Reduce Shopper Abandonment and Increase Online Conversion Rates with IBM Tealeaf


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We cover best practices and use cases in e-commerce optimizations, both through customer experience management and performance tuning. Learn how large retailers have leveraged customer experience management solutions to improve their shoppers' online experience by:

Analyzing historical e-commerce platform usage

Monitoring site usage and issues through dashboards, events and alerts

Identifying failure trends to prevent lost revenue and negative shopper experiences

Transforming customer feedback into actionable steps

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  • Reduce Shopper Abandonment and Increase Online Conversion Rates with IBM Tealeaf

    1. 1. Increase Online Profitability and Enhance Your Customer Experience with IBM Tealeaf Sameer Peera Scott Schuler Brian Flanagan
    2. 2. Agenda / Speakers • • • • • About Perficient Introduction Analytics Tealeaf Q&A Sameer Peera Principal, National Commerce Practice Brian Flanagan Director, Experience Design Scott Schuler Practice Lead, Tealeaf 2
    3. 3. About Perficient A IT Consulting & Digital Agency with global capabilities focused on helping our clients realize their business strategies through the effective implementation of compelling customer experiences. Fast Facts: • Founded 1997 • $380 MM+ in annualized revenues • 24 locations in North America • Offshore in Europe, China and India • 2000 + employees • Served 450+ clients in past 12 months • Numerous Industry & Solution Awards • 85% Repeat Client Engagements 3
    4. 4. Polling Questions 4
    5. 5. Business Challenges – Holiday Readiness • Customer Experience – – • Gartner reports that by 2017, CMO’s are expected to spend more on IT than CIO’s – • Gaining insight into customer behavior is key Create a seamless experience across all channels with emphasis on Customer Service – – • Usability Information Architecture Web + Mobile Ultimately impacts your brand image and reputation (Think Twitter / Facebook) Marketing Attribution – Evaluating channel performance and focusing on best path to conversion 95% 68% 120 million Percentage of senior executives believe that the customer experience is the next competitive battleground Percentage of customers that interact with multiple channels when researching, purchasing, or servicing a product Number of people who participate in social networking 5
    6. 6. No Visibility Into Why Customers Succeed or Fail IT Team Performance Metrics But why did customers succeed or fail on our site? Business Team Funnel Reports 7/23/2005,0:06:31,,,,80,GET,/store/,,302,405,460,10,Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+ 1 2 3 4 MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1),-,,7/23/2005,0:06:32,,- #550356 $54.72 <id56043> ,,80,GET,/store/Default.asp,#864021 $89.12 <id23856> ,200,13631,461,1122,Mozilla/4.0+(compati ble;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1),-,,#756053 $129.12 <id85476> #173460 $12.00 <id87953> #783452 Server Logs Customer Service $7.32 <id87342> Business Trends Transaction Logs Customer Calls To: Customer Service [+] Customer Surveys Your site lost my shopping cart . Customer Emails 6
    7. 7. Filling the Gap – Understanding “Why?” IT Team Business Team Performance Metrics 7/23/2005,0:06:32,,- #550356 $54.72 <id56043> ,,80,GET,/store/Default.asp,#864021 $89.12 <id23856> ,200,13631,461,1122,Mozilla/4.0+(compati ble;+MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1),-,,#756053 $129.12 <id85476> #173460 $12.00 <id87953> Server Logs Review Cart Funnel Reports Submit Order 7/23/2005,0:06:31,,,,80,GET,/store/,,302,405,460,10,Mozilla/4.0+(compatible;+ 1 2 3 4 MSIE+6.0;+Windows+NT+5.1),-,,- #783452 Tealeaf $7.32 <id87342> Empty Cart? Customer Service Your shopping cart is empty Business Trends Transaction Logs Customer Calls To: Customer Service [+] Customer Surveys Your site lost my shopping cart . Customer Emails 7
    8. 8. Analytics & UX Brian Flanagan 8
    9. 9. Analytics & UX “The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.” 11/19/2013 Arthur C. Nielsen 9
    10. 10. Analytics & UX UX User Research CEM Analytics 10
    11. 11. Analytics & UX User Research Analytics Qualitative Quantitative High-Quality High-Quantity Attitudes Behavior Observation Performance 11
    12. 12. Analytics & UX 12
    13. 13. Analytics & UX Configure Describe Predict Prescribe Goal Setting Data Collection Reporting Analytics Automation Tag Management Data Integration Analysis Decision Making Attribution Modeling Sentiment Strategic Planning CEM 13
    14. 14. “You can use all the quantitative data you can get, but you still have to distrust it and use your own intelligence and judgment.” - Alvin Toffler 14
    15. 15. Analytics & UX 15
    16. 16. Analytics & UX 16
    17. 17. Analytics & UX 17
    18. 18. Tealeaf Scott Schuler 18
    19. 19. What is Tealeaf? Tealeaf is a tool that provides real-time visibility into online customer experience. Real-time data comes directly from a capture point internal to the network Captured data does not rely on logs, or external processing, Tealeaf is easily scalable and can grow as requirements dictate. 19
    20. 20. IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Product Suites 20
    21. 21. Why Tealeaf? • Tealeaf solutions enable companies to better understand the “why” of a specific customer’s digital and mobile interactions and use this insight to optimize the customer experience across the Buy, Market, Sell, and Service functions. • Tealeaf is a leading provider of digital customer experience management and customer behavior analysis solutions with over 450 customers worldwide Immediate understanding of customer impact Proactive management of customer facing issues True insight into the customer experience 21
    22. 22. Industry Benefits of Tealeaf An online travel agency understands that when visitors misspell a vacation package name and receive zero search results, nearly 100% of the visitors leave the site without completing a booking. Travel With this knowledge, the website team can adjust the search results to clarify the error message and offer other navigation options. An online insurance company uses digital analytics to analyze visitors working through the online quoting process to identify those visitors that abandons the process prematurely. Insurance With this knowledge, the e-commerce team can replay their sessions to identify and address the key abandonment drivers. A major regional bank uses mobile experience analytics to understand which features and services are most meaningful to their users and which apps or sites should be developed for which mobile platforms. Banking This information enables the site designers to better manage the process of delivering mobile apps and meeting customer expectations 22
    23. 23. Questions? 23