Industry updates on key mobile trends 12 21 12


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Industry updates on key mobile trends 12 21 12

  1. 1. Industry updates on key mobile trendsWEEK ENDING 12/21/2012 1
  2. 2. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 12/21/2012Mobile Trends Facebook is expected to generate $339 million in mobile ad revenue this year, and is also expected to have an 18.4 percent share of mobile ad display revenue for the year compared with Googles 17 percent, according to a new eMarketer study. Foursquare recommendations will now show activities by your Facebook friends and recommend venues using your Facebook friends’ data. – Tips your friends have written, photos they’ve taken, and venues they’ve liked are some of the updates that you’ll see accompanying recommended venues in the “Explorer” tab. Behind the scenes, what Foursquare is doing with the update is using your Facebook friends’ data – check-ins, tips, photos, likes – to refine your recommendations based on your their interests. As always, all of your check-ins needs to be approved by you before being published to Facebook. – Outside platforms are taking more and more notice of Foursquare’s social data. Evernote has baked the product into its revamped Food app to power venue recommendation, and Apple is making moves to integrate Foursquare into its maps service 2
  3. 3. TOP MOBILE & TABLET ACTIVITY – WEEK ENDING 12/21/2012Mobile Trends (cont.) Local search provider and online ad network YP has released its end of the year review report. YP says that 30% of its overall search query volume and lookups now come from mobile devices. Report highlights include: – The highest local-mobile search growth on its network came from Android devices and the iPad. o The number of iPad searches grew 233% compared to the prior year. Searches on Android devices increased 205%. – Searches are influenced by a number of seasonal factors including holidays, newsworthy events, weather changes and more. Out of the 4,600 categories on the YPSM Local Ad Network, 39% experience some degree of seasonality, where their peak weeks of business see at least 2-3x their usual search traffic. o The “New Year’s resolution” categories such as Personal Fitness, Heath Clubs and Gymnasiums all see peak search traffic during the winter months. The summer months bring peaks for outdoor and recreational activities such as Public Pools and Boat Charters. Consumers begin to plan their construction and renovation projects in the Spring (Construction Estimates, Contractors, Financing Consultants) and undertake them in the Fall (Plumbing, Cabinet Refacing, Electrical Contractors, Moving Services). 3