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Performics Social Media Week 2012 Life on Demand


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Performics Social Media Week 2012 Life on Demand

  1. 1. #LifeonDemand:The New Norms ofSocial EngagementMonday, September 24, 2012 Hosted by:
  2. 2. #LifeonDemandPanelists Daina Middleton Dana Todd Global CEO SVP of Marketing Performics Performics Ed Snider Christina Carlile COO Associate Director, ROI Research Strategy & Analytics Performics
  3. 3. #LifeonDemand
  4. 4. #LifeonDemandActive Social Networkers
  5. 5. #LifeonDemandMen, Women and Parents…
  6. 6. #LifeonDemandDaily Social Networkers
  7. 7. #LifeonDemand Content Preferences• Women more likely to post status updates• Men more likely to post jokes, links and videos• Über users are very active posters and have increases for all types of content• Younger respondents are more likely than older respondents to post most types of content• Compared to moms and other men and women, dads are the most active posters across most types of posts• Dads are also more likely to report increased posting for several types of content
  8. 8. #LifeonDemandMobile Usage
  9. 9. #LifeonDemandTablet Usage
  10. 10. #LifeonDemandSocial Access by Device
  11. 11. #LifeonDemand
  12. 12. #LifeonDemand
  13. 13. #LifeonDemandBrand Engagement
  14. 14. #LifeonDemand
  15. 15. #LifeonDemandResponse Likelihood
  16. 16. #LifeonDemand#LifeonDemand: Inspire Participation
  17. 17. #LifeonDemandStudy Demographics