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I am an individual absolutely committed to the achievement of a blend of spiritual and physical
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                                  Investor - Researcher
                              June 2009 — Pre...
Sales Representative

                              Shell (Greece) Hellas SA(Athens)
                         April 1994 —...

                                    Cranfield University – UK
                         MSc , Manufacturing Sy...
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Peri Cv 2010


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Peri Cv 2010

  1. 1. Summary I am an individual absolutely committed to the achievement of a blend of spiritual and physical well being and welfare. So practically speaking, this means the openness to learn, to mingle with different kind of people, to geographically relocate, to change working environments! I am keen in co-operating with individuals who are the same committed and conscious about their part in creating personal and collective reality! I am a team player with the tendency either to play a leadership role or assist leadership. My abilities allow me to examine the specific as well as the general picture too. Thus I will tap into much detail if this is required, and I will be involved with the outlines and background when there is need for it. Currently i am working in building realistic connections using IT and physical contact and closely watching and learning about our constantly changing world in terms of economy, environment, technology, social issues and of course spirituality. I am focused in 3 areas to do that. A> trading commodities negotiator-mediator B> affiliate marketer C> retail investor
  2. 2. Previous Experience Investor - Researcher June 2009 — Present (9 months) Micro financing with local community in Bangkok – Thailand --- People helping People. April 2008 — Present (2 Years) Involved in Retail Investing - financial instruments (forex-options-stocks-futures trading). Affiliate Marketing April 2005 – Present (5 years) Researching advertising systems, the nature of the internet home based marketing industry Personal Development June 1998 — December 2006 (8 years 7 months) Extensive Personal Development and Volunteering Working Traveling and living (extensively in Europe, Turkey, Romania, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore) Visiting Canada-Montreal, USA-NY, Florida. Interpreter June 1998 — September 2003 (5 years 4 months) English-Greek and Greek English interpreter for Self Development İnternational Seminars - Greece 1998, 1999, 2003. Assistant Maintenance Engineer -Department Gaz et Materiels Medicaux Service Technique. Air Liquide (Greece) Hellas SA(Athens) October 1997 — April 1998 (7 months) Responsible for the maintenance of the customers’ premises including piping and gas/LG tanks (public/private hospitals and clinics). Monitoring special spare parts ordering levels. Main personal initiatives were to harmonize communication channels between higher management and technical staff, to reassess and re-plan the tool ware, to setup a daily/weekly/monthly maintenance schedule increasing thus the quality of service. 6 month contract.
  3. 3. Sales Representative Shell (Greece) Hellas SA(Athens) April 1994 — April 1997 (3 years 1 month) I was an Industrial Fuels and Lubricants Sales Representative for private & public sector clients, industries & construction companies. Preparation of relevant documents and participation in public bids. Participation in the following projects: monitoring company's equipment which was allocated at the customers' sites as part of older and current commercial contracts, Quality assessment of a heavy fuel additive, participated at the technical advisory team for the national annual fuel economy competition (1996). Reason for ending my contract: Lack of perspective for further development ATQ Hellas Quality Systems (Athens) Nov 1993-Feb 1994 Co-operator as educational company consultant Computer Skills Good knowledge of WINDOWS, DOS, UNIX basic level Programming languages (i.e. Gwbasic, Quickbasic, Fortran, Clipper, Dbase) Application Packages (Microsoft Office, production and machining simulation process software Internet fluency Professional Qualifications 1990 Member of The Hellenic Association of Engineers (HAE)
  4. 4. Education Cranfield University – UK MSc , Manufacturing Systems Engineering , 1991 — 1992 Computing Automation, Quality and Production Automation My Thesis subject was the Assessment of the use of LK’s Co-ordinate Measuring Machine data on car bodies at Jaguar Cars Ltd, in Castle Bromwich plant, Birmingham • Group Project We developed software (in Clipper 5.0) to aid Production Flow Analysis (PFA) in order to plan Group Technology Polytechnion Kritis – Technical University of Crete – Greece BSc , Production Engineering and Management , 1985 — 1991 Computer Programming and Quality Control I was particularly interested in automating cumbersome calculations and procedures through the use of computers. Quality Control Software was my Thesis' subject and I curried through in co-operation with George Zoumadakis the development of "Qualitron", a software which automated the use of p, np, X and R control charts used in statistical production control Activities and Societies: Martial Arts, Football Team, Trekking and member of the Chania-Crete Trekking Association. Librarian at the University's Library. Tel: +66 (0) 2 1383043 (ext 401) Mobile: +66 853580084 Address: MintMind Apartment, Room # 401, 128 Soi Watthanakham 2, Sukhumvit 85 Road, KwangBang Chak Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260,Thailand E-mail: