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Ways to Carry Out a Clutch Repair in a BMW


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The clutch is an important part of any car including BMW. It is required to take proper maintenance care of the clutch assembly. This, in turn, will keep your BMW in good condition. So, you should know the correct methods for replacing the clutch parts. See the mentioned slideshow to learn the different ways to carry out a clutch repair in a BMW.

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Ways to Carry Out a Clutch Repair in a BMW

  1. 1. Ways to Carry Out a Clutch Repair in a BMW
  2. 2. In BMW cars, clutch is either made of plastic or thin metal, which do not withstand pressure and friction.
  3. 3. So, there is more chance that you may be facing a catch-22 with your BMW clutch.
  4. 4. A common cause of this catch-22 is the shift fork pivot plastic pin which breaks easily, leaving you with an inoperable clutch.
  5. 5. The logical solution to this is to replace it with a brass AGA pin and be careful of the fragile housing unit.
  6. 6. If you cannot merely repair parts, the clutch needs to be entirely replaced. So, have a new clutch kit ready and new transmission bolts before beginning.
  7. 7. Step-1 After lowering the transmission from the engine, remove the six 6mm Allen bolts from the pressure plate in an alternating pattern.
  8. 8. Step-2 In the same way, unbolt the six T60 Torx bolts from the flywheel and if the flywheel surface is in good shape, you can leave it installed avoiding a replacement.
  9. 9. Step-3 Remove and replace the pilot bearing by using a bearing driver.
  10. 10. Step-4 Install and center the clutch disc by removing the center bolt using the alignment tool.
  11. 11. Step-5 Next, install the pressure plate on the alignment dowels which requires six new Allen fasteners, tightened until pressure plate is flush with the flywheel.
  12. 12. Step-6 And then remove the SAC lock by rotating counterclockwise using a 14mm Allen and if the SAC moves, use additional special tools to reset the SAC feature of the pressure plate.
  13. 13. Step-7 Next, torque six new Allen fasteners specified for your vehicle and then remove the clutch disc alignment tool from the clutch disc.
  14. 14. Step-8 Then remove the throwout bearing, sliding it off the transmission output shaft and release the spring retaining clip to remove the clutch fork from the bell housing.
  15. 15. Step-9 Next, replace the throwout guide bushing by removing the four 10mm fasteners. Then install a new clutch fork and throwout bearing with proper alignment.
  16. 16. Step-10 Finally, reinstall the transmission by sliding the transmission shaft into the clutch until the bell housing is lined up flush with the engine and tighten the bell housing fasteners.
  17. 17. Repairing and replacing the clutch in a BMW is not a simple task and you might need someone for help.
  18. 18. If are in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles County, CA, near Canoga Park or Woodland Hills, be sure to check in with Euro Plus Automotive for your BMW clutch repair.
  19. 19. We have years of experience working on European vehicles, so our service technicians can provide you the expert assistance and service.
  20. 20. Plus/222766804428894