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How Cold Air Intake System Works


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Cold air intake system is one of the important parts of vehicle. Well, here we are going to represent how this system actually works. This slide will provide you information on types of cold air intake system, why to choose this system, how it improves engine performance, boosts the horsepower and how it affects the fuel economy. Let’s have a brief look.

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  • As per my knowledge, cold air intake system can add benefits to the vehicle by delivering improved fuel efficiency and better acceleration. Users must know these things. Good slide!
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  • Good job guys! Now I got to know the actual concept of cold air intake system. Thanks.
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How Cold Air Intake System Works

  1. 1. Draws cold air to improve power Reduce induction noise
  2. 2. Problem of thermal contamination
  3. 3. Stock Air Intake
  4. 4. Stock Air Intake Use paper filter to control debris that can damage engine
  5. 5. Cold Air Intake
  6. 6. Cold Air Intake Draw cool air inside the engine Minimal bends and long duct
  7. 7. Short Ram Air Intake
  8. 8. Short Ram Air Intake Sucks more hot air to engine to solve the inefficient combustion problem Shorter pipe and found in high performance vehicle
  9. 9. How does a cold air intake system improve engine performance ..??
  10. 10. Increase Acceleration Increase Fuel Economy Effective Filter Enhanced Sound Better Overall Performance
  11. 11. Increase Acceleration
  12. 12. Air intake helps to increase horsepower ….how?
  13. 13. Air intake draws more air and helps to fasten the combustion process Fasten the engine responsive process Facilitate desired speed and quick acceleration in sports cars
  14. 14. Increase Fuel Economy
  15. 15. Effective Filter
  16. 16. Air intakes have disposable paper filter for harmful debris If filter shows problem need to be replaced
  17. 17. But cold air intake have filters that can be cleaned every 25,000 to 50,000 miles
  18. 18. Enhanced Sound Produces thrilling engine noise with fuel efficiency for car lovers
  19. 19. Engine without Noise For noise –less car, air intake has muffles that increases engine efficiency without noise
  20. 20. Better Overall Performance Speed Power Sound Vehicle efficiency
  21. 21. Improper Air intake
  22. 22. Always Select The Right Air Intake for your Car
  23. 23. Website: -Plus-222766804428894/timeline/