Digital Changes Everything


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My guest lecture at the Hyper Island Master Class, Los Angeles, April 23, 2010.

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  • Wouldn’t it be great if we got warned if there was changed ahead?

  • Live in San Francisco with wife and Oliver. Vic 20/64 (commodore) with modem, sent my first email 1986, worked on Hypertalk in 1992, wrote HTML in 1995, traveled across Europe with laptop, PCMCIA card and cell phone, startup Icon Medialab in 1996, Yahoo! in 1999 (London, Europe, Silicon Valley, worked across the world, Blurb in 2006, own projects since 2008, consume all media via the web, no newspapers, TV or radio, no snailmail, only shipped stuff, 10 years deeply rooted in the digital world... hands-on, web worker, product guy
  • 1-minute around the room

  • First connection. UCLA, UCSB, Stanford, University of Utah
  • Ray Tomlinson in 1971, "test messages were entirely forgettable and I have, therefore, forgotten them.", "Don't tell anyone! This isn't what we're supposed to be working on."
  • Tim Berners-Lee, Cern, 1990
  • Marc Andreessen 1993
  • Offline activities ported online. Display advertising. E-commerce. Content. A little community. Portals.
  • Wall Street had enough!
  • Online finding itself. 26% of world’s population. Adwords. Freemium. Participation. User-generated content.
  • “making it possible for the web to "understand" and satisfy the requests of people and machines to use the web content”
  • Let’s discuss a number of areas that have changed during the past 15 years.
  • The last stationary phone will be disconnected in 2020.
  • the global village. usenet. messageboards. groups. mailinglists.
  • news, information, sharing, blogs, newspapers / magazines,
  • everything just a click away, all the world’s knowledge
  • free shipping. product information and description. known products. cd, dvd, books and electronics.
  • mp3, iTunes, Spotify (cloud) <= show
  • 800K Americans watch their TV online. Double in 2010. What happened to Blockbusters? Voddler. UK? Network / cable model. Vodo?
  • Netflix killed Blockbusters. Google killed Yellowpages. Amazon killed the bookstore.

  • On­line: Banners, Campaigns, Search engines, Adwords, E­mail, Mobile, Video, Communities, Blogs, Affiliates, Application, Viral Marketing, Games, Instant Messaging
    Off­line: Tv / Radio, Newspaper, Billboards, Direct marketing

  • sharing data about ourselves.
  • Office. 24/7. Always-on.
  • In Sweden you can check in and board via SMS.
  • SMS (short message service). iPhone changed everything. Location-based services (GPS).
  •, Google Docs, Wikipedia, applications, one world
  • Digital perspectives. 5 groups. 15 minutes to create their story. 3-minutes to present.

    What will the world look like in 10 years => your perspective.

  • Digital Changes Everything

    1. 1. Digital Changes Everything Hyper Island Master Class, Los Angeles Friday April 23, 2010 by Per Håkansson
    2. 2. Agenda • My Story[15-minutes] • Your Stories [30-minutes] • A Quick History [15-minutes] • A Few Cases [30-minutes] • Workshop [30-minutes] • Wrap-up [15-minutes]
    3. 3. MY LONG STORY [A digital life]
    4. 4. YOUR SHORT STORIES [Keep it brief, pleeease!]
    5. 5. A QUICK HISTORY [Perspective is everything]
    6. 6. 10:30pm October 29, 1969
    7. 7. @
    8. 8. WWW
    9. 9. Mosaic
    10. 10. Web 1.0 [From 16 to 304 million users]
    11. 11. Dotcom Bust [From 304 to 558 million users]
    12. 12. Web 2.0 [From 558 to 1,802 million users]
    13. 13. Today [The people-centric, transparent, meritocratic, authentic and mobile web]
    14. 14. A FEW CASES [Everything that changed]
    15. 15. communication [Mail. Message Boards. IM. SMS. VoIP. Blogs. Feeds. Streams. Check-ins.]
    16. 16. community of interest [From dragonslaaayer42 to Per Håkansson.]
    17. 17. content [Edited. Free. Unedited. Personal. Collaborative.]
    18. 18. search [Intent and discovery.]
    19. 19. shopping [From Geek to Giggle.]
    20. 20. music [mp3. Rip. Napster. iPod. iTunes. Spotify.]
    21. 21. movies [mp4. Rip. BitTorrent. iTunes. Netflix. iPod Video. Hulu.]
    22. 22. business models [Technology enables new business models that disrupt markets.]
    23. 23. marketing [One-2-one. Viral. Permission. Baked in.]
    24. 24. advertising [From mass market to individual relevance.]
    25. 25. social networking [Sharing data about yourself and your life. Voluntarily.]
    26. 26. work life [Always on from anywhere. The web is my office.]
    27. 27. travels [Price comparison. Booking. Checking in. Shipping luggage.]
    28. 28. mobile [Where are you? to Here I am.]
    29. 29. co-production [Let the users build the products.]
    30. 30. WORKSHOP [What will the world look like in 2020?]
    31. 31. THE BIG PICTURE [Perspective matters. Adds IQ points.]
    32. 32. Even small steps will eventually change you without you really knowing what happened.
    33. 33. Mega Trends • Living in the cloud; access not ownership • Democratization of work and life • Transparent and authentic brands will win • Awesome products by great people • We live in a flat and meritocratic world • Poverty means lack of connectivity • Small wins over big
    34. 34. Contact: