Services, Kenton & Miles •Sport & Business Consulting Venture Capital, and Kenton & Miles Corporate •Marketing & Communication Finance. •Legal & Fiscal •Corporate Tax Consulting With our global coverage in most of the world's key •Energy & Natural Resources markets, Kenton & Miles International offers a ready •Environment & Climate to use opportunity to perform quality business and •Information Technology financial services in the global environment. •Real-Estate Real- Partnered and sponsored by some of the world's •Special Projects leading business and financial advisors, Kenton & •Commodity Trading Miles International provides a long term association •Film Finance opportunity to enhance in various industries or sports, business performance, growth ,cost reduction, and safe operability. Kenton & Mile’s global network has been created with the crucial objective to provide the best world's entities as an innovative Business and Financial company operating on a global scale. Our goal for our clients is for them to do better business in the constantly changing and demanding international economy and to offer superior products to the world's markets. THE Kenton & Miles Group
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION TO K&M Kenton & Miles is one of the world's leaders in global business consulting, advisory companies and various consulting services, with correspondents and offices in 64 countries and territories. territories Kenton & Miles has fourteen strategic areas of business consulting services as follows: Financial Advisory & Business Services, Merger & Acquisition, Globalization, Sport & Business Consulting, Marketing & Communication, Legal & Fiscal, Corporate Tax Consulting, Energy & Natural Resources, Environment & Climate, Information Technology, Real-Estate, Special Projects, Commodity Trading, Film Finance Kenton & Miles offers a range of services for private and public companies ranging in size, and also including institutions. At Kenton & Miles International our clients are the driving force behind what we do as business and financial advisors. One of our primary responsibilities is to understand the client by anticipating and responding to their needs. Kenton & Miles International’s goal is to meet client expectations without compromising the integrity of Kenton & Miles. The next step is to provide value- added advice and guidance by analyzing client needs and resolving issues. The company’s objective is to develop and maintain long-term relationships by actively listening to client feedback in order to build trust and loyalty. It is of great importance that we offer personal and individual services, and use the company's technology to best serve the changing needs of clients, and through the teamwork of Kenton &Miles’s professional staff, leverage our capabilities and resources to fully meet the needs of our clients. We often collaborate with companies' existing professional advisors and help businesses grow by expanding their capital base as well as their markets within Italy and abroad. We utilize our in-depth international experience and network of business professionals to help companies improve their international performance and profile. THE Kenton & Miles Group
  4. 4. Worldwide preSence For more information please visit our web site at
  5. 5. Chairman & CEO's Message Our mission is to achieve an unequalled standard of excellence in our profession by providing personalized value-added services and to become indispensable to our clients by assisting them in making educated, intelligent financial decisions. Kenton & Miles International delivers these services to our clients, whether they be individuals, trusts, business, or corporations through customized programs and financial advisors best suited to their specific needs. Our company is internationally recognized as an innovative business and financial advisors, and we will continually develop new services and planning concepts to maintain that edge. We consistently strive to go beyond our client's expectations, and maintain their trust and loyalty as either new or longstanding clients. Our hands-on management approach places senior members of our team at the forefront of servicing each client. We continuously evaluate our services to ensure that our clients receive an unparalleled level of communication, expertise and leadership. Kenton & Miles International recognizes that each client is unique and consequently requires services of varying complexity. We listen to our clients and customize the resources of Kenton & Miles International to best address the business concerns of each client. As President and CEO of Kenton & Miles International, and in the name of our professional staff, our greatest reward is our client's satisfaction. We look forward to working with you to meet your specific business and financial consulting needs. THE Sincerely, Kenton & Miles Salvatore Biscozzi Group Chairman & CEO - Kenton & Miles International S.p.A. …Unequalled Standard of Excellence… …Customize the Resources….
  6. 6. OVERVIEW Merger & Acquisition Financial Adv & Business Services Kenton & Miles International Corporate Finance Advisory K&M knows that the best mergers or acquisitions follow a arm provides services throughout the world. Our people structured and disciplined approach, with clear strategic provide expert and in-depth M&A advice to corporate clients, objectives, detailed implementation plans and a focus on private equity/venture capital firms, MBO/MBI teams, creating and capturing value. The team of professionals at entrepreneurs, and governments. Our professionals, who are Kenton & Miles International have broad and varied drawn from a multitude of backgrounds including, experience in multiple types of transactions, including investment bankers, brokers, consultants, government, and mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. K&M has a global accountants have the expertise to serve clients across the network of knowledgeable practitioners and have barriers of time, language, currency, and culture. With 25 successfully performed many M&A around the world. partners and more than 500 staff around the globe, we can combine an integrated global approach with extensive The true value of M&A transactions lies in the execution industry expertise and local knowledge. and not the promise. Real experience, clear strategic objectives, technical M&A knowledge and capable objectives Our main service lines in Corporate Finance Advisory are: professionals are often cited as the reasons for a strong M&A program. Successful strategic acquirers use process Acquisitions and disposals and discipline to avoid many of the M&A failures that Capital raising-private equity or capital markets impair and destroy shareholder, customer and employee Valuations value. Kenton & Mile’s approach is to assist our clients in Strategic and general corporate advice developing the structure and discipline to more effectively Project finance and public private partnerships identify, execute and integrate their deals. Kenton & Miles Business modelling International knows how to enhance the probability of success using our experience in this type of consulting service. Some of the most important points to a successful M&A are: •The M&A strategy should provide a framework for the Globalization target screening, transaction execution and combination phases •Communicate a compelling strategy to your employees, Support to the transactions international, whether the or they will resist the change required for effective language is spoken in Mandarin, Russian, Indian or combining Factor your unique people, process and Portuguese, Kenton & Miles International always speaks one technology considerations into the target screening phase single language: that one of the customer. … In order to pick •Use a well-defined structure, but remember each new opportunities, they may be introduced in Europe or opportunities combination is unique centers around them. The opportunity may arise in Latin America or South Africa, China or India or in the K&M International recognizes that each organization has Mediterranean basin, through the international circuit of particular skills and may have great strengths in some areas Kenton & Miles International is present, placing themselves of M&A, and we pride ourselves on a focused and flexible side by side to the customer, in every area of the world that approach, which—through collaborative interaction with offers developmental possibility. our clients—results in customized solutions to each client's strategy, culture and business. Our main service lines are: The search for opportunities in foreign markets Legal Advising and Trading in emergent areas Search for partners in the development of new initiatives Business Relocation THE Project Financing Lobbying Kenton & Miles Group
  7. 7. OVERVIEW Corporate Tax Sport & Business Kenton & Miles Sports Division is a sector of Kenton & Miles Searching for a tax advisor who understands not only the International S.p.A dedicated to the world of sport business intricacies of tax law, but also your business? and offers a range of professional services to companies The answer is Kenton & Miles International Tax practice. We wishing to invest in this field, and also to sport organizations will work with you to minimize your tax liability and ensure and athletic professionals. your organization complies with domestic and international tax laws. This division was created in order to create a strategic point of reference in the field of Business Sports for companies, As a gateway to the vast tax resources within Kenton & Sport organizations, and athletes through planning and Miles, we can offer a fresh look at your tax position with an management of consulting activities, marketing, management, eye towards broader business objectives. Our dedicated team financing, communication, and PR. Kenton & Miles Sports of tax professionals works closely with you to understand Division will assist business managers of professional sport your organization's global goals and strategies and how organizations and athletes to interpret the market changes, industry and economic trends affect your business. Together, and adopt successful business models through innovative we can develop tax strategies that work for your actions and studies. organization and industry, and help streamline compliance processes. Learn more about how our Corporate Tax practice The K&M Sports Division also develops plans for can assist you. organizational configuration, financial institutions and strategies which will be implemented in every business opportunity connected to the world of sports. Marketing & Communication Legal & Fiscal Our Marketing advisors offer you access to authoritative, The Legal and Fiscal division of Kenton & Miles timely and effective strategies to translate indications in the International supplies fiscal and legal services such as market which constitute the predisposition for each company. advising and various other legal services in this department. In this field Kenton & Miles International has established an integrated offer of services for you as small, average We also offer social services and advising, services and companies or even large corporations, and operating in the advice on balance sheets, bankruptcy advice, real-estate context of B2B that B2C. Over the years K&M International has services and advising, accounting services, book keeping advised clients in the process of invested resources in order for advice, services for the stipulation of contracts, buying and them to obtain the maximum return, and this allows them to return selling leases, with references for the transactions given from retain a competitive advantage over their competitors in the persons as residents and non-residents in the territory or market. The availability of our wide experience allows our country. clients to plan an outlined operation focusing on their needs and requirements. Ultimately the goal is to supply a valid and professional In each specific case K&M applies the following actions: legal team to advice businesses in any possible restructure in Research Marketing their company. Operating Marketing Communication Direct Marketing Our diversified experience in the field of Marketing has also been in the constant search of new marketing methodologies, methodologies THE and know-how to assure our clients the most up-to-date Kenton & Miles international methods. Our specialists also maintain and focus Group on each company’s specific requirements in each area of business.
