How To Travel Smart, Fast And Simple


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A summary of travel tips based on my 25+ years of crossing the world. The focus is on how you can travel with as few things as possible, getting access to the necessary things locally and still being efficient / having fun.

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  • How To Travel Smart, Fast And Simple

    1. 1. How to Travel Smart, Fast and Simple By Per Håkansson
    2. 2. About I travel 200,00 miles per year across the world and have learned to travel really inexpensively, efficient and fun over the years. I’m usually only on the road 3-7 nights per trip which makes it really easy to pack. I travel as if I had my own place in every city; utilizing all accessible services, from dry-cleaners to local buses and coffee shops with free WiFi. Most things are available really cheaply within one click so why schlepping stuff across the world when they can be accessed locally? Traveling is about meeting people, creating value and exchanging ideas. It’s about simplicity, creativity and shared experiences. I’ve put together a few tips based on my own 25+ years experience on the road. The short recommendation is: pack light, be open-minded, stay frugal and be a local. Taking the bus instead of a cab is an adventure, forces you to exercise, get to know the place and is cheaper. Less is really much more!
    3. 3. Content Planning the trip Managing jet-lag How to pick a hotel Staying fit & energized Packing your bag Meet cool people Your digital tools Dress to travel How to eat
    4. 4. Planning The Trip Book your flight a few weeks in advance to get the best deal; fly when your loyalty program offers the most competitive deals Travel redeye - cheaper, saves hotel nights For long hauls choose hubs with in-lounge showers to stay fresh Pick hotels that are close to your meeting locations and transportation hubs; use hotel rewards programs Think through the logistics for the full trip - saves time and money, store maps and routes on your smartphone Finalize all presentations before trip, make available via the cloud
    5. 5. How To Pick a Hotel When traveling for business the only thing you need is a bed and a shower - look for central budget boutique or capsule hotels Avoid classic business hotels; they lack soul, are expensive and host the wrong clientele; look for small, intimate venus that care The key services are healthy breakfast, free WiFI, hygiene articles and access to a stationary computer (business center) as backup It’s a plus if they can package your breakfast for really early morning departures - they usually do if you ask nicely in advance
    6. 6. Packing Your Bag Stick to one light-weight carry-on to avoid luggage fees and unnecessary schlepping, a leather bag will do nicely Pack extremely light, a few crease free shirts, underwear and socks; leverage the hotel’s laundry service or wash yourself Let the hotel and flight provide you with hygiene articles Travel in wrinkle-free suit, or jeans and blazer; warm coat wintertime and raincoat for spring and fall Store all your data in the cloud, leave your laptop at home and leverage your smartphone applications to access cloud Bring pocket book or magazines that you then leave on flight
    7. 7. Your Digital Tools Pick the most useful iPhone applications for your purpose and display them on the home screen - the fewer the better You probably need word processing and spreadsheets (Office2), cached news feeds (Byline), connected to your preferred professional or social network, calendar with all appointments and locations (iCal), VoIP (Skype) and a task manager (Things) Use Google Voice and re-route all voice mails and text messages to email - saves on roaming charges, answer via email or voice mail Take and share notes in realtime, use the built-in camera to immortalize whiteboard plans, utilize free WiFi hubs at hotels, airports, coffee shops and meeting venus to save on roaming fees Borrow computer for presentations (Plan B); store them online
    8. 8. Dress to Travel Pending preferences, travel in either your wrinkle-free suit or jeans and blazer; always wear your phone, passport and wallet Bring a few wrinkle-free dress shirts to always appear clean and fresh, pick shirts with pockets (for travel docs) and cuff links (style) Bring light-weight dark socks and fast drying underwear Only bring one pair of nice looking and comfortable leather shoes Bring a light-weight raincoat as a regular coat (wool coat for winter); avoid voluminous accessories If you always travel to the same destination, drop off all your clothes at the cleaners before you return home, pick up at arrival
    9. 9. How to Eat Always drink lots of water; avoid booze on flights (the wine sucks anyway) Only one latte per day to stay fresh, take a walk to stay agile Eat healthy food right before flight to avoid the meals served; bring your own sandwich for breakfast, bring fruit Utilize the free airplane food (if your not picky), saves on expenses Eat a robust and healthy hotel breakfast, light lunch and even lighter dinner - it’s both healthy and frugal Leverage the healthy food available in airport lounges (it’s free)
    10. 10. Managing Jet-Lag Drink lots of water; avoid booze Sleep as much as you can on flights Adapt to the local time; don’t think about what time it is at home Walk around the plane, stretch and do simple exercises Workout or work if you cannot sleep; usually the best sleeping pill Plan the trip so you arrive in the later part of the morning to maximize day but minimize jet-leg impact
    11. 11. Staying Fit & Energized Sleep as much as you can, whenever you can, power naps matters Eat healthy and real food; avoid fast food, soda and snacks Taker long morning or evening walks if weather permits Utilize hotel gym; borrow workout clothes Only drink water; good quality wine with food Take public transportation as it forces you to walk more, by packing light it’s also easier to get around on your own Avoid heavy lunches or dinner; makes you tired, lazy and fat
    12. 12. Meet Cool People Traveling gives you a great opportunity to meet people, both for business and pleasure Utilize social networks and location-based services to meet friends and friends-of-friends Look for interesting meet-ups on and equivalent services or just walk into a bar and start chatting with people Traveling is about people, enjoy widening your mind