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Performics Presidential Twitter Toss-up Infographic (#2 Debate Edition)


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Performics Presidential Twitter Toss-up Infographic (#2 Debate Edition)

  1. 1. 2012 PRESIDENTIAL DEBATES # 2 Were still watching the Presidential debates, are you? After political pundits declared Romney the winner of the first debate, Democrats were on the Twitter offense for debate #2. Check out the latest numbers from October 16, 2012. Tweet @performics and tell us who you think is winning the Follow @performics for #twittertossup continuing updates on the 2012 Twitter Toss-up! OBAMA ROMNEY 20,950,127 Total Followers 1,419,206 since debate #1 +447,247 +152,118 since debate #1 671,735 Total Following 273 D E B AT E D AY # 2 45 # of Candidate Tweets 4 debate #1 31 12 debate #1 36,325 Retweets 4,106 of Candidate Tweets 4,708 debate #1 debate #1 50,797 @BarackObama @MittRomney 60,528 @mentions 38,861 debate #1 34,061 23,672 debate #1 #BarackObama #MittRomney 1,316 #hashtags 3,735 From #bindersfullofwomen to #crowleycorrects, the clever quips keep coming. Tweet @performics your favorite hashtag from the debates!Twitter data was analyzed using our proprietarySocialtools. Pages were monitored from Midnight performics.comMonday, October 15th through Midnight blog.performics.comTuesday, October 16th. @performics