Learn how to create a seamless omni channel retail experience 5.9.14


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Learn how to create a seamless omni channel retail experience 5.9.14

  1. 1. Learn How to Create a Seamless Omni-channel Retail Experience facebook.com/perficient twitter.com/Perficientlinkedin.com/company/perficient
  2. 2. Perficient is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout North America. We help clients implement business-driven technology solutions that integrate business processes, improve worker productivity, increase customer loyalty and create a more agile enterprise to better respond to new business opportunities. About Perficient
  3. 3. • Founded in 1997 • Public, NASDAQ: PRFT • 2013 revenue ~$373 million • Major market locations throughout North America • Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fairfax, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York City, Northern California, Philadelphia, Southern California, St. Louis, Toronto and Washington, D.C. • Global delivery centers in China, Europe and India • >2,100 colleagues • Dedicated solution practices • ~85% repeat business rate • Alliance partnerships with major technology vendors • Multiple vendor/industry technology and growth awards Perficient Profile
  4. 4. BUSINESS SOLUTIONS Business Intelligence Business Process Management Customer Experience and CRM Enterprise Performance Management Enterprise Resource Planning Experience Design (XD) Management Consulting TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS Business Integration/SOA Cloud Services Commerce Content Management Custom Application Development Education Information Management Mobile Platforms Platform Integration Portal & Social Our Solutions Expertise
  5. 5. Our Retail Business
  6. 6. Industry Situation Retail chains react to web retail’s growth – change investment strategy, store roles in e-commerce Consumers are spending less time shopping in stores and shifting more of their retail dollars to the web Consumers 15yrs old+ average amount of time shopping in brick and mortar stores: Weekdays: 11.8% Weekends: 14.3%
  7. 7. The Connected Consumer Connected Co n su m er Tr ait s • Online research and product evaluation online • Technology-enabled interactions • ‘Always on’ retail context • Cross-channel shopping • Looks for cost-value benefit • Personalization & contextualization • Localization • Expects faster delivery & free shipping The Consumer is in Control of the Shopping Experience
  8. 8. Cornerstone: Shopper’s Journey Do you know your shopper? Do you serve your shopper through each step? Do you know how they wish to be served?
  9. 9. Customers’ Journey Lack of brand awareness Right engagement channel = Awareness & interest Need information to evaluate & select Product/Service meets evaluation criteria Positive Experience, product works, resolution in customer favor = Repeat sales Created based needs, tastes: feedback Channels: digital dialogue, word of mouth, and response to feedback Customer decision – info & reviews via digital Long term satisfaction = continued personalized costumer relationship Customer added value = Evaluation and feedback = refined products & offerings
  10. 10. In-Store Still Rules, But It’s Losing Share 5/9/2014 IBM Internal and Business Partner use only10 2012 2013 In-Store Online Other Source: IBM IBV 2014 survey, n= 30,554. Year on year comparisons include 13 of 16 surveyed countries 84% 14% 2% 72% 27% 1% Percent of last purchases reported by channel
  11. 11. Expect Personalization and Will Share Willingness to share of consumers want personalized promotions in- store based on what they scan of retail customers want to access relevant product information in-store of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that allow them to control where, when and how they interact 58%42% 83% Social handle 32% 36%GPS location Mobile # 22% Source: IBM IBV 2014 survey, n= 30,554
  12. 12. Expect Personalization and Will Share Willingness to share of consumers want personalized promotions in- store based on what they scan of retail customers want to access relevant product information in-store of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that allow them to control where, when and how they interact 58%42% 83% Social handle 32% 36%GPS location Mobile # 22% Source: IBM IBV 2014 survey, n= 30,554. 80% Social handle 77% 72%GPS location Mobile # in context of shopping
  13. 13. Changing Consumer Expectations & Marketplace Realities Intentions are increasingly difficult to understand Expect flexible delivery and execution Demand highly relevant and engaging experiences Seamlessly interact and shop anywhere, anytime It is crucial to differentiate and deliver value to your customers
  14. 14. Omni-channel: Leader of 2013 Internet Retailer Top 500
  15. 15. The Forrester Wave™: B2C Commerce Suites, Q3 2012 Source: AMR Research Commerce Platform Vendor Landscape, 3Q 2009 Source: Gartner MQ for Commerce 4Q 2011 15+ Year Leader of e-Commerce Industry
  16. 16. Analyst Reports Forrester Wave for B2C Commerce Suites, October 2012
  17. 17. Analyst Reports (Continued) Forrester Wave for B2C Commerce Suites, October 2012
  18. 18. Omni-channel of Yesterday OM Fulfillment Network. Distribution Centers Enterprise Applications eCommerce Customer Channels External Services Order Management Requirements
  19. 19. Omni-channel of Today Fulfillment Network Enterprise Applications Call Center eCommerce StoreMobileKiosk Customer Channels External Services 3PLs Distribution Centers Drop Shippers Service Providers Store Network
  20. 20. Omni-channel & Commerce Strategy Fulfillment Network 3PLs Distribution Centers Drop Shippers Enterprise Applications Call Center eCommerce StoreMobileKiosk Customer Channels Service ProvidersStore Network External Services Application Platform Order Repository Inventory Repository Business Rules
  21. 21. IBM Leading the Way Sourcing Capabilities  Builds out the fulfillment network and defines the different types of facilities  Create the relationships between the fulfillment locations  Provides rules around what locations to allocate from based on proximity, cost, least number of shipments, dates  Provides constraints based on enterprise or customer around splitting orders or lines, backorder rules and releasing orders  Triggers transfers or purchase orders from other facilities depending on business rules Benefits  Reduces backorders by providing allocation capabilities across an entire fulfillment network  Improves order fill-rates and cycle times  Increases customer satisfaction by providing customer level rules  Reduces inventory costs and obsolescence  Works with external systems such as a TMS to give more accurate results
  22. 22. IBM Leading the Way Order Promising (ATP) Considerations Order Promising is the process of determining the availability of products and services based on various constrains. Sterling Commerce provides configurable rules which can be used for controlling the selection of nodes and shipping dates. Sourcing Rules Inventory/ Capacity Date Constrains Scheduling Constraints • Ship Complete • Backorder Rules • Dependency Rules • Allocation Rules • Lead Times • Calendars • Transit Time • Order Schedule/ Release Rules • Processing Time • Delivery Times • Supply Types • Demand Types • Supply Constrains • Safety Stock • Resource Types • Resource Avail • Process Together • Customer Constrains • Relationship Types • Facility Rules