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My guest lecture at the Hyper Island Master Class, Los Angeles, April 23, 2010.

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  • My perspective is inside-out.
  • Looking outside in. Perspective inside-out. Only worked for digital companies.

  • Objective, competition, resources, business models, tools, tasks, consumers, channels
  • Understand the space, competitors, tools, techniques, costumers...
  • bake in viral, social and distribution components in your product. Think Hotmail.
  • Wall Street. Gordon Gecko.
  • You got 5-minutes to strategize and come up with a strategy. First team takes one, then leaves four for every round.
  • GTD, iterative, agile, alpha, core functionality, A/B testing
  • Stay frugal, stay confident, stay small
  • "Det dunkelt sagda är det dunkelt tänkta."
  • Get down to the core functionality. What really solves the problem.

  • HTML5, native versus iPhone apps, social graph, video, screencast, community feedback, personas, facebook, channels, meetups
  • Steve Jobs
  • Peal the Onion...

  • The desktop is moving to the cloud.

  • What would you prefer: get referral from PageRank or a friend? Show new Facebook

  • Realtime testing

  • Google Analytics

  • Digital Strategy

    1. 1. Digital Strategy Hyper Island Mater Class, Los Angeles Friday, April 23, 2010 by Per Håkansson
    2. 2. Agenda • About Digital Strategy [10-minutes] • Designing Strategy [15-minutes] • Implementing Strategy [15-minutes] • Insights, Tools & Techniques [30-minutes] • Workshop [60-minutes] • Wrap-up [10-minutes]
    3. 3. Digital Strategy [27,100,000 million Google search query results]
    4. 4. “Digital strategy is beginning to refer to the strategy a company takes to become a digital company, where digital connotes deeper interactions with their customers, more customized and personalized offerings and interactions, data driven decision making, and an organizational models and processes which are more nimble and reactive to changes in the company's environment.” [Wikipedia]
    5. 5. We’re All Strategists In An Ocean Of Decisions [No decision or behavior is made in a vacuum.]
    6. 6. Designing Strategy [If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.]
    7. 7. What’s The Endgame? [Remember Alias?]
    8. 8. Know Thy Playing Field [Audience. Problems. Competitors. Possibilities. Capabilities.]
    9. 9. Create Innovative & Loved Solutions [Nothing else matters. Cool stuff bubbles up.]
    10. 10. Everyday Decisions [Strategy Never Sleeps.]
    11. 11. Strategy Game Twenty-one flags are planted on a field. Two teams are playing. Each team at it’s turn can choose to remove 1 or 2 or 3 flags. The team to take the last flag wins. What’s your team’s strategy? [Two teams. 5-minute strategizing. Short presentation.]
    12. 12. Implementing Strategy [Big ideas and small steps]
    13. 13. Small Teams [Nothing great has come from big teams. What?]
    14. 14. Clear Game Plan [“What is unclearly said is unclearly thought.” - Swedish Proverb]
    15. 15. Prioritize [“Say no to 1,000 things”, Steve Jobs]
    16. 16. Simplify [“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” - Hans Hofman]
    17. 17. GTD [“Do, or do not. There is no try.” - Yoda]
    18. 18. Insights, Tools & Techniques
    19. 19. Prioritize [“Say no to 1,000 things”, Steve Jobs]
    20. 20. Iterative Process [Agile, scrum, startup... anything but waterfall.]
    21. 21. Prototyping [Paper works.]
    22. 22. User-Generated [Inclusion and participation matters.]
    23. 23. Clouding [Share. Collaborate.]
    24. 24. Personas [Know thy audience]
    25. 25. Smart Phones [Proximity and time. Conversation. Permission.]
    26. 26. Social Graph [The social graph is the new SEO]
    27. 27. Applications [Web. Mobile. Cross-platform.]
    28. 28. Alpha [Code, release, code, release, code, release]
    29. 29. Open Source [Add to what already exists, don’t reinvent.]
    30. 30. Analytics [What cannot be measured cannot be improved]
    31. 31. Workshop [Create a concept, plan and strategy for the next generation career discovery and management application. Global audience 18-29 year olds. Global employers. 30-minutes work, 5-minute pitch per group.]
    32. 32. Contact: