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Facebook Offers & Mobile Newsfeed- Retailer Case Study


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One of Performics’ large retail clients sought to promote sales using multiple Facebook ad opportunities. Through the Facebook Offers product in mobile, Performics drove a 4.4 times greater offer-claim-rate than in desktop. Mobile placements also saw a 48% decrease in cost-per-offer over desktop placements.

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Facebook Offers & Mobile Newsfeed- Retailer Case Study

  1. 1. OFFERS Performance Case StudyLarge retail client looking to promote sale usingmultiple Facebook ad opportunities – specificallythe Facebook Offers product in the Mobile spaceAPPROACH • Promote sale using new Facebook offers product • Segment Newsfeed (Desktop and Mobile) placements from ‘All’ placement category • Use Facebook Marketplace and Premium ads to magnify brand presence on multiple placements in the Facebook ad space • Create Offer post on client Timeline to encourage organic awareness to Fans and Non-Fans • 26% of Budget was allocated to Mobile Newsfeed, but the placements accounted for 39.4% of total Offer ClaimsGOALS • Drive offer claims • Magnify offer awareness • Gain Facebook placement insights to apply to upcoming Facebook initiativesSTRATEGY • Test new Newsfeed Mobile and Desktop placements. Use ‘All’ placement category to determine efficacy of placement targeting breakouts • Mobile Newsfeed placements had an Offer Claim rate 24x ‘All’ Placement breakout and 3x Desktop Newsfeed • Target Fans, Friends of Connections, and Non-Fans to test engagement and offer claim rate across multiple connections targets • Aggressively optimize ads on placement, age, gender and connection to maximize cost effectivenessRESULTS • Marketplace Page Post Offer ads drove 27% of total Offers claimed (13,267) • Mobile Newsfeed placements accounted for 39.4% of total Offers claimed at a 4.4x greater Offer Claim Rate • Fans were cheaper to reach per Offer Claim, but there was than Desktop Newsfeed only a 2% lift in Offer Claim rate for Fans vs. Non-Fans • Mobile Newsfeed placements saw a 48% decrease in Cost per Offer over Desktop Newsfeed placements • Additional 10,889 Page Engagements were recorded 45% of North America users “Like” a brand resulting in a $0.91 avg. Cost per Engagement to receive discounts or special offers* *Digital Coupons Rival Print Counterparts in Effectiveness, EMarketer, April 18 2012