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Lunchtime Bite: High Performance Development with Hybrid Versioning


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The most productive developers in the world are using lightweight branches, shared mainlines and peer code review processes. In this session, Jayesh Mistry, Solutions Engineer at Perforce, is going to show how Perforce "Hybrid Versioning" is the perfect toolset for this style of working.

Jayesh will cover best practices when using Git for lightweight branching and Perforce Swarm for collaborative code review.

Focusing on a live demo with plenty of chance for questions & discussion with a technical expert this will be a session not to be missed. Ideal for your lunchtime break!

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Lunchtime Bite: High Performance Development with Hybrid Versioning

  1. 1. Using Streams, Git and Swarm for Maximum Effect
  2. 2. Agenda • Introductions • Overview • Demonstration – Make changes via git – Propagate to the right releases – Review & approve changes • Question and Answer Presenter Jayesh Mistry Solutions Engineer, Perforce
  3. 3. Versioning Evolution • Products are more complex • Teams are distributed • Dependent on more components • Need to support the whole process
  4. 4. Perforce Streams Versioning Evolution
  5. 5. Perforce Streams Versioning Evolution Local Git Repo Joe John
  6. 6. Perforce Streams Versioning Evolution Perforce Swarm
  7. 7. Distributed Hybrid Development Fast remote sites Git Fusion Proxy Proxy Replica
  8. 8. Perforce Summary • Over 10,000 customers • Fastest, most scalable, Version management platform • Commonly used for all types of content – Code – Binaries – Movies – Chip Designs – Gaming – Images Versions Everything Global Availability & Support
  9. 9. Perforce Powers Market Leaders 13,000  20,000 users 9,500 users 500+ terabytes Complete Delivery Pipeline 7,000+ releases/year SaaS Mobile IC’s Enterprise Cloud Finance Electronics Animation Gaming 11,000+ users 10+ sites 5,000+ users Coders & Designers Everything 2,500 users 10,000,000 Perforce xact/day 11,000+ users
  10. 10. For More Information • • • Custom demo available • @perforce Download Perforce, Git Fusion & Swarm – Free for up to 20 users!
  11. 11. Next Lunchtime Bite High Performance Developer Collaboration with Swarm Wednesday 25th June 2014 12:30 BST/13:30 CET