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  1. 1. THE 2009 Insights and Ideas to Transform the Federal Workforce July 15-17, 2009 | Washington, DC PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS: • Emphasize the central role of technology to achieve citizen transparency and satisfaction • Develop and maintain a collaborative, efficient and secure infrastructure • Utilize new technology to promote an ongoing dialogue between citizens and their government Event Host: Official Media Sponsor:
  2. 2. WHO What is Innovations in SHOULD Government? ATTEND: • Chief Technology The start of the Obama Administration brings with it unprecedented Officers citizen expectations. The promises of the campaign and the mandate for change are a call to government managers for transformation. In • Chief Information this new economic landscape, it is innovations in government that will Officers deliver results to the American people. InnoGov.org is the platform for sharing these innovations. • Deputy CTOs and CIOs A product of the leading good government groups, InnoGov.org is a collection of forums, research and recommendations to bring • IT Managers insight and transformation to the federal government. Our goal is to centralize the importance of performance, accountability and • IT Directors transparency in government. Our task is to disseminate the leading best practices to government managers. Our promise is to help you • IT Security Officers build the capacity to serve and defend our citizens. • Government Contractors “Change and reform can’t IT IS just be election-year slogans. They must become fundamental principles TIME of government.” ... to Lead PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA ... to Strengthen Organizational Capacity ... to Assess the Use EVENT HOST of Contractors in Called “the leading think tank in performance measurement for government” on OMB’s ExpectMore.gov, The Performance Government Work Institute has been a leader in Performance Management Training and Policy since the 2000 administration transition. ... for Collaboration As part of the Performance Coalition, a group of good government associations, the Institute worked in 2000 to deliver recommendations to the then-new administration on what would between Agencies become the President’s Management Agenda. The Performance Institute has published several research reports regarding performance management initiatives and trains over 10,000 ... for Accountability to government managers per year on performance-based topics. Dedicated to improving citizen services and taxpayer transparency, the Institute uses a best-practices foundation to deliver the the People most effective and tested methodologies for improving performance. ... for Innovative Solutions OFFICIAL MEDIA SPONSOR to Workforce Challenges Federal News Radio is a primary source for news and information about the business of the federal government for federal managers and contractors. Both on-air and online, WFED explains the IT IS TIME FOR complicated world of the federal government and provides the most CHANGE. ARE relevant and topical news – in plain language – in a timely and accessible manner. Federal News Radio can be heard on 1500 AM in the DC Metro, 820 AM in Frederick and worldwide at YOU READY? FederalNewsRadio.com.
  3. 3. AGENDA AT-A-GLANCE Federal Techonology Policy Forum Day One: Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast KEYNOTE ADDRESS: A Vision for Transparent and Open Government 8:30 9:30 Leadership Panel: Citizen Transparency in the 21st Century 10:45 Break and Refreshments 11:00 Roadmap to Collaboration Across Government 12:00 Lunch Break 1:00 Government 2.0: Leverage Social Networks in Government 2:00 Cyber Security: Secure the Nation’s Public and Private Information Networks 3:00 Break and Refreshments 3:15 Understand Privacy Protections for the Digital Age 4:15 Day One Adjourns Day Two: Thursday, July 16, 2009 7:30 Continental Breakfast KEYNOTE ADDRESS: A Time to Lead: Utilize IT to Realize Agency Strategy 8:30 9:30 Leadership Panel: Strategic IT: Acquire and Manage your Departments IT 10:45 Break and Refreshments 11:00 Overcome Budgetary Challenges to Fund Necessary IT Projects and Programs 12:00 Lunch Break 1:00 Improve Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency: ‘Greening’ Your IT Department 2:00 Increase Transparency Between Agencies: The Advantages of Cloud Computing 3:00 Break and Refreshments 3:15 Improve Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency: Understand Office Virtualization 4:15 Day Two Adjourns Post-Conference Workshops: Friday, July 17, 2009 8:00 Workshop Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:30 WORKSHOP A: Project Management for IT: WORKSHOP B: Validate your IT Project Spending: Manage and Control Complex Projects Build Stronger Cases and Budget Justifications 12:00 Workshop B Adjourns/ Lunch Break 3:00 Workshop A Adjourns www.InnoGOV.org
  4. 4. DAY ONE Wednesday, July 15, 2009 7: 30 Conference Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:30 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: A Vision for Transparent and Open Government Obama’s vision of creating a new level of transparency, accountability and participation for American citizens begins today. No longer will government be viewed as being secretive and closed off to the public. But in order to transfer the mindset of all Americans to look at the federal government as being open and transparent, a vision must be clearly laid out and defined. This is a main objective of the administration and this keynote address will present an outline of what needs to be done in order to begin moving forward and make this vision a reality. 9:30 LEADERSHIP PANEL: Citizen Transparency in the 21st Century The Obama Administration understands the immense transformative power of technology and innovation. Innovation offers tools that can create real change in government and revolutionize the way we view transparency. Improving civilian transparency is a main objective of the administration because greater access to government information benefits the country by sustaining an informed citizenry, aiding government decision makers and supporting the economy. This leadership panel will discuss a variety of ways you can improve citizen transparency in your agency today and set a precedent for transparency in the 21st century. John M. Kamensky Senior Fellow of the IBM Center for The Business of Government Formerly the Deputy Director of Vice President Gore’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government 10:45 Break and Refreshments “I would recommend this conference to a colleague because the subject matter was very informative.” ” PATRICIA POOLE, Centers for Disease Control www.InnoGOV.org
  5. 5. DAY ONE CONTINUED Wednesday, July 15, 2009 11:00 2:00 Roadmap to Collaboration Across Government Cyber Security: Secure the Nation’s Public and Private Information Networks Introducing platforms for more conductive and constant two-way communications between our federal agencies is On July 16th, 2008, President Obama laid out his vision imperative to improving communication and collaboration for securing our nations information network, “We will across government. The technology is readily available coordinate efforts across the federal government, implement for inter-agency dialogue to begin so a roadmap for a truly national cyber security policy and tighten standards to collaboration must be created. During this session you secure information from the networks that power the federal will learn how to evolve your website into a mechanism for governments to the networks that you use in your personal collaboration, innovation and engagement between other lives. During this session you will learn about the dangerous agencies as well as other means of increasing cooperation. security and privacy risks that surround the use of cutting edge technology and discover how the new administration aims to strengthen federal leadership on cyber security. • Examine the technical standards that need to be put in 12:00 place to protect the national infrastructure Lunch Break • Develop a collaborative approach to improve the public awareness about cyber security 1:00 • Learn how to better protect sensitive computer Government 2.0: Leverage Social Networks networks and information in Government Jaren P. Doherty Advancing government IT in order to improve the delivery Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary of services to taxpayers successfully, efficiently and quickly Office of Cyber Security, Department of Veterans Affairs has never been such a high priority for an incoming administration. The technology and tools are beginning to 3:00 become available for agencies to implement. This session Break and Refreshments will help you understand how to utilize social networks in your agency efficiently and how you can make the most of 3:15 technology to achieve your strategic goals. Understand Privacy Protections for the Digital Age • Discover various approaches that will help shape your The importance of technical and physical safeguarding government 2.0 strategies of personal information has become more important in • Leverage growing citizen influence to help shape today’s technologically advanced world. In recent years, agency tactics advances in computer technology have made it possible • Understand the promise and practice of wikis infuse for detailed information about people to be compiled and innovation into the business of delivering services shared more easily. Despite the numerous benefits of this, as personal information become’s more accessible certain precautions to protect against the misuse of our information and cyber terrorism muse be taken. During this session you will learn the importance of privacy protections and the best way to prepare for the digital age. • Develop metrics for assessing your systems’ security • Meet the needs of the public while keeping your IT safe and secure • Improve government transparency and reinvigorate civic engagement while ensuring the security of your network 4:15 Day One Adjourns www.InnoGOV.org
