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Performics Life on Demand 2012 Brand Infographic


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Performics Life on Demand 2012 Brand Infographic

  1. 1. Life on Demand: performics.comParticipant Behaviors and Social Engagement @performics What Brands Do People Like/Follow? Why Follow Brands? restaurants food 48% 43 % Women are 59% shop thereproduct purchase or more likely to entertainment- 43% Like/follow 45% hope to have inside knowledge or special deals related celebrities apparel 35 % 27% want to be associated with the brand 37% 26% like having a direct relationship with companies/brands 30 % 32%Men are 23% have like it who friends 32 % more likely to sports-related electronics 30% Like/follow 18% work at the company or know someone who does Which Offers Get Responses? How likely are people to respond to an offer from a brand on a social networking site in: 10% 15% 42% 33% A repost from a friend 12% 20% 41% 27% The brands page on the social network 12% 19% 43% 26% News feed 20% 27% 34% 20% An ad on the social network Not at all Not very Somewhat Very likely Engaging Content Users prefer when brands post: Ad-itudes 66% likecan be ads display a countdown until the ad when closed 44% 40% updates status 37% videos 62% prefer seeing a variety of ads, instead of one ad multiple times pictures 36% 35% 30% believe the ads they see are relevant links to jokes/cartoons/ memes articles 30% usually watch theitentire ad, even if they are allowed to closeAll data from Performics 2012 Life on Demand StudyStudy based on 2,000 Americans who visit a social network at least once a dayQuestion? Email