Industry updates on key mobile trends 7 13 12


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Industry updates on key mobile trends 7 13 12

  1. 1. Industry updates on key mobile trendsWEEK ENDING 7/13/2012 1
  2. 2. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 7/13/2012Mobile Trends Android has a bigger U.S. market share than all other mobile operating systems combined, according to a new report by Nielsen. – Nielsen’s research shows that 51.8% of smartphone owners in the U.S. use an Android handset. Apple’s iOS has a 34.3% market share, and the rest is divided between RIM’s BlackBerry (8.1%) and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 platforms (4.3%). – We’ll keep an eye on how these numbers will change after two extremely important devices hit the market around fall: Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Apple’s upcoming iPhone. Mobile payments are continuing their popularity, with 34% of survey respondents having made a purchase using their mobile phone compared to 19% a year ago, according to a new report from IDC. Report highlights include: – 56% have used PayPal Mobile, 41.2% have used Amazon Payments, 39.6% have used iTunes, 21.3% have used Google Wallet and 20.1% have used MasterCard MoneySend. – Over 40% of those who have used a phone to make a purchase said they did so via contactless payments. A new Forrester Research report predicted that 6.8% of all European web sales will stem from mobile phones in 2017. – Mobile commerce through mobile phones, excluding tablets, will represent 6.8% of all online sales across Europe by 2017, reaching 19.25 billion euro, or $23.49 billion 2
  3. 3. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 7/13/2012Mobile Trends (cont.) Chitika Insights analyzed the range of tablet screen sizes in the context of mobile ads. The goal was to determine whether tablet screen size influences user browsing behavior, as well as the likelihood of clicking on an ad. The study found: – 8-inch screen, such as Vizio and Pantech, have the highest likelihood for their users to engage and click on advertisements. – The 8.9 inch tablets such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and the Archos 9 had the second highest click through rates with the second lowest rate of Web usage rates. – The iPad lead the 9.7% tablet category to a 1.02% click through rate. The iPad made up over 90% of Chitikas tablet traffic data in their ad network. More mobile shoppers are starting their trips at affiliate sites. – Affiliate Window, which links content sites such as blogs or community sites, to online retailers in order to generate sales and traffic, says mobile traffic accounted for 12.63% of all traffic from its affiliate sites to its retailer clients’ sites in June, up from 10.94% in May. 3