  6. 6. DAY TWO Thursday, July 16, 2009 7:30 Continental Breakfast 8:30 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: A Time to Lead: Utilize IT to Realize Agency Strategy Today’s managers in IT are accountable not only for using technology to enable government processes but also for helping shape the strategic direction of their organizations and improving results to the taxpayer. During this session we will examine the role of government IT managers and learn about the latest trends and technologies to become less a technologist and more an agency business leader and strategic partner. 9:30 LEADERSHIP PANEL: Strategic IT: Acquire and Manage your Departments IT The Internet, the human genome project…the federal government has a successful track record as a leader in developing world-changing technologies. However, for the federal government to be the leader in information technology again, we must drastically improve the lagging contracting process. The outdated acquisition model does not allow for implementation of technology at the speed of innovation. Too often, government technology is outdated by the time of implementation. This leadership panel will discuss the barriers to innovation, ideas for solving them and how the government can be a leader in technology again. 10:45 Break and Refreshments “This was a really good conference with great speakers.” CECILIA FLETCHER, National Aeronautic Space Administration www.InnoGOV.org
  7. 7. DAY TWO CONTINUED Thursday, July 16, 2009 11:00 2:00 Overcome Budgetary Challenges to Fund Increase Transparency Between Agencies: The Necessary IT Projects and Programs Advantages of Cloud Computing The unstable economy is affecting not only the lives Interest in cloud computing has increased among of many Americans but also the budgets of numerous government agencies that see it as a way to cut costs, agencies. Being smart and using ones limited resources increasing storage and allow for IT department to shift and budgets wisely and effectively can go a long way focus no longer having to worry about constant server and make a huge difference. Funding the necessary IT updates and other computing issues. This would allow projects and ending under budget has never been more for governmental organizations to be free to concentrate important. During this session you will learn how to best on innovation and process improvement. This session approach fiscal challenges in your office by using various will help you understand the rewards of this new method technologies, tools, processes and techniques. and how to begin implementing it in your office today. • Cloud computing provides reliable service and requires David M. Hollis fewer internal resources Director of Cyberspace Programs in the Office of the • Store more data than on private computer systems Secretary of Defense Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for • Learn to combat with the possible security and privacy Information and Identity Assurance risks cloud computing presents 12:00 3:00 Lunch Break Break and Refreshments 1:00 3:15 Improve Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency: Improve Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency: ‘Greening’ Your IT Department Understand Office Virtualization Rising energy costs, an economic downturn and Virtualization along with green data centers has driven down environmental awareness have prompted a search for many costs such as power, cooling, and created more efficiency and cost reductions. The new Administration office space but with these benefits come new security is investing heavily in moving the federal government challenges we must address. Understanding the true further along the “green” spectrum and reducing the value of virtualization and the benefits it can bring to your amount of energy used by information technology agency is part of the transformation needed to modernize hardware. This session will help you understand the federal IT. This session will examine the new threats and rewards of “green computing” and help guide your outline strategies for securely adopting virtualization without agency to comply with federal mandates. preventing the innovation and flexibility it offers. • Learn how environmentally sensitive and fiscally • Discover the virtualization fundamentals and how to responsible greening your computer operations can begin implementing these changes in your agency truly be • Securely adopt virtualization without limiting the • Create a plan of action for your agencies flexibility it offers green endeavors • Best practices and strategies for securely adopting • Discover how government agencies are reducing their virtualization carbon footprints in order to comply with the mandate for federal agencies to reduce energy consumption by 30% by 2015 4:15 Conference Adjourns www.InnoGOV.org
  8. 8. POST- CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS Friday, July 17, 2009 Workshops are designed to be an interactive way for participants to learn the latest management techniques in order to implement them in their workplace. The workshops provide a platform to learn practical applications of current best practices. Space in these comprehensive workshops is limited, so be sure to reserve your seat today. 8:00 Workshop Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:30 WORKSHOP A Project Management for IT: Manage and Control Complex Projects With increasing complexity and growing dollar thresholds, government IT projects are inherently high-risk. This potentially devastating impact on federal government performance has triggered the need to implement sound project management competencies. Furthermore, many agencies require project manager skills for employment and career advancement. This workshop will deliver an in-depth look at necessary IT project management competencies being used today. Each competency is aligned with essential IT project management functional areas, resulting in a knowledgeable project manager capable of delivering in all areas of an IT project. • Define Project Goals and Successfully Complete Government Project Requirements • Track and manage projects with greater accuracy • Master the process of closing and executing projects Steve Callahan The Performance Institute 8:30 WORKSHOP B Validate your IT Project Spending: Build Stronger Cases and Budget Justifications Reacting to ever-increasing budget constraints, many agencies must justify IT funding against mission goals and project benchmarks. Being able to validate your spending on certain projects of extreme relevance is becoming more valuable and beneficial to your agency. This workshop will help you develop IT business cases or implement a budget justification framework for your agency that aligns IT investments with tangible results for the taxpayer. • Develop a proposal for business change that is justified in terms of costs and benefits • Learn how to map out the reasons for your project, the costs of your project and the expected risks • Ensure that your business case is justified, evaluated and prioritized 12:00 Lunch / Workshop B Adjourns 3:00 Workshop A Adjourns “The presenters were extremely knowledgeable.” DIANE GELBURD, National Resources Conservation Service www.InnoGOV.org
  9. 9. Bring Training to Your Agency One of the more popular vehicles for accessing the Institute’s educational offerings is the delivery of on-site trainings and management facilitations. Bringing a training or facilitation in-house gives you the opportunity to customize a program that addresses your exact challenges and provides a To ensure professional success, more personal learning experience, while virtually eliminating travel expenses. you must continually expand your Whether you require training for your department or for an organization-wide skills and education. The bar initiative, the advanced learning methods employed by The Performance has been raised in government Institute will create an intimate training atmosphere that maximizes knowledge agencies and organizations, and transfer to enhance the talent within your organization. managers want to hire, promote and work with the most skilled CUSTOMIZATION individuals possible. We realize that not all obstacles can be overcome by applying an “off-the- shelf solution.” While many training providers will offer you some variation of To address this need, the Institute their standard training, The Performance Institute’s subject matter experts offers a Certificate in Government will work with you and your team to examine your programs and determine Performance Management. Attend your exact areas of need. The identification of real life examples will create a the three “core” courses and an learning atmosphere that resonates with participants while at the same time additional three “elective” courses providing immediate return on your training investment. Using interactive based on the topics that meet your exercises that employ actual projects or scenarios from your organization, agency’s unique needs. The skills you instructors can address specific challenges and align the curriculum of acquire will then be used to complete each session to your objectives. While the majority of on-site trainings are a “capstone project” on a particular focused on smaller groups, The Performance institute also has the ability issue that you and our department to accommodate organizational-wide training initiatives. Utilizing multiple are facing, which will then be instructors, The Institute has the capacity to deliver courses to groups of up to evaluated by an expert member of 300 participants per day. our staff. