Preparing for BI in the Cloud with Windows Azure


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  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • “Balanced Approach” – We focus on Strategy as well as Tactical implementations.
  • Identity Management with Office 365
  • Preparing for BI in the Cloud with Windows Azure

    1. 1. Microsoft Cloud BI with Windows Azure: What’s Possible? September 11, 2013
    2. 2. 2 Andy Tegethoff Andy is a Microsoft BI architect at Perficient and a senior-level consultant with more than 12 years of experience exploring, planning and building cost-effective software and process-oriented solutions for challenging business problems. A Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) for SQL Server 2008 BI, his solutions integrate elements such as data warehousing, dashboards, and broad-based reporting in order to deliver vital, actionable information at every level of the enterprise. Our Speaker
    3. 3. • Cloud Computing • Cloud BI • Microsoft Cloud BI overview • Q&A Agenda
    4. 4. Cloud Computing Why move to the Cloud? • Reduced organizational IT costs • Built-in scalability and reliability • High availability • Maximum “futureproofing” This applies to Business Intelligence solutions, too. • Addresses several key concerns in DW/BI planning/development • Reduces significant hardware costs and associated planning effort • Potentially shortens implementation time
    5. 5. Cloud Computing Common Cloud Service Models • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) • Platform as a Service (PaaS) • Software as a Service (SaaS)
    6. 6. Cloud BI Business Intelligence in the Cloud • The principles of Cloud Computing applied to BI solutions • Offers benefits of scalability, stability, reduced cost – drastically reducing hardware concerns and overhead • Need to be aware of some “gotchas” (i.e. data loading complications, data size boundaries, associated costs)
    7. 7. Cloud BI Business Intelligence in the Cloud Public Cloud Delivery Options PaaS BI development platforms/ packages IaaS Hosted virtual DB servers PaaS “Build Your Own” platforms SaaS “BI as a Service” apps • Deploy your own solution in the cloud • Low upfront costs (licensing of VM software, etc.) • No cloud-based horizontal scaling; must be done in application and DB architecture • Cloud-based platform services • Low cost, pay-per-use • Allows/requires custom development to some extent • Prepackaged BI solutions • “Easy” management and implementation • No design flexibility; custom apps are off the table
    8. 8. Cloud BI Business Intelligence in the Cloud Other Delivery Options PaaS BI development platforms/ packages Private Cloud Hybrid Cloud • Offers the most control, but also greater cost • Design your own solution, manage your own cloud • An option if your organization already owns and maintains a private cloud • Public/Private cloud combination • Leverage the public cloud for “spikes” in either availability or processing • More complicated solution to accomplish load balancing
    9. 9. Cloud BI with Windows Azure Azure Data and Analytics • Advanced toolset; thought leadership in cloud • Also in the marketplace… – “BYOLicense” Cognos in Amazon EC2 VM – SAP BI OnDemand; file-based reporting with no Data Warehouse • Azure PaaS offerings are fully (public) cloud-based – Azure SQL Database/Reporting – “SQL Server + SSRS in the Cloud” – HDInsight – Big Data/Hadoop Cloud Service • IaaS offerings can be cloud-based or “hybrid” – Azure VM-based SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint servers – Source data either in the cloud or on-premises
    10. 10. Azure Platform as a Service Azure SQL Database • “SQL Server in the cloud“ – Formerly known as SQL Azure – “Database as a Service” – all elements are cloud-based – Limitations around security and certain other functions • Only uses SQL Authorization; No SSAS, SSIS – Value-adds: • PaaS benefits (horizontal scalability, hardware cost savings) • Connectivity with on-premise SQL Server Azure SQL Reporting • “SQL Server Reporting Services in the cloud” – SSRS-style reporting against Azure SQL Database(s) • Limitations: Only uses SQL Database authorization; SQL Database the only source
    11. 11. Azure Platform as a Service HDInsight • Azure’s Big Data option - currently in Preview • Wraps an Apache Hadoop implementation • Uses Azure Tables for storage (NoSql storage option) • Excellent option for integrating Big Data into existing applications, BI solutions, reporting environments How does it work? – Get an Azure Storage account and set up an HDInsight cluster (account cost relates directly to size of cluster) – Upload data using native JavaScript, Hadoop command line, Sqoop connection from SQL Server/Azure SQL Database, or a raft of 3rd party tools – Connect and analyze data using SQL Server and/or Excel via ODBC, an Integrated application(s) via Hadoop.NET, or Azure SQL Database/SQL Reporting via Sqoop.
    12. 12. Azure Infrastructure as a Service SQL Server 2012 BI in the Cloud • Azure VM – Only path to fully-functional SQL Server BI in the cloud • Only way to run Analysis Services or set up SharePoint integrated SSRS in Azure – Link to existing AD network, plus enable virtual network – SharePoint • Full-featured edition needed? Run in VM! • Certain editions of SharePoint and Office 365/SharePoint online offer BI functionality • Two Options for implementation – Build VM offline, upload VHD to Azure – Build VM directly in Azure, provision/install/configure VHD in cloud • Pre-built VMs provided by Microsoft – including a BI server
    13. 13. Cloud Front-End Office 365 and SharePoint Online • Cloud-based offering of Office applications including Excel and SharePoint • Can provide front-end for Microsoft BI (cloud-based or on-premise*) • BUT some versions provide BI functionality, some do not! – SharePoint/Excel BI features not available with O365D (private-cloud) edition – The O365 E3/A3/G3 plans and SharePoint Online Plan 2 include BI components – Note that PerformancePoint Services, which is used for dashboards and scorecards, is not available in any edition
    14. 14. Cloud Front-End Power BI • Brand new cloud-based self-service BI offering • Suite of powerful self-service BI apps via a familiar interface: Excel • Initial offering for SharePoint Online/Office 365 only – Dedicated mobile/Windows 8 app (to be available across Windows ecosystem) – Supports Windows 7 and Mac users via browser • Visualizations rendered using HTML 5 – Standard browser compatibility for internet, mobile, tablet, etc. – Mobile Microsoft BI!
    15. 15. Power BI Components Power Pivot • Tool for creating and customizing flexible data models within Excel Power View • Tool for creating interactive charts, graphs and other visual representations of data
    16. 16. Power BI Components Power Map • Formerly known as “GeoFlow“ • 3D data visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geographic and temporal data
    17. 17. Power BI Components Power Query • Formerly known as "Data Explorer“ • Easily search and access public and organization data within Excel • Perform basic transformations to join data to your PowerPivot model(s)
    18. 18. Power BI Components Power BI Sites • SharePoint Online sharing of Power BI content via new site type • Reports can be set to refresh data on schedule or on-demand • Power BI sites can be browsed from mobile device or desktop/laptop • Add reports to mobile favorites to view on tablet or smartphone
    19. 19. Summary With Azure, SQL Server 2012, and Office 365 you can: • Implement PaaS or IaaS solutions in the cloud • Run a full-fledged SQL Server BI Solution via Azure VMs • Host Big Data in the cloud and integrate it into existing on-premise solutions via HDInsight • Build great BI visualizations in the cloud with a familiar Excel interface – and even show them for mobile users! But keep an eye on: • Security concerns • Maintenance needs • Licensing • Integration between on-premises and other Microsoft cloud offerings
    20. 20. Perficient is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout North America. We help clients implement business-driven technology solutions that integrate business processes, improve worker productivity, increase customer loyalty and create a more agile enterprise to better respond to new business opportunities. About Perficient
    21. 21. • Founded in 1997 • Public, NASDAQ: PRFT • 2012 revenue of $327 million • Major market locations throughout North America • Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fairfax, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Northern California, Philadelphia, Southern California, St. Louis and Toronto • Global delivery centers in China, Europe and India • ~2,000 colleagues • Dedicated solution practices • ~85% repeat business rate • Alliance partnerships with major technology vendors • Multiple vendor/industry technology and growth awards Perficient Profile
    22. 22. Business Solutions • Business Intelligence • Business Process Management • Customer Experience and CRM • Enterprise Performance Management • Enterprise Resource Planning • Experience Design (XD) • Management Consulting Technology Solutions • Business Integration/SOA • Cloud Services • Commerce • Content Management • Custom Application Development • Education • Information Management • Mobile Platforms • Platform Integration • Portal & Social Our Solutions Expertise
    23. 23. Our Microsoft Practice
    24. 24. A nationwide Microsoft BI practice offering both: • Strategic Engagements… • Strategy Assessments • Program Mentoring • Tactical Engagements • End-to-End Implementations • Current state evaluations • Proof of concept projects BI Expertise
    25. 25. Customized Microsoft Training for IT Pros & End Users 10.15 Agile BI: How to Deliver More Value in Less Time Connect with Perficient