Industry updates on key mobile trends 3 01 13


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Industry updates on key mobile trends 3 01 13

  1. 1. Industry updates on key mobile trendsWEEK ENDING 3/01/2013 1
  2. 2. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 3/01/2013Mobile Trends A new study by Ipsos MediaCT and the IAB suggests shoppers are clearly showrooming when it comes to consumer electronics, but that use of mobile phones in stores also leads to in-store sales. Key findings include: – 42% of people who were using their phones while shopping ultimately made their purchase online, a full 30% did so in the store. – Mobile-equipped shoppers were also more likely to make an unplanned purchase: 32% in-store compared to 22% online. – Among mobile-wielding shoppers, 42% spent over $1,000 while in stores in the last six months, compared to only 21% of those who didnt use their devices in-store. – 65% of in-store mobile users said consulting their device made them more likely to buy a product. 2
  3. 3. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 3/01/2013Mobile Trends (cont.) comScore recently released a “2013 Mobile Future in Focus” report, which highlights trends that have shaped mobile media consumption and shifted market dynamics across mobile networks, platforms, and OEMs. Report highlights include: – Multi-Platform Dynamics Shape the ‘Brave New Digital World’ – With smartphones surpassing 125 million U.S. consumers and tablets now owned by more than 50 million, we have crossed into the Brave New Digital World – a new paradigm of digital media fragmentation in which consumers are always connected. – Samsung Makes a Splash in Smartphone OEM Market – While Apple maintains a healthy lead over #2 Samsung, the gap has been steadily narrowing during a year in which the rivalry heated up between the two smartphone OEM leaders. – High-Speed Mobile Connectivity Has Unleashed Mobile Content Consumption – The improved availability of high-speed Internet access has significantly enhanced the average user’s media consumption experience, contributing to a rapid uptick in mobile media consumption. 3
  4. 4. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 3/01/2013Mobile Trends (cont.) A new InMobi study reveals that 59% of global mobile web users are now as comfortable with mobile advertising as they are with TV or online advertising. Study highlights include: – Mobile interactions increasingly influence buying behaviour: – 50% of the average global mobile web user now uses mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online. – Mobile advertising’s proving to be effective across the entire purchase funnel: – 75% of respondents admitted they’d been introduced to something new via their mobile device. – 46% said they had made purchases using their mobile device & 45% said it has influenced their in-store purchases. – Ad format preferences are emerging for different user segments: – Globally, 54% of users discover mobile ads via apps, 40% on a search engine, 27% on a retailer website and 23% on a video website. 4