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Performics Uncovers New SEOOpportunities for Retailer Client;                                                             ...
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Case Study: Uncovering Link Building Opportunities; Boosting Search Rankings for a Retailer


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Link building, SEO for retailers

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Case Study: Uncovering Link Building Opportunities; Boosting Search Rankings for a Retailer

  1. 1. Performics Uncovers New SEOOpportunities for Retailer Client; case studyBoosts Rankings by PrioritizingLink Building Efforts Challenge A Performics retailer client with thousands of URLs for a variety of products sought to boost organic rankings for pages most likely to drive traffic and revenue. Solution Performics recommended link building to increase organic rank for the client’s most important pages. Our link building solution started by prioritizing which pages to focus on. After (1) prioritizing and optimizing mission critical sections of the site and (2) focusing on pages for new brand launches, new product launches and seasonal initiatives, it was time to prioritize the next group of pages. Performics sought to determine which pages would generate the highest return on link building energy. Using a proprietary tool, Performics uncovered a group of high search volume, high profit keywords that the client was ranking for on Google’s second page (i.e. 11–20). Matching keywords to URLs, we created a list of 24 pages to build links to. We then built relevant links to these newly-prioritized pages without making on-page/technical optimizations to the client’s site. Note: While making the new list high priority, there was no lost link building effort around seasonal initiatives or new brand/product launches. Results After six weeks of building links to these “2nd Page” URLs, we realized substantial rankings increases on Google for a number of pages likely to drive traffic and revenue for the client: Keyword Phrase MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUME position increase bath accessories 5,400 15 little black dresses 5,400 12 mens jeans 14,800 9 womans plus size activewear 110 9 swimwear for women 2,400 8 big and tall 49,500 7 juniors swimwear 1,600 7 home electronics 73 7 maternity clothes 165,000 6 womens casual pants 210 6 costume jewelry 22,200 6 clearance jewelry 880 6 womens activewear 880 5 womens blouses 1,600 5 mens bootcut jeans 880 4 long skirts 8,100 4 framed art 8,100 3 Paris Hilton perfume 6,600 3 maternity clothing 6,600 3 mens clothes 8,100 2 dress shirts for men 3,600 2 party dresses for juniors 1,900 2 slipcovers 27,100 1 • • @performics