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EDIT GeoTools presentation in TDWG 2009 (Montpellier)


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EDIT GeoTools presentation in TDWG 2009 (Montpellier)

  1. 1. EDIT GeospatialComponents Pere Roca Ristol Museo Nacional Ciencias Naturales (CSIC) Madrid, Spain TaxonomicDatabaseWorking Group (TDWG) 2009 conference
  2. 2. EDIT Geospatialcomponents Visualizationofgeoreferencedinformation in formofmaps can reportimportantbenefitsondailytaxonomistwork. EDIT Geographic toolsmakespossible: -as taxonomist, visualizeyourowngeoreferencedpoint data (EDIT MapViewer) -as web-developer, getdistributionmapsof data stored in yourdatabase (EDIT mapRestservices)
  3. 3. EDIT Geospatialcomponents EDIT mapViewer MapRest Services
  4. 4. EDIT GeospatialComponents EDIT MapViewer Well-formatted CSV file Taxonomistgeoreferenced data, coordinates in latitude/longitudeand decimal notation More complexoperations: -createandsymbolizeyourownpolygons Basic features: -GeoSpatialanalysis: -Mapcomposition (add/remove WMS 1) Numberofrecordsperpolygon layers) andnavigation (zoom in/out, pan…) 2) Numberof genera perpolygon -Data symbolization 3) taxa/genera ratio perpolygon -Query your data -Legend, scalebardownload -Printing in differentresolutions (480dpi) -GBIF density data browsing
  5. 5. EDIT GeospatialComponents EDIT MapRest Services:youconstructthe URL andweprovideyou distribution mapswiththespecifiedfeaturessymbolized at yourowntaste. TDWG level 3 and 4 withthespecifiedcodesandsymbology are plotted: tdwg4:c:MXEDU|b:MXETA||tdwg3:a:MXC,CUB|b:MXE,MXG|c:MXS,MXT Symbologydefinition(stylesa,b,c,d) a:329d2a,483eef,2,2_2|b:ab8dc9F,da1029,2,5_7|c:d2e347|d:f7555d Please check theexamples( andtheAPI ( for more information
  6. 6. EDIT GeospatialComponents Ifdesired, you can get, insteadofanimage, a file that can be used by a webmappingapplication (likeOpenLayers) [{"bbox":"-46.3,-34.82,87.506,47.09", "legend":"", "layers":[{"tdwg": "tdwg3","session": "","sld": "tdwg3_a93bbc32e48351a0693533bd29e65742.sld"},{"tdwg": "tdwg1","session": "","sld": "tdwg1_a93bbc32e48351a0693533bd29e65742.sld"}]}] e.g: PalmWebsite (
  7. 7. EDIT GeospatialComponents EDIT MapServices can alsoplotyourpointcoordinatessymbolized as youwant. od=1:44.19195,7.44663|44.1946,7.49385|44.19499,7.49437|44.06877,7.51162&os=1:c/8B0000/10/Cy baeus%20vignai Alpi-Marittime ATBI site ( marittime/) andGemer ATBI site ( ) are currentlyusingtheseservices
  8. 8. EDIT GeospatialComponents Let’sseethetools in action! EDIT mapRestservices: 1) 2)EDIT PalmWebsite: 3)Alpi-Marittime ATBI site: EDIT MapViewer: