Power BI for Office 365: Using SharePoint to Deliver Self-Service


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Power BI is a compelling new offering with advanced collaborative BI capabilities for Office 365 SharePoint Online users. It includes mobile cross-platform reporting, on the fly dash-boarding and natural language querying, but that's not all. Power BI also encompasses new tools in Excel 2013 that support streamlined self-service reporting and analytics. Find out how you can leverage the advanced new self-service BI features coming soon via Office 365 and SharePoint Online!

In this slideshare, we explore:

Excel Power BI tools: PowerPivot/PowerView/Power Map/Power Query

SharePoint Online Power BI Sites: Data Management Gateway (for connecting to on-premises data sources), uploading Excel content

Power BI apps: Windows 8, Windows Phone

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Power BI for Office 365: Using SharePoint to Deliver Self-Service

  1. 1. Power BI for Office 365: Using SharePoint to Deliver Self-Service BI Presented by: Andy Tegethoff www.facebook.com/perficient www.perficient.com www.twitter.com/perficient
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  6. 6. Our Speaker Andy Tegethoff Andy is a Microsoft BI architect at Perficient and a senior-level consultant with more than 14 years of experience exploring, planning and building cost-effective software and process-oriented solutions for challenging business problems. A Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) for SQL Server BI, his solutions integrate elements such as data warehousing, dashboards, and broadbased reporting in order to deliver vital, actionable information at every level of the enterprise.
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  8. 8. Agenda • Introduction • Excel 2013 and Self-Service BI • Power BI on Office 365 • Q&A
  9. 9. Introduction What is Power BI? Power BI is: A collection of Excel-based tools and Office 365 SharePoint Online features and services that enables self-service BI and provides a data collaboration portal featuring mobile access to analytics
  10. 10. Introduction Who will use Power BI? Any Excel user! But specifically: Report Creators Data Stewards Report Consumers (Data Analysts, Consultants) (DBAs, IT Managers/Admins) (Executives, Managers) Anyone tasked with gleaning usable information from their data will find at least some component of Power BI useful.
  11. 11. Introduction What are the components of Power BI? There are two major elements: Self-Service BI with Excel Power BI with Office 365 Power Query Power Pivot Power View Power Map Power BI Sites Data Management Power BI for Mobile
  12. 12. Excel Self-Service BI Excel Self-Service BI includes: • • • • Power Query Power Pivot Power View Power Map
  13. 13. Excel Self-Service BI Power Query Find and connect data across a wide variety of sources – both internal and external to your organization Connect to and consume Big Data in Excel • Hadoop (HDFS) • Azure HDInsight, PDW Merge/shape data for further analysis: • Create custom views • Perform data cleansing operations • “M” – Excel-like formula language Manage your queries (within Power BI), and share them within your organization, plus search for data in-house and/or in the public domain
  14. 14. Excel Self-Service BI Power Pivot Host a significant analytical database inside Excel in-memory using the xVelocity analytics engine, with no Admin or Configuration – and share it via SharePoint Access data from standard a variety of platforms, and consume OData to use shared Power Query queries as data sources Built in DAX expression language has Excel-like syntax, supporting data manipulation and business logic thru formulas that can reference any related table or column Work with millions of rows, plus keep larger file sizes in Power BI (250MB model size limit, 10MB file size limit)
  15. 15. Excel Self-Service BI Power View Create charts and other visualizations with filtering, highlighting, slicing and sorting • Multiple views • Solid performance Interact with data from various sources – including Excel itself, a Power Pivot model, or SQL Server Analysis Services (Tabular model or OLAP Cube) Power View for SharePoint creates RDLX files (related to Reporting Services); Power View for Excel creates sheets that are part of the Excel workbook Power BI sites render Power View in HTML 5 for cross-browser compatibility
  16. 16. Excel Self-Service BI Power Map 3D visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with geospatial and time data Plot data on Bing maps and visualize with 3D columns, bubble/pie charts, heat maps, and regions Discover new insights by seeing your data in geographic space and seeing time-stamped data change over time Capture screenshot "scenes" and build cinematic, guided interactive or video "tours"
  17. 17. Walkthrough - Excel Self-Service BI Surgical Analytics Excel Self-Service Walkthrough • Select and combine data • Create a local data mart • Build reports
  18. 18. Walkthrough - Excel Self-Service BI Select and combine data • In our example, we have SQL Server Analysis Services, so we would want to import directly into Power Pivot, as it can natively connect and consume Analysis Services data
  19. 19. Walkthrough - Excel Self-Service BI Select and combine data • If instead we wanted to bring in weather data, stock market information, Facebook profiles, or consume a previously created Shared Query, we could use Power Query.
  20. 20. Walkthrough - Excel Self-Service BI Create a local data mart with Power Pivot • • Once we access and import our data, we can organize tables and relationships and create hierarchies and formulas. In our example, we simply accept the structure of the source. Power Pivot’s In-memory xVelocity engine holds millions of rows, but compression keeps file sizes relatively small.
  21. 21. Walkthrough - Excel Self-Service BI Create compelling reporting with Power View • A drag-and-drop development surface that natively understands Power Pivot enables easy creation of interactive views with animations, data highlighting and filtering.
  22. 22. Walkthrough - Excel Self-Service BI Completed Power View report with two views, ready for sharing
  23. 23. Power BI with Office 365 Power BI with Office 365 includes: • Power BI Sites • Data Management • Power BI for Mobile
  24. 24. Power BI with Office 365 Power BI Sites Analogous to a PowerPivot Gallery in onpremise SharePoint, but BETTER! (Allow larger files, more advanced browsing) Power BI Sites is an App in SharePoint Online, is available by registration, and can be applied to existing SharePoint Online sites Workbooks uploaded must use Data Models to take advantage of Power BI features (making Power Pivot ideal) Features include: • Q & A (Natural Language query) • Favorite reports • “My Power BI” page, with usage analytics and query management
  25. 25. Power BI with Office 365 Data Management Power BI Admin Center allows IT management of “gateways” to onpremises data sources, and is accessible from O365 Admin or any Power BI site Data Management Gateway client app runs on machines onpremises, registered to cloud service Two scenarios supported: • Enable OData Feed • Enable Cloud Access Allow users to share Queries created in Power Query, or to refresh online workbooks with on-premises data
  26. 26. Power BI with Office 365 Power BI for Mobile Available in the Windows Store (currently only for Windows 8, 8.1 devices) Touch-enhanced interface great for tablets. Interact with Power View by tapping and sliding instead of clicking and dragging Connects to Power BI site, allows browsing for Power BI content Android and iOS users can interact on the go via their browsers, since Power BI Sites will render contents using standard HTML 5
  27. 27. Walkthrough - Power BI with Office 365 Surgical Analytics Power BI Walkthrough • Upload and enable workbook for sharing • Browse workbooks from mobile
  28. 28. Walkthrough - Power BI with Office 365 Upload your workbook to your SharePoint Online team site • New Document link or Drag and Drop
  29. 29. Walkthrough - Power BI with Office 365 After uploading, enable your workbook in your Power BI Site • Right-click the workbook and select “Enable”
  30. 30. Walkthrough - Power BI with Office 365 Once enabled, your workbook can be opened and used from Power BI • A thumbnail will be generated based on the first page
  31. 31. Walkthrough - Power BI with Office 365 Invite specific users to share your new workbook…
  32. 32. Walkthrough - Power BI with Office 365 … and they can access it via the Power BI Mobile app by browsing to the Power BI site and selecting the workbook
  33. 33. IT Management Data Management Experience • My Power BI • Power BI Admin Center
  34. 34. IT Management of Power BI Data Management • The Data Management Experience extends to each user – The “My Power BI" portal provides access to: • • • Usage analytics for the queries you've used Your shared queries from Power Query Your data sources
  35. 35. IT Management of Power BI Data Management • IT can manage access to on-premises data via Power BI Admin Center – Data Management Gateway can be used to connect on-premises data sources • • Workbooks created using Corp IT managed resources (i.e. Data Warehouses, Analysis Services Tabular Models or Cubes) can be refreshed Queries developed in Power Query can be shared, and are searchable in Excel
  36. 36. Summary Summary Microsoft’s Power BI is a compelling collection of BI tools and features for both desktop and cloud Office users. • • Self-Service BI is possible within the familiar environment of Excel thanks to a suite of powerful add-in tools. Power BI Sites for SharePoint Online offers enhanced collaboration features, natural language query with Q&A, and support for mobile use via the Power BI App. Desktop Excel 2013 users can already take advantage of the Power BI add-in tools, which are either already installed or available for free online. Plus, desktop and Office 365 users can both leverage Power BI Sites with SharePoint Online at an extremely reasonable price point. Helpful Links Getting Started with Power BI - http://bit.ly/1dL4rC2 Power BI Pricing - http://bit.ly/1iGROzZ SharePoint Online home page - http://bit.ly/1hIX7Lv Office 365 for Business - http://bit.ly/IFgsl5
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