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How To Prevent The Car Paint From Oxidation


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In order to get a good resale value of your car, you shouldn’t forget to take proper care of the car paint because it enhances the vehicle looks and values considerably. UV rays, dust, and debris gradually deteriorates your vehicle paints. Go through the slide to get the complete knowledge about how to prevent the paint damage resulting from oxidation as the oxidation process makes your car looks older than it actually is.

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How To Prevent The Car Paint From Oxidation

  1. 1. How To Protect The Car Paint From Oxidation
  2. 2. The regular service and maintenance can keep your vehicle running
  3. 3. Yes the paint of vehicle, that will enhance the vehicle looks and values for years if maintained properly
  4. 4. The improper care like irregular polishing or waxing makes the paint oxidized gradually
  5. 5. This oxidation process makes your car looks older than it actually is …
  6. 6. No, there is no need of color change or paint removal for cleaning up the oxidized area.
  7. 7. Faded and heavily oxidized paint can be restored but it depends on the type of paint
  8. 8. Clear Coat Non-clear coat Types Of Paints
  9. 9. Clear Coat :
  10. 10. Non-clear coat : In non-clear coat one can restore up to the point the clear coat weathers away and the premier got exposed.
  11. 11. How To Restore The Oxidation of the paint ?
  12. 12. Needed Tools Soap and water Cotton cloth/Sponge Automotive paint polish Quality car wax Buffer
  13. 13. Wash The Vehicle
  14. 14. Wash the vehicle properly that will clean the dirt and grim from the paint surface
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Use some automotive clay bar that will help to remove dead paint and contamination from the paint surface.
  18. 18. Polish The car paint
  19. 19. The polish of paints divided into 2 parts  Cutting Polish  Finishing Polish
  20. 20. The cutting polish involves micro abrasive technology that removes the top layer of dead paint without damaging the paint finish
  21. 21. The finishing polish uses chemical cleanser that goes deep into the pores of paint and brings back the shine
  22. 22. Buffing ..
  23. 23. With the buffer machine, you can continue buffing until the white chalky disappears …
  24. 24. Wax The Vehicle
  25. 25. The thorough waxing is helpful in avoiding the oxidization of vehicle paint in future and also make sure to wax your vehicle once in every 2 months for safeguarding the paint ..