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Measure     The 2010
    and Manage
 Risk to Improve
                    Enterprise Risk
Day One
                        June 21, 2010

The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit

Day One, Continued
June 21, 2010

                                                                   The 2010 Enterprise R...
Day Two
                              June 22, 2010

The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit

“As the                 ...
Day Two, Continued
June 22, 2010

                                                                   The 2010 Enterprise R...
In-House Training

The 2009 Enterprise Risk Management Summit

Sponsorship                  One of the more popu...
Logistics & Registration

                                                                    The 2010 Enterprise Risk Man...
Logistics & Registration
The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit

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  1. 1. Measure The 2010 and Manage Enterprise-Wide Risk to Improve Enterprise Risk Organizational Performance and Management Profitability Summit June 21–June 22, 2010 | Arlington, VA You Will Learn How to: Use Key Risk Indicators to Improve Your Organization’s Risk Strategy Understand how key risk indicators can be implemented as assessment tools in an effective ERM toolkit Create a Company-Wide Initiative to Minimize Operational Risk Exposure Develop a risk management system that includes corporate awareness and accountability throughout all levels of business Build a Mature ERM Framework that Works to Mitigate Risk Utilize measures and metrics to identify, manage and combat enterprise risk Implement a Strategy that Protects Your Organization from Current Market Risks Lessen the influence and impact of market conditions on your business’s corporate assets Earn up to 15 CPE Credits
  2. 2. Day One June 21, 2010 The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit 8:30 Conference Registration and Continental Breakfast 9:00 ERM Workshop A Complete Guide to Implementing Enterprise Risk Management An organization cannot assess its risks without the proper risk management tools. It is important to identify critical measures and metrics within an enterprise risk management framework to avoid imposing threats to the progress of the organization. However, building a case for ERM and aligning risk management needs to the strategic process allows an organization the best chance for success. In this workshop, you will gain the knowledge necessary to: Identify and understand the components of ERM, including best practice case studies identifying risk, likelihood, impacts, controls and residual risks Integrate ERM and Balanced Scorecard to link processes, select KPIs and ERM key risk indicators Align your risk policy with performance objectives to safeguard resources Ensure effective reporting and compliance of industry rules and guidelines Learn strategies to avoid the adverse consequences of poor risk management Receive Strategic ERM published articles to utilize as study materials Bob Paladino ASMI Senior Fellow; Founder, Bob Paladino and Associates 12:00 Lunch Break 1:00 Examine Top Current Financial and Organizational Risks in Today’s Economy Identify risks at the forefront of most organizations based on current economic conditions Link the top risks to your company strategy and key performance indicators Achieve financial and organizational objectives despite unexpected external risk events Bob Paladino ASMI Senior Fellow; Founder, Bob Paladino and Associates Who Should Attend: All C-Level, VPs, Managers and Directors of: Risk Management Compliance Internal Audit Operations Controllers Finance Administrators Page 2 Risk Reporting
  3. 3. Day One, Continued June 21, 2010 The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit 2:00 Break & Refreshments “Every 2:15 business Identify and Utilize Alternative Risk Responses Identify effective traditional and non-traditional risk avoidance practices takes risks, Discover ways to share risk strategies throughout the organization Learn how to accept risk as part of your corporate strategy and in today’s Kimberly Hock Senior Risk Policy Manager, Fannie Mae Enterprise Risk Management world those Enterprise Risk Governance risks simply 3:15 Implement Risk Management as a Strategic Resource must be well Learn how to deal with the risk and opportunity associated with new strategic initiatives managed Align corporate strategy with the capabilities of your risk management plan to ensure Proactively seek opportunity while remaining mindful of potential risk events Kimberly Hock success.” Senior Risk Policy Manager Fannie Mae Enterprise Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Governance Lord Levene, Chairman, Lloyd’s 4:15 Day One Adjourns Top 5 Reasons to Attend: 1. Minimize the threat of enterprise risk with a mature ERM framework 2. Utilize key risk indicators as an assessment tool 3. Accurately measure risk with enhanced metrics 4. Improve your corporate risk management strategy to address current market risks 5. Implement ERM practices throughout your organization Page 3
  4. 4. Day Two June 22, 2010 The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit “As the 8:30 Continental Breakfast economy 9:00 Keynote Address: squeezes Integrate Performance Measures and Metrics into Your ERM System Performance risk management plays a key role in improving operational efficiencies and everyone, from increasing profitability. One of the most important steps in operating a successful enterprise risk management program is to implement measures that evaluate the performance of that program. In many corporations, there is a lack of understanding on how to use performance the insurance measures to determine the effectiveness and quality of their enterprise risk management program. During this Keynote Address, you will: companies Identify and reduce organizational risks with appropriate ERM measures to business Utilize performance metrics to evaluate enterprise risk management strategy and performance holders to Clearly define and reinforce effective and strategic risk performance management goals Michael Yip employees, Vice President, Marsh Risk Consulting it’s also an 10:00 Break & Refreshments opportunity for business 10:15 Build an ERM Toolkit with Key Risk Indicators leaders to Identify various types of key risk indicators based on your organization’s objectives Implement indicators as an assessment tool for your ERM toolkit reassess Review the effectiveness of your chosen key risk indicators as an evaluation tool for your organization’s business strategy their risk Bernice Lemaire President, Lemaire Consulting LLC management 11:15 strategies and Construct a Risk Management Framework to Meet Your Organization’s Needs refine plans to Understand and assess criteria of ERM-related standards, regulations and guidelines Evaluate ERM components to understand where the focus of improvement efforts lie deal with risk.” Develop a strategy to effectively respond to multiple risks simultaneously Charlie Reynolds, EVP, HUB Dave Cutri International Director of Internal Audit, The University of Toledo Page 4
  5. 5. Day Two, Continued June 22, 2010 The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit 12:00 Lunch Break 1:00 Integrate Corporate Responsibility and Governance into Your ERM Program Foster a culture of accountability and transparency Teach employees to operate as individual risk managers on a daily basis Create workforce incentives for minimizing corporate risk Roberta Pek Operational Risk Management, Default Fulfillment Operations, Freddie Mac 2:00 Break & Refreshments 2:15 Implement Proven Strategies to Ensure a Successful ERM Deployment Despite unplanned market obstacles, natural disasters, internal incidents and IT system shutdowns, organizations are still expected to increase their profitability and hit expected earnings. It is vital for organizations to use and deploy bullet-proof risk management strategies. This hands on session will allow you to take your knowledge to the next level by providing colleagues and executives with the information and resources needed to deploy your ERM program. Specifically, you will be able to: Align strategies, tactical goals and objectives for successful deployment execution Understand necessary components in a deployment plan including readiness, key focus areas and change management processes Learn to conduct an effective organizational assessment once deployment has been implemented Brian Morris Govern Your Risk 4:00 Conference Adjourns Page 5
  6. 6. In-House Training 2010 The 2009 Enterprise Risk Management Summit Sponsorship One of the more popular vehicles for accessing the Institute’s educational offerings is the delivery of on-site trainings and management facilitations. Bringing a training or facilitation & Exhibiting in-house gives you the opportunity to customize a program that addresses your exact challenges and provides a more personal learning experience, while virtually eliminating travel expenses. Whether you require training for a small group or for an organizational- Opportunities wide initiative, the advanced learning methods employed by The Performance Institute will create an intimate training atmosphere that maximizes knowledge transfer to enhance the As a conference and talent within your organization. training provider, The American Strategic Customization Management Institute is We realize that not all obstacles can be overcome by applying an “off-the-shelf solution”. an expert in bringing While many training providers will offer you some variation of their standard training, together leaders to share The Performance Institute’s subject matter experts will work with you and your team to and discuss best practices examine your programs and determine your exact areas of need. The identification of real and innovations. We life examples will create a learning atmosphere that resonates with participants while at connect decision-makers the same time providing immediate return on your training investment. Using interactive with respected exercises that employ actual projects or scenarios from your organization, instructors can solution providers. address specific challenges and align the curriculum of each session to your objectives. While the majority of on-site trainings are focused on smaller groups, The Performance institute also has the ability to accommodate organizational-wide training initiatives. ASMI offers four different Utilizing multiple instructors, The Institute has the capacity to deliver courses to groups of pre-designed sponsorship up to 300 participants per day. packages: Areas Of Expertise Event Co-Sponsor On-site delivery of single courses, certification programs and entire packages of Session Sponsor specialized courses are available in the following areas: Performance-Based Contracting Luncheon Sponsor Strategic Planning Performance Reporting Performance Measurement Exhibit Booth Sponsor Program Evaluation Project Management Administrative Management For more information on Lean Six Sigma Leadership and Change sponsorships or to get Workforce Management started, please contact Performance-Based Budgeting Meredith Mason at For more information about in-house training options available to you, 202-739-9707 or email please contact Jennifer Mueller at 202-739-9619 or email her at her at Meredith.Mason@ Page 6
  7. 7. Logistics & Registration The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit Venue and Hotel: CPE Credits The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit will be held at Delivery Method: Group-live the Performance Institute Conference Center in Arlington, VA. Program Level: Basic A public parking garage is located inside of the building for Prerequisites: None $10/day. Continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments will be Advanced Preparation: None provided for delegates on each day. CPE Credits: 15 The American Strategic Management Institute (ASMI) is registered with The Performance Institute Conference Center the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) as a 1515 N. Courthouse Rd. sponsor of continuing professional education on the National Registry of Suite 600 CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authority on the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding Arlington, VA 22201 sponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 150 (877) 992-9521 Fourth Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37219-2417. Website: A limited number of rooms have been reserved at the Arlington Rosslyn Courtyard by Marriott at the prevailing rate of $226.00 until May 21, 2010. This rate is based on the Government Per Diem and is subject to change. Please call the hotel directly and Quality Assurance reference code “Risk Management” when making reservations to get the discounted rate. The hotel is conveniently located ASMI strives to provide you with the most productive and effective educational three blocks from the Rosslyn Metro station. Please ask the experience possible. If after completing the course you feel there is some way we can improve, please write your comments on the evaluation form provided upon hotel about a complimentary shuttle that is also available for your arrival. Should you feel dissatisfied with your learning experience and wish to your convenience. request a credit or refund, please submit it in writing no later than 10 business days after the end of the training to: ASMI: Corporate Headquarters; 805 15th Street NW, Arlington Rosslyn Courtyard by Marriott 3rd Floor; Washington, D.C. 20005 1533 Clarendon Blvd. Note: As speakers are confirmed six months before the event, some speaker Arlington, VA 22209 changes or topic changes may occur in the program. ASMI is not responsible for Phone: 703-528-2222 speaker changes, but will work to ensure a comparable speaker is located to partici- pate in the program. If for any reason ASMI decides to cancel this conference, ASMI Hotel and Travel costs are not included in conference tuition. accepts no responsibility for covering airfare, hotel or other costs incurred by regis- trants, including delegates, sponsors and guests. Tuition & Group Discounts: The tuition rates for attending the 2009 Summit on Lean Six Discounts and Payment Sigma for Service and Transactional Environments are: Offerings Early Bird Rate* Regular Rate • All ‘Early Bird’ Discounts must require payment at time of registration and before the cut-off date in order to receive any discount. Conference $1699* $1799 • Any discounts offered whether by ASMI (including team discounts) must also require payment at the time of registration. *For the Early Bird Rate, please register by April 26, 2010. • All discount offers cannot be combined with any other offer. • Discounts cannot be applied retroactively For more information on group discounts, please contact Payment must be secured prior to the conference. If payment is not received by Paul Rogers at 858-737-4122 or email him at the conference start date, a method of payment must be presented at the time of registration in order to guarantee your participation at the event. Page 7
  8. 8. Logistics & Registration The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit to register Call Fax this Form to Visit 877-992-9522 866-234-0680 Registration Form Yes! Register me for The 2010 Enterprise Risk Management Summit Please call me. I am interested in a special Group Discount for my team Delegate Information Name Title Organization Dept. Address City State Zip Telephone Fax Email Payment Information: Check Purchase Order / Training Form Credit Card Credit Card Number Expiration Date Verification no. Name on Card Billing Zip Please make checks payable to: The Performance Institute CANCELLATION POLICY: ASMI will provide a full refund less a $399 administration fee for cancellations requested four weeks prior to the event start date unless cancellation occurs within two weeks prior to the event start date. If a cancellation is requested less than two weeks prior to the event start date, no refund will be issued. Registrants who fail to attend and do not cancel prior to the event will be charged the entire registration fee. All cancellations must be requested through the cancellation link found in your attendance confirmation email. Please note that cancellation is not final until you receive a cancellation confirmation email. I have read and accepted the Cancellation Policy above. ACKNOWLEDGED AND AGREED By: __________________________________________________________________________________________ Date: _______________________ Priority Code: B322-WEB