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Benefits of Certification: On-site delivery of single courses, certification programs and entire ADVANCE YOUR CAREER packages of specialized courses are available in the following areas: Education and professional • Strategic Planning certification are becoming necessary • Performance Measurement for promotion and requirements for coveted positions. In the Certified • Project Management Government Performance Manager • Lean Six Sigma program, you will acquire the skills • Workforce Management and tools to make you the lead • Performance-Based Budgeting performance management resource for your organization. • Performance-Based Contracting • Performance Reporting MEET NEW CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS To hold a position • Program Evaluation as a performance manager in • Administrative Management government you must demonstrate • Leadership and Change compliance with new skills sets required by OMB and Congress. For more information about in-house training options available to you, Receiving your certificate is one key please contact Jennifer Mueller at 703-894-0481 x 217 or email her at way to demonstrate your skills. Mueller@PerformanceWeb.org. CUSTOMIZE A PROGRAM TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Working with Institute training managers, you can select courses that will have direct application and impact to your work. For more information about certification, please contact Damian Wingate at 703-894-0481 or email him at Wingate@PerformanceWeb.org
  10. 10. LOGISTICS & REGISTRATION Venue: Tuition: The Federal Technology Policy Forum will be held at The The tuition rate for the Federal Technology Policy Forum is as Performance Institute in Arlington, VA, just one block east of the follows: Courthouse Metro stop on the Orange Line. A public parking Offerings for On-site Early Bird Regular garage is located just inside of the building. Government Rate* Rate Employees The Performance Institute 1515 North Courthouse Rd., Suite 600 Policy Forum $899 $699 $799 Arlington, VA 22201 Workshop A: Full-Day $650 $550 $599 703-894-0481 Workshop www.PerformanceWeb.org Workshop B: Half-Day $450 $350 $399 Workshop Hotel: A limited number of rooms have been reserved at the Arlington Offerings for Private On-site Early Bird Regular Rosslyn Courtyard by Marriott at the prevailing rate of $209 until Sector Employees Rate* Rate June 15. This rate is based on the Government Per Diem and is Policy Forum $1,299 $999 $1,099 subject to change. Please call the hotel directly and reference code Workshop A: Full-Day $850 $750 $799 “Federal Technology Policy Forum” when making reservations to Workshop get the discounted rate. The hotel is conveniently located three blocks from the Rosslyn Metro station. Please ask the hotel about Workshop B: Half-Day $650 $550 $599 a complimentary shuttle that is also available for your convenience. Workshop *For the Early Bird Rate, register before May 5, 2009. Arlington Rosslyn Courtyard by Marriott 1533 Clarendon Blvd. Group Discounts: Arlington, VA 22209 Phone: 703-528-2222 For more information on group discounts for the Federal Phone: 1-800-321-2211 Technology Policy Forum, please contact Melvin Hall at www.courtyardarlingtonrosslyn.com 703-894-0481 or email him at Hall@PerformanceWeb.org. Cancellation Policy Quality Assurance For live events: The Performance Institute will provide a full refund less $399 The Performance Institute strives to provide you with the most productive and administration fee for cancellations four weeks before the event. If cancellation occurs effective educational experience possible. If after completing the course you feel there within two weeks prior to conference start date, no refund will be issued. Registrants is some way we can improve, please write your comments on the evaluation form who fail to attend and do not cancel prior to the event will be charged the entire provided upon your arrival. Should you feel dissatisfied with your learning experience registration fee. and wish to request a credit or refund, please submit it in writing no later than 10 business days after the end of the training to: For webinars: The Performance Institute will provide a full refund less $50 administrative fee for cancellations four weeks before the event. If cancellation The Performance Institute: Quality Assurance occurs within two weeks prior to conference start date, no refund will be issued. 1515 N. Courthouse Road, Suite 600 Registrants who fail to attend and do not cancel prior to the meeting will be charged Arlington, VA 22201 the entire registration fee. Note: As speakers are confirmed six months before the event, some speaker All the cancellation requests need to be made online. Your confirmation email contains changes or topic changes may occur in the program. The Performance Institute is links to modify or cancel registrations. Please note that the cancellation is not final until not responsible for speaker changes, but will work to ensure a comparable speaker is you receive a written confirmation. located to participate in the program. Payment must be secured prior to the conference. If payment is not received by If for any reason The Performance Institute decides to cancel this conference, The the conference start date, a method of payment must be presented at the time of Performance Institute accepts no responsibility for covering airfare, hotel or other registration in order to guarantee your participation at the event. costs incurred by registrants, including delegates, sponsors and guests. Discounts • All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts must require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount. • Any discounts offered whether by The Performance Institute (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. • All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer. • Discounts cannot be applied retroactively www.InnoGOV.org
