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European Union:How it works


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This is a presentation regarding European Union (EU).
It includes the most important institutions of EU which are mainly connected with the EU legislation.

It is a part of an international workshop of the project "Go For Europe" which deals with the first vote campaign. The project is coordinated by Thessaloniki European Youth Capital 2014 and it is being funded by the European Commission (Youth in Action).

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European Union:How it works

  1. 1. European Union How it works Dr. Peri Kourakli Thessaloniki – European Youth Capital 2014
  2. 2. European Coal and Steel Community (the beginning of EU) A way to establish balance and peace in Europe just after the WWII Konrad Adenauer Alcide De Gasperi Winston Churchill Robert Schuman Jean Monnet
  3. 3. The EU symbols The European flag The European anthem Europe Day 9 May The motto: United in diversity
  4. 4. The EU Institutions without the ones related to money, information or technical issues Guidance Decisions Advice European Ombudsman
  5. 5. 28 members
  6. 6. DG DEVCO DG Development and Cooperation Europe Aid
  7. 7. Decisions increasingly been made using qualifiedmajority voting
  8. 8. Justus Lipsius Building (Brussels)
  9. 9. Elections for 2,5 years Plenary 751 (the new 2014 EP) Increasing influence since the first elections in 1979 Elections for 5 years
  10. 10. EP (Brussels)
  11. 11. The European political parties ALDE EPP Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe 85 Greens-EFA Greens-European Free Alliance 58 European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) 274 ECR S&D Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats 195 European Conservatives and Reformists 56 Total : 766 (02/2014) EFD EUL-NGL European United Left - Nordic Green Left 35 Non-attached members 30 Europe of Freedom and Democracy 33
  12. 12. EP (Strasbourg)
  13. 13. How it works (not all EU institutions are listed) Citizens, interested groups, experts: discuss, consult Commission: makes formal proposal Parliament and Council of Ministers: decide jointly National or local authorities: implement Commission, Court of Justice and European Ombudsman: monitor implementation Court of Auditors: monitor EU Institutions
  14. 14. “Go For Europe” funded by Source: