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EL VOZU.S. Hispanic Online                                          2000                                    In a decade’s ...
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Performics Hispanic Online Trends Infographic


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Hispanic Online Trends, in an Infographic from Performics.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Performics Hispanic Online Trends Infographic

  1. 1. EL VOZU.S. Hispanic Online 2000 In a decade’s time 45 NEW HISPANIc Ad AgENcIES LAuNcHEd 1,250 NEW SPANISH-LANguAgE ANd HISPANIc-TARgETEd TELEVISION NETWORkS ON AIR 38 NEW SPANISH-LANguAgE NEWSPAPERS PuT INTO cIRcuLATION October 2011Participation Trends 2010 13.5 M 8. 1 M 31When marketers employ social mediato engage with Hispanics, they turn to %84% FACEBOOK Hispanics on Facebook HISPANICS ON OR62% TWITTER 31 TWITTER 2.5 MiLLion42% YOUTUBE % prefer Spanish and would follow a Twitter profile OR providing Spanish-40% BLOGS 4.2 MILLION Social Media Spanish blog language content. TeleNoticias-LatinoWire Hispanic Social Media Survey ‘11 prefer Spanish and Social Media Spanish blogimpressive Linkedin would be a fan of a page that provides MEDIA E-BOOK READERSHIP DOUBLED PARTICIPATION 6 12growth among Latinos Spanish content. % %1.4 3.1 TO M M 5.9 MILLION June 2010 June 2011 favor English and are more likely to fan a page that provides 75 bilingual % NOVEMBER 2010 – MAY 2011 Hispanics are very likely to own an e-book Ogilvy 360 blog10% NOW USE LINKEDIN English content. projected hispanic 14 11 comScore Social Media Spanish blog % % Buying Power $1.3 Hispanics use their phones for almost every part of the movie-discovery process 72 55 TRILLION % % English Spanish BY 2015 25% only only cu m u L ative increase oF USE THEIR MOBILE DISCUSS THEIR OPINIONS AdAge Hispanic Fact Pact 2011 Iconoculture DEVICES FOR OVERALL ON SOCIAL NETWORKS MOVIE PLANNING AFTER VIEWING A MOVIE Social Media Spanish blog • • @performics