  11. 11. LOGISTICS & Registration Form for the REGISTRATION Federal Technology Policy Forum TO REGISTER Call 703-894-0481 Fax this form to: 703-894-0482 or Visit www.InnoGOV.org Yes! Register me for the Federal Technology Policy Forum InnoGOV Yes! Register me for the Federal Technology Policy Forum and Workshop (choose one) A B Sponsorship Please call me. I am interested in a special group discount for my team As a public policy think tank NAME TITLE and training provider, The Performance Institute is an expert ORGANIZATION DEPT. in bringing together leaders to share and discuss best practices ADDRESS and innovations. We connect decision-makers with respected CITY STATE ZIP solution providers. InnoGOV.org offers several TELEPHONE FAX sponsorship options: • Policy Forums EMAIL • Deluxe Event Sponsor Method of Payment: Check • Event Sponsor Credit Card • Premium Exhibit Booth Sponsor Purchase Order/Training Form • Exhibit Booth Sponsor • Tote Bag Sponsor CARD NUMBER • Lanyard Sponsor • Insight Breakfasts EXP DATE 3 DIGIT CARD VERIFICATION # • Insight Webinars NAME ON CARD • The 2009 Government Performance Summit BILLING ZIP CODE For more information on Please make checks payable to: The Performance Institute sponsorships or to get started, Note: Payment must be secured prior to the forum. If payment is not received by the forum contact Jessica Ward at start date, a method of payment must be presented at the time of registration in order to guarantee your participation at the event. 703-894-0481 x 215 or Ward@PerformanceWeb.org Priority Code: T900-WEB
  12. 12. INNOGOV’S CALENDAR OF EVENTS POLICY FORUMS INSIGHT BREAKFASTS The 2009 Federal Performance Policy Forum Performance Management for Insights and Ideas to Transform Federal Program Management Intelligence: Unique Challenges in May 6-8, 2009 | Arlington, VA Defining Outcomes and Measures June 30, 2009 | 8-10 AM | Arlington, VA Program Highlights: • Develop a performance-based framework to achieve program outcomes The Acquisition Workforce: Defining the Job Requirements • Apply an objective evaluation system to measure success and Competencies of the Future • Link program results to fiscal priorities for taxpayer transparency Contractor Workforce Designed for: Strategic Planning Directors, Program Managers, Program Analysts, July 23, 2009 | 8-10 AM | Arlington, VA Directors, Commanders, Chiefs of Staff, Budget Officers, Performance Evaluators Labor Relations: Balancing the Rights of Union Members and the Public The 2009 Federal Workforce Policy Forum Interest Insights and Ideas to Transform the Federal Workforce August 27, 2009 | 8-10 AM | June 10-12, 2009 | Arlington, VA Arlington, VA Program Highlights: • Strengthen organizational capacity through strategic recruitment, INSIGHT WEBINARS development and retention • Determine the correct balance of contracted versus government-performed work Process Improvement: Utilizing Lean • Promote improved learning, communication and collaboration Six Sigma and Project Management throughout government for Dramatic Improvements in Costs, Efficiency and Quality Designed for: Chief Human Capital Officers, Human Capital Planning Staff, May 20, 2009 | 12 PM Human Resources Managers, Personnel, Workforce Planning Managers, Staffing Directors, Training Officers Planning and Budgeting for DoD: Applying a Strategic, Risk-based The 2009 Federal Financial Policy Forum Framework to Determine Priorities Insights and Ideas to Transform Federal Financial Management June 23, 2009 | 12 PM August 12-14, 2009 | Arlington, VA IT Security: Managing the Delicate Program Highlights: Balance between Information • Link agency budgets with annual performance plans Security and Citizen Transparency • Communicate fiscal priorities to executive, legislative and citizen stakeholders August 19, 2009 | 12 PM • Manage tight budgets in this new economic landscape Designed for: Financial Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Fiscal Analysts, Accountants, Financial Management Analysts, Project Analysts, Budget Officers THE 2009 GOVERNMENT PERFORMANCE SUMMIT Innovations in Government to Deliver Results to the American People September 23-25, 2009 | Washington, DC The Eleventh Annual Summit Features insights for program, budget, workforce, finance, IT and acquisition managers. Coming soon to GovernmentPerformance.org.