Mobile Search Trends and Best Practices- Dec. 2011


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Mobile Paid & Organic Search Trends and Best Practices from Performics. Data and Tips. Updated Dec. 2011.

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Mobile Search Trends and Best Practices- Dec. 2011

  1. Mobile Search Trends: Dec. 2011
  2. The Mobile Revolution The wireless market is dramatically changing Weekly launches of new devices, new features and new technologies are providing participants with choices they’ve never had to face Since Q1 2011: Global smartphone & tablet shipments have outpaced desktops & laptopsSource: Morgan Stanley Research (2011)
  3. 2010-2015: Smartphone Sales Will Quadruple
  4. Tablets are the Fastest-Selling Consumer Device in History • Tablet sales surpassed netbook sales in Q2 2011 • Global tablet sales will rise 260% YoY to $63 million in 2011 o iPad accounts for 73% • And tablet users will double between 2011 and 2012Sources: Gartner (2011) , comScore, (2011), ABI (2011)
  5. • Tablets continue to cannibalize e- readers & netbooks/laptops in 2011 • Despite owning tablets, people continue to buy gaming devices, MP3 players & smartphonesResolve Market Research (July 2011)
  6. Always Present, Always On • 74 million people in the U.S. already shop from their mobile devices • Nearly half of people have accessed customer reviews and product info while using a mobile device in-store • Nearly17% of mobile users have shown a store clerk a picture of a product on their mobile phoneInMobi (2011); & comScore (2011); Chadwick Martin Bailey (2011); Briabe Media (2011)
  7. Mobile Brings in Big Bucks• U.S. m-commerce sales to grow 91% to $6.7 billion in 2011• By 2015, m-commerce sales will be $31 billion
  8. A Very Mobile Black Friday 2011 • Black Friday shoppers embraced mobile as a research tool for finding in-store & online bargains: • Mobile traffic to online sites tripled YoY (14.3% on Black Friday 2011 vs. 5.6% in 2010) • Mobile sales were 9.8% of total sales vs. 3.2% in 2010 • The iPhone (5.4%) & iPad (4.8%) accounted for 10.2% of all online retail traffic • Conversion rates for iPads were 4.6% vs. 2.8% for mobile overallIBM Coremetrics (Nov. 2011)
  9. Mobile Cyber Monday • 10.8% of people used a mobile device to visit a retailer’s site, up from 3.9 percent in 2010; • iPhone and iPad ranked 1 and 2 for mobile device retail traffic • 4.1% and 3.3% respectively • Shoppers using the iPad drove more retail purchases than any other device with conversion rates reaching 5.2% compared to 4.6% for the iPhoneIBM Coremetrics (Dec. 2011)
  10. The Popularity ofAndroid, iPhone & iPad haveskyrocketed mobile search…
  11. Mobile Search Influences Mobile Shopping 63% of people have changed the way they gather information 75% say mobile search makes their lives easier 32% say they use mobile search more than desktop search 49% of mobile searchers made a mobile purchase in past 6 monthsPerformics & ROI Research 2011 Mobile Insights Study (March 2011)
  12. Attribution: Mobile Search Critical to Driving In-store Traffic and Initiating Leads 40% of mobile searches are local After looking up a business on a smart phone: 61% of users call the business 59% visit the locationGoogle; Performics & ROI Research 2011 Mobile Insights Study (March 2011)
  13. Advertisers have seen tremendousincreases in mobile paid searchimpressions & clicks in 2011, especiallyleading to holiday . . .
  14. Clicks & Impressions Continue to Rise Leading to holiday, mobile clicks skyrocketed • Mobile paid search clicks have steadily risen to 18% of all clicks (desktop + mobile) in Nov. 2011 All-time highs for holiday: • All-time mobile clicks & impressions peaked on Black Friday • Black Friday mobile clicks were up almost 400% YoY • Black Friday clickshare (i.e. desktop + mobile) was 23% on Black Friday 2011 vs. 10% on Black Friday 2010* Based on Performics’ aggregate client base; Google AdWords (Content & Search Partners excluded) (Dec. 2011)
  15. We predict that mobile will make up 28.7% of all paid search clicks in Dec. 2011* Based on Performics’ aggregate client base; Google AdWords (Content & Search Partners excluded) (Dec. 2011)
  16. Brands that tailor advertising to support tablets will achieve a first-mover advantage Tablets Now as tablets increase in popularity Drive 34% of Total Mobile Search Impressions • For some Performics clients, this number is actually approaching 50%* Based on Performics’ aggregate client base; Google AdWords (Content & Search Partners excluded) (Dec. 2011)
  17. Mobile Ad Spending Primed to Explode • U.S. marketers will invest almost $4.4 billion in mobile advertising by 2015 • Mobile search will comprise nearly 22% of ad spend in 2012* eMarketer (Nov. 2011)
  18. But Mobile Paid Search Is Still a Bargain • Smartphone CPCs remain about 40% less than desktop CPCs • In Nov., tablet CPCs surpassed desktop CPCs, peaking at 20% higher than desktop* Based on Performics’ aggregate client base; Google AdWords (Content & Search Partners excluded) (Nov. 2011)
  19. “Mobile volumes and CTR aregrowing, while PPC prices are belowdesktop levels. This suggests a buyingopportunity.”SearchEngineLand (July 2011)
  20. Advertisers can also increase visibilitythrough mobile organic search,but face some challenges . . .
  21. Organic Mobile Search is Splintered• Searchers are tapping through GOOGLE GOOGLE SERPs and dedicated maps platforms SERP MAPS APP• Using succinct queries (40% with local intent)• Across different platforms• Yielding a blend of traditional results and highly localized results
  22. And the Local Ecosystem Itself is No Cake…
  23. So What Are We Going to Do About It? Provide you with 7 essential steps to ensure your mobile search campaign is connecting to and engaging your participant
  24. Seven Steps Paid Search: Paid Search: Separate Paid Search: Paid/Organic: Focus onDesktop, Mobile, & Distinctively Optimize Govern the small Location, Location, LTablets Into Unique Tablet Campaigns SERP ocation! Campaigns Paid Search: SEO: SEO: Build & Optimize Integrate SEO and Build & Optimize SEO Mobile Landing Local Landing Pages Pages
  25. Desktop, Mobile, & Tablets = Unique Campaigns • Separate campaigns guarantee stronger results o Mobile-only campaigns perform 11.5% better on average than hybrid desktop-mobile campaigns (per Google (2011)) • Create tightly themed ad groups per device 1 2 3
  26. Distinctively Optimize PS Tablet Campaigns • Bid o Because tablet users can scroll with a gesture, they’re more likely to peruse search results and click further down the page o Adjust bid strategy accordingly • Copy o Gear copy & sitelinks to tablet users (i.e. “purchase now from your tablet”) • Landing Pages o Tablet screen size & browsers are more like desktops than smartphones o Drive tablet traffic to desktop or tablet-specific landing pages o Avoid Flash (iPad doesn’t render Flash)
  27. Create Big Opportunities on a Small SERP • The small mobile SERP is much easier to dominate than desktop 5 Steps to Dominance: 1. Bid for positions 1 or 2 2. Take up nearly ¼ of page by adding sitelinks 1. Location extensions, hyper local formats or offers 2. Click-to-call/click to download 3. Optimize for natural search
  28. Location, Location, Location in Paid Search • Mobile-User Nuances: o Looking for a store location, phone # o Product review or comparison while shopping o Social recommendations & deals, geo check-ins and click to call Google’s Location Insertion: 1. Create ads that have the location inserted in the description (i.e. Get The Best Deals On X in {city}). 2. Ensure default city name works logically in copy 3. Keep copy below max character length to allow for cities with long names
  29. Build & Optimize Mobile Paid Landing Pages • People are 51% more likely to purchase from retailers that have mobile-specific websites • Web retailers could increase • Simplicity engagement by 85% with a mobile- o Keep site layout simple specific website o Use minimalistic, clean code o Keep images scarce o Simplify conversion path • Usability o Optimize navigation with touch-friendly elements o Limit scrolling to one direction o Avoid pop-ups o Avoid Flash and javascript o Avoid redirectsMobile Shopper Session at NRF 2011
  30. Integrate Mobile & Local SEO • Optimize mobile site hierarchy & user experience to guide conversions • Leverage traditional site SEO efforts to increase SEO visibility across platforms • Generate new, qualified traffic from mobile and local keywords • Deliver relevant local results across organic search and map listings
  31. Create “SEO On-the-Go” Landing Pages 1. Build a mobile version of your site or use CSS to feed mobile content to users 2. Leverage your native site’s current search visibility by way of either CSS or canonical tags plus user agent redirection 3. Keep mobile pages succinct, lean, and fast 4. Ensure local information is readily and easily available unique mobile features like location detection and filtration 5. Avoid using pixel and absolute rendering; use percentage or relative instead 6. Provide users an opt-out of the mobile experience to access your full native site 7. Use an easy, fast payment system to secure conversions
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