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Social media webinar for a group of clients from Sweden, Switzerland and The Netherlands.

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  • Start with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn/Xing
  • Social Media Webinar

    1. How social media can grow your employer brand Per Håkansson CEO
    2. Biography Born in Sweden; studied, worked and lived in Austria, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States; residing in Silicon Valley Got my first computer in 1980 - a Vic 20 - and met the Mac in 1984 Sent my first email in 1986 and started working with the web full-time in 1995 Worked in global virtual environments since 1999 (Yahoo! Inc); managing projects with 20+ countries and 200MM users Cancelled TV and phone subscription several years ago; use broadband / wireless applications for all personal and professional projects Currently CEO for and social media strategist and advisor
    3. Agenda Macro trends The birth and evolution of social media What social media can do for your employer brand Case: Video streaming How to get started Questions
    4. Prerequisite thoughts The talent your all looking for is already online, researching and talking about your company The world is a meritocracy, it’s just that most companies haven’t realized it yet There is no longer an advantage is being computer literate, but a huge disadvantage being illiterate A whole new world is emerging and we have just begun to scratch the surface
    5. Macro trends
    6. Macro trends Technology has enabled the democratization of communication, openness and transparency A boom in entrepreneurship and new venture driven by lower barrier for entry Virtualization - both software and people Emerging talent shortage From mass media to media of the masses Generation X - Made for the Web
    7. The birth and evolution of social media
    8. Internet 101 The Internet are millions of connected servers which connect billions of people The web is the graphical user interface accessible via computer and mobile browsers Social networks are millions of interconnected real people profiles that engage in conversations
    9. The Internet Evolution From insignificant and anonymous to game changing and personal AUDIENCE MICRO BLOGGING SOCIAL TWITTER 1.6BN NETWORKS WEBLOGS FACEBOOK OPEN INSTANT PHOTO MOBILE MESSAGING SHARING PLATFORMS VIDEO GOOGLE SHARING RSS USER YAHOO! GENERATED CONTENT 1995 2000 2005 2010 One new killer app per year change the Internet
    11. Examples Blogging platforms Content syndication Video sharing Social networks Podcasting Voice over IP Commenting systems Internet TV Discussion groups Sharing features Microblogging
    12. What social media can do for your employer brand
    13. Only 16% of companies monitor what’s being said about their brand online
    14. Social media for employer brands Effectively reach your online talent markets Make your employer brand available 24/7 Create relationships with key influencers Get direct feedback on your employer brand
    15. Case: Social networks
    16. Social networks A vast majority of all Internet users in the age 18-29 years old are using social networks regularly Facebook is the leading global personal social network with 300MM users / month LinkedIn and Xing are the leading professional networks with 45MM and 8MM users / month Effective to create a presence via a fan page or a group
    17. Facebook The standard for social networks Become integral part of people’s everyday life Great to grow a community around your employer brand via the fan page
    18. Case: Blogging
    19. Blogging There are over 100MM blogs in the world Blogs have become a natural source for information and creating 1-to-1 relationships Great tool for storytelling and sharing Commenting, linkbacks, RSS and SEO Microblogging has emerged as one of the most popular ways of sharing what’s going on Twitter has over 50MM users world wide
    20. Microspotting Microspotting - Microsoft’s talent blog Great media to tell the story about your company as a great place to work Easy to integrate other social media tool: Facebook, RSS, Sharing, Commenting, Tags, SEO, videos, photos
    21. Case: Streaming video
    22. Streaming video 89% of all Internet users 18-29 years old are using streaming video - 36% on a daily basis Streaming video is more popular than using social networks, listening to podcasts or using Twitter Very effective media to tell the story about a company as a great place to work Natural fit with the social media ecosystem and yet control of video content
    23. Global Internet and social media company Streaming employer branding and career videos Career research and planning tool for students and young professionals Available in the US and Europe (Asia in 2010)
    24. What makes special? Focused on employer Built on a social media branding and career platform and part of videos for younger Internet ecosystem talent Search engine optimization (SEO) - text and video Career research and planning tool Available via YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn Designed both for intent and discovery Via mobile and iTunes (in 2010) Offering a controlled and relevant media context
    25. How does it work? Upload your employer videos to your profile page with title, description and tags Your videos are now accessible via YouTube, RSS, web search, widgets and our partner syndication portfolio iTunes and downloadable videos planned for 2010
    26. How to get started
    27. Getting started Identify clear objectives Find the right web professionals Keep projects small, simple and bite size Get hands-on and learn how to use social media Experiment and fail fast Leverage the web in accelerating learnings
    28. Questions?
    29. Questions? The presentation can be found at perhakansson Feel free to contact via Blogging @ Twittering @perhakansson