  8. 8. OVERVIEW Gas & Oil Gas & Oil In the past two years, the oil and gas industry has Kenton & Miles specially targeted pool of potential investors experienced the best macro-environment in more than 20 customarily invest in fundamentally sound producing years. The global demand for crude oil and natural gas is properties with proven undeveloped reserve upside potential high, due in part to interest rates and cost inflation being that have been identified by company management to be low; and hydrocarbon prices are at historic highs. As a result primary candidates for enhanced exploitation by intelligently of these factors, the large integrated oil companies and those cutting costs, performing low risk work overs and operating in related sectors are experiencing record recompilations, and by furthering development and profitability and cash flows. exploration drilling. With low overhead, a “lean and mean” specific client focus, mean” Presently companies are finally increasing their efforts in exploration and development — improving the margins in coupled with senior level relationships that we have cultivated the oilfield services sector. Also there has been the shift to over many years with most of the major players in the natural gas accelerating in many markets, with international financial markets, Kenton & Miles offers an unprecedented levels of investment in liquid natural gas extremely competitive market advantage. plants, pipelines and ships for both production and transportation. We provide ongoing services to 50 percent of the world's largest oil and gas companies. In addition, our commitment to the industry includes research and analysis of industry issues and trends as well as participation in events and conferences where industry leaders share their insights on Energy & Natural Resources trends and issues. Kenton & Miles International (K&MI) is a leading emerging markets international energy advisor. The advisor K&MI team is one of the world's leading oil & gas business & financial advisors for international emerging markets Kenton & Miles International’s Energy & Natural Resources projects. division is dedicated to assisting all major organizations operating in the Oil & Gas, Power & Utilities, and Mining industries in Kenton & Miles long-term experience in the oil & gas sector, dealing with both new industry trends and business issues. and more specifically its intimate knowledge of Russia, Kenton & Miles International has a distinctive portfolio of services Europe, and Africa, makes the firm extremely well suited to which have been carefully tailored to the needs of our clients, and act as business and financial advisor for a wide variety of can be delivered by our experienced team of professionals. business and financial transactions. K & M clients are companies that are managed by proven executives in Natural resource companies are highly visible in terms of their entrepreneurial oil & gas companies with a demonstrated impacts, challenges and emerging opportunities. As demand for track record of implementing similar projects that seek to be global natural resources grows, companies in this sector will be currently financed. Typically company management under increasing pressure and scrutiny to efficiently and possesses strong managerial, business, financial, operational, ethically extract, produce and export primary metals, electricity, and technical capabilities, but understand the need to seek and oil and gas, just to name a few. Kenton & Miles International expert advice and assistance to raise substantial amounts of can offer their highly experienced professionals to take on the external capital to implement their projects and objectives in new challenges in each sector and produce innovative solutions in the shortest possible time frame, at the lowest cost, and on these industries. terms and conditions best acceptable to them. Kenton & Miles International presently has a well balanced range of clients, ranging from international companies to next generation leaders including those raising capital, some for the first time, in local and global markets. Kenton & Miles also offers opportunities to clients raising capital for innovative projects in the Energy & Natural resources division. The four main sub- THE divisions for our advisory services are divided into the following Kenton & Miles categories: Oil & Gas, Electric power, Mining and Water Group
  9. 9. OVERVIEW Electric Power Mining Kenton & Miles International as a consultant with their Kenton & Miles International’s Electric power division international partners are premier mining consultants, our provides independent consulting to electric utilities, marketers, experience base continues to broaden as the mining industries agents, exchanges, and public administrations. We know how served grow and change. Today, there is more emphasis on to buy and sell energy, offer and reserve capacity. Kenton & technology, legal, and environmental issues than ever Miles has a trained staff which knows how to price resources before. At Kenton & Miles International, we continue our through fuel cost calculations, price supply and demand due mission of expanding the capabilities to meet these ever- to competition and congestion, and predict growth and changing needs. trends. K&M offers their services also as mining consultants, a critical ingredient of our experience is the number of day-to-day Kenton & Miles’ professionals also have experience in contacts with the legal, financial, insurance, and government software implementation projects, and the know how to communities involved in the mining industry. These describe business logic to developers, and to deliver solutions relationships directly benefit the clients on whom we focus our to the electric power problems of our customers, whether they people and resources, using an extensive experience base to are large companies, municipalities or other entities interested solve a wide range of specific mining problems. in finding a better solution to their electric power needs for Kenton & Miles International is backed by accomplished their businesses or communities. professionals with the resources and experience to deliver the following mining consultant services: Management Consulting Mining Engineers Water Privatization, Restructuring Mining Economic and Financial Analysis Kenton & Miles International realizes that the pressure on the Mergers and Acquisitions World's fresh water resources is increasing rapidly, with Market Forecasts & Analyses population growth, rising per capita water consumption, Contract Evaluation, Formulation, and Negotiation pollution and environmental degradation all contributing to Environmental ever-greater problems of availability and distribution. Exploration Competition for scarce water resources leads to trans-boundary Mining Feasibility Studies disputes on a range of scales, and water resources studies can no Benchmarking/Operational Audits longer be confined to hydrological science, but need to consider Mining Due Diligence and Valuations the social, economic and even political dimensions. Kenton & Miles offers their specialized consultants in this field to research all venues in order to present the most up-to-date solutions. Kenton & Miles International knows that the key to the sustainable development of water resources lies in developing a thorough understanding of their variability and availability. K&M also takes an integrated approach to their development and management, ensuring the participation of stakeholders at all stages of the project. Kenton & Miles International is dedicated to providing comprehensive services to our clients, covering all aspects of the evaluation, development and management of water resources, on a various size and scale range. Kenton & Miles International provides a wide range of water engineering services to clients worldwide. Our clients include private companies, municipalities, governments and international organizations. Kenton & Miles utilizes its specialists with experience in many different conditions, ranging from extremely arid deserts to rain forests. We have assisted our clients in site investigations, planning studies, feasibility studies, THE cost analysis and detailed engineering design. Kenton & Miles Kenton & Miles takes a practical, head on approach to projects, backed by years of experience and the use of state-of-the-art methods of analysis Group and design.
  10. 10. OVERVIEW Environment & Climate Kenton & Miles International is very concerned and active about climate change and sustainable resources, which are global issues and demand a global response. Our clients operate on a global basis and are seeking a consultant who can interpret regulations, opportunities and potential projects with a global presence. The environment and climate change are attracting many companies and governments that are searching for consultancy services that go beyond the normal offerings, and they demand a more integrated array of professional services and experienced staff to meet the challenge of complex situations affecting the environment and climate change all over the globe. While climate change and renewable energy are relatively new topics, Kenton & Miles International have already acquired a substantial amount of experience, and are active in projects on both a national and global level. There is a clear and expanding belief that companies can transform themselves into environmentally and socially responsible enterprises and deliver measurable benefits to their surrounding communities, while still providing solid returns for their shareholders. Kenton & Miles International is constantly searching for alternative energy sources, and innovative technology through their network of global partners, while offering their know how and experience in order to come up with the best solution for their clients. Information Technology Water Kenton & Miles International is aware that the convergence of technology and communications is profoundly changing the way business is conducted around the globe. To face these constant changes, companies must be flexible and have foresight. Kenton & Miles International has a great understanding of companies that operate across these industries and the challenges they face in the Information technology sector. Through Kenton & Miles global partner network, our K&M professionals deliver innovative solutions to clients wherever they are based in the world .Below are some of the various areas of Information technology that Kenton & Miles International can provide advisory services: The Internet Software technology and programs Telecommunications and networking Broadcasting and publishing. We offer a distinct advantage in client service, the result of our commitment to training and a multidisciplinary approach that integrates advisory and consulting services. Kenton & Miles utilizes its wide range of knowledge sharing among multi- country teams, which is matched with an unique approach to THE working with clients globally. Kenton & Miles International is Kenton & Miles able to tap into its vast global network so we can move our Group resources and experienced staff based upon our client’s needs, thus providing a seamless service to any client regardless of their type of business and location.
  11. 11. OVERVIEW SPECIAL PROJECT This Special Projects Division is headed by its Director, Mr. Giovanni Masi, and the division is related to projects and investments which have an overlapping interest in several areas of advisory services, which Kenton & Miles International then directly deals with public administrations of municipalities, cities and governmental identities. This division focuses on the needs of the public administrations to receive multi-faceted professionals to organize the advisory and financial aspects that Kenton & Miles offers in all areas of services available to the potential needs and requests of public administrations at both local and national levels. Our special projects team aim to provide a seamless integrated service for public administrations with out-of-the-ordinary situations. Our expertise is unique, and undisputed. Kenton & Miles' Special Projects division brings vision to the most complicated projects, and also the ability for Kenton & Miles to bring a new approach to dealing with diverse projects and securing top level management in resolving the needs and demands of these diverse projects. Mr. Giovanni Masi Directors and Contact Information Water Gianfranco Palestini Human Resources and Communication: Franco Bodini Production, Automation: Raffaello Lofiego Commercial & Logistic Development: Vojin Petrovich Information Technology: Giovanni Gramigna Quality, Safety & Security: Kenton & Miles Special Project Division Via Marco Aurelio, 8 - 20127 Milano (Italy) Tel: +39 02 29520384 - Fax: +39 02 28901933 E-mail: WEB: THE Kenton & Miles Group
  12. 12. Commodity trading K&M World Commodity Cement KENTON & MILES World Commodity, a Company of Kenton & Miles Worldwide Organization, is an trading Urea company based in Milan (Italy), which has very strong Fertilizers established connections worldwide and through its many Sugar suppliers is able to offer its clients large quantities at very Iron Ore real competitive prices. Other Mineral Ores We have been fully employed pursuing this difficult Scrap Steel (USED RAIL, HMS1 and business for over 3 years and it has taken this time to sort out the REAL Suppliers and/or Buyers from the idiots, time HMS1&2) wasters, scammers, criminals and bullshit artists who Copper Cathodes perpetrate this industry in large numbers. Gold Dust 92.6% or better Take advantage of our experience in sourcing commodities, Gold Bars products and services and get rid of the never ending stress Petro-Chemicals (D2, Mazut, Light Crude Petro- Mazut, of finding genuine Suppliers and/or Buyers and let our Oils, JP54 etc) professional team work for you. Diamonds Our site lists our main commodities, including but not K&M Diamonds limited to, Cement, Urea, Fertilizers, Sugar, Iron Ore, Other Mineral Ores, Scrap Steel (USED RAIL, HMS1 and HMS1&2), Copper Cathodes, Gold Dust 92.6% or better, Gold Bars, Petro-Chemicals (D2, Mazut, Light Crude Oils, K&M Diamonds provide strategic, technical and logistic JP54 etc) and Diamonds. support for firms that wish to buy or sell diamonds and We act as facilitators introducing REAL Buyers to REAL jewelry. The K&M Diamonds operates trading offices with Sellers. We are confident you will find us to be an excellent Sellers expert staff in all the world. trading partner with professionalism, experience and K&M companies are government licensed to trade in integrity. Most importantly we can connect you to genuine diamonds and jewelry and have local staff that includes expert Sellers and/or Buyers who can really make it happen for gemologist traders and marketing experts. The K&M you. Many deals can falter through poor service and lack of Diamonds is uniquely suited to help clients source product or supply and cost you a fortune in wasted time and loss of penetrate new markets for their products. contracts. Dealing with experienced operators is a short-cut to success. K&M Diamonds offices are fully compliant with all local and international regulations, including the Kimberley Process and The commodity trading industry is also complicated because U.S. Patriot Act. In addition, we apply our own Best Practice of fluctuating demand and supply shortages for certain Principles to assure that all the products we buy or sell are products seasonally and from time to time. We have derived from legitimate sources. Accordingly, we reserve the approached this problem from a long term prospective and right to refuse to deal with any company or individual. have therefore sought and acquired supply sources that are reputable and stable. We hope that your visit to our website will be the start of a fruitful long-term business relationship. We look forward to serving qualified Buyers and/or Sellers THE who are serious about expanding their international trade Kenton & Miles transactions. We also encourage established Suppliers to approach us about developing a mutually beneficial Group mandate relationship.
  13. 13. Organizzation’s structure Organizzation’ Board of Directors Chairman & CEO: Salvatore Biscozzi Board Member: Fabio Nicastro Board Member: Antonino Scopelliti Board Member: Stefano Poli Board Member: Giovanni Masi Board Member: Salvatore Urso Board Member: Guido Vito Taietti International Network: Tatiana Zhukova Statutory Auditors Chairman Statutory Auditors: Edoardo Cerutti Statutory Auditor: Giuseppe Cilea Statutory Auditor: Giovanbattista Aloi Via Marco Aurelio, 8 - 20127 Milan ( ITALY ) Cap. Soc. 3.000.000 € i.v. - P.I. 04597220963 THE Kenton & Miles Group
  14. 14. Organizzation’s structure Organizzation’ Division Managing Directors Financial Services: Antonino Scopelliti Merger and Acquisition: Marco Balzarini Globalization: Salvatore Biscozzi Sport Business: Salvatore Biscozzi Commodity: Marcello La Ferrara Marketing & Communication: AADV Legal and Fiscal: Cosimo Biscozzi Corporate Tax: Raffaele Umbriano Real Estate: Maurizio Casella Special Projects: Giovanni Masi Executive Managers EU Financing: Giovanbattista Aloi Capital Market and Financing: Antonio Bernardini Sport Business: Salvatore Biscozzi Companies' Management: Tatiana Zhukova Public Project: Antonio Ventura Administrative & Internal Affairs: Maria Frisina International Tax Service Division: Raffaele Umbriano Fiscal Division: Raffaele Umbriano Legal Division: Cosimo Biscozzi International Project: Maurizio Arena Human Resources and Communication: Gianfranco Palestini Quality & Safety division: Franco Bodini Commercial & Logistic Development: Raffaello Lofiego Information Technology division: Vojin Petrovich Quality & Safety: Giovanni Gramigna General Secretary Ana Dimic THE Tamara Ballatore Kenton & Miles Group
  15. 15. Contact information’s information’ World Headquarters and Office of Chairman & CEO Salvatore Biscozzi, CEO Kenton & Miles International SpA Via Marco Aurelio, 8 - 20127 Milano ( ITALY ) Cap. Soc. 3.000.000 € i.v. - P.I. 04597220963 TEL +39 02 28040038 FAX +39 02 28901933 EMAIL SKIPE Email requests to: Worldwide Network: Miss Tatiana Zhukova Advisory Services: Mr. Salvatore Biscozzi Legal & Fiscal: Mr. Cosimo Biscozzi General Information: Miss Ana Dimic Commodity Trading: Mr. Marcello La Ferrara THE Kenton & Miles Group
  16. 16. Kenton & miles group Kenton & Miles W.A.O. Kenton & Miles Special Project This Company focuses on the needs of the public administrations to receive multi-faceted professionals to organize the advisory and financial aspects that Kenton & Miles offers in all areas of services available to the potential needs and requests of public administrations at both local and Kenton & Miles Worldwide Accounting Organization, with its national levels. Our special projects team aim to provide a offices in Milan, is registered in the Book of Auditors and is seamless integrated service for public administrations with authorized to practice the activity of auditing under out-of-the-ordinary situations. Ministerial Authorization no. 137695. Our expertise is unique, and undisputed. Kenton & Miles' Kenton & Miles Worldwide Accounting Organization is an Special Projects division brings vision to the most complicated accounting firm which has as clients a lot of companies projects, and also the ability for Kenton & Miles to bring a new operating in a wide range of sectors and with different goals. approach to dealing with diverse projects and securing top Kenton & Miles Worldwide Accounting Organization firmly level management in resolving the needs and demands of believes technical skill not to be the only necessary element to these diverse projects. satisfy clients’ expectations, but to be used with “paternal” sensitivity, the flexibility of the staff to react to global economic Kenton & Miles Special Project and financial changes, and the continuous upgrade of their Via Marco Aurelio, 8 - 20127 Milano (Italy) professionalism. Tel: +39 02 29520384 - Fax: +39 02 28901933 Kenton & Miles Worldwide Accounting Organization, a small but highly skilled Italian Accounting Firm, recently acquired its own name joining Kenton & Miles International network, E-mail: merging in this way the international culture of the network to WEB: the specific know-how of the national operators. Local professionalism is blended with international presence Kenton & Miles Worldwide Accounting Organization, a small but highly skilled Italian Accounting Firm, recently acquired its own name joining Kenton & Miles International network Kenton & Miles World Commodity merging in this way the international culture of the network to the specific know-how of the national operators. In Kenton & Miles Worldwide Accounting Organization, a KENTON & MILES World Commodity, a Company of Kenton well proven experience acquired performing in the domestic & Miles Worldwide Organization, is an trading company market has to be added to the ability of delivering the right based in Milan (Italy), which has very strong established services to the clients operating in the global market. connections worldwide and through its many suppliers is able Everywhere companies want to function, Kenton & Miles to offer its clients large quantities at very real competitive Worldwide Accounting Organization provides them with its prices. mark of compliance and professionalism. CONTACT INFORMATION: CONTACT INFORMATION: Piazza Borromeo, 1 - 20123 Milano (MI) Italy Via Marco Aurelio, 8 - 20127 Milano ( ITALY ) Dr. Giuseppe Caroccia Director: Dr. Marcello La Ferrara Director: Tel. +39 02 89012992 TEL +39 02 28040038 Fax +39 02 89012974 FAX +39 02 28901933 WEB WEB E-mail: EMAIL THE Kenton & Miles Group
  17. 17. Kenton & miles Group Kenton & Miles Film Finance Making a film is a complex project, that involves many Companies. After helping several major Italian Productions to finance their projects, Kenton & Miles decided to build its Film Finance Division, which not only supports financially big studios, but helps Independent Production Companies supporting their projects financially, technically and artistically. During its production process a film produced and distributed by a major studio is divided between many professionals, each of them take care of a special aspect. The Independent Producer has the whole responsibility of the project, taking care of many different roles, from the legal aspect to business and financing. Not understanding the importance of these key figures can lead an Independent production to disaster. A great idea for a film is worthless without the right financial and legal coverage. Usually Independent Production Companies don’t have the guarantees and the name to get involved all the professionals (Actors, Technicians, Musicians, Lawyers, Investors, Press Officers…) they need to produce their film projects respecting their schedule. As Independent Producers well know, to make a film with good chances to make money you need known Actors. To have Actors you need Investors that provide you with the money. To have the Investors you need a Distributor to ensure they will get their money back, and to have a Distributor you already need to have the Actors. It’s a circle you’ll never break without a good partner. With its Film Finance Division Kenton & Miles wants to help Independent Producers to find a way, giving them the tools to compete with the major studios: increase the offer to the public, create opportunities for Independent Filmmakers to get the visibility they need, get their films distributed and get the budget to finance a new project. Directors and Contact Information CONTACT INFORMATION: 19 Bolsover Street The Kenton & Miles Film Finance London Division, in collaboration with Bison W1W 5NA Productions, is Production Manager Bartolo Ansaldi: producing the Independent film How To Catch A Thief: an Italian project carried by International Coordinator Michael J Green: an English Production Company. Acquisition Manager Luigi Fabozzi: Tel. 0044-(0)7776015816 WEB EMAIL THE Kenton & Miles Group
  18. 18. Kenton & miles group & Partners Partners Kenton & Miles Diamonds K&M Diamonds provide strategic, technical and logistic support for firms that wish to buy or sell diamonds and jewelry. The K&M Diamonds operates trading offices with expert staff in all the world. K&M companies are government licensed to trade in diamonds and jewelry and have local staff that includes expert gemologist traders and marketing experts. The K&M Diamonds is uniquely suited to help clients source product or penetrate new markets for their products. K&M Diamonds offices are fully compliant with all local and international regulations, including the Kimberley Process and U.S. Patriot Act. In addition, we apply our own Best Practice Principles to assure that all the products we buy or sell are derived from legitimate sources. Accordingly, we reserve the right to refuse to deal with any company or individual. CONTACT INFORMATION: Via Marco Aurelio, 8 - 20127 Milano ( ITALY ) TEL +39 02 28040038 FAX +39 02 28901933 EMAIL Kenton & Miles Group SPORTS egypt SPORTS austria dubai SPORTS THE Kenton & Miles Group ™ 2009 Kenton & Miles International S.P.A. All rights reserved - P.Iva 04597220963 - Powered by Kenton & Miles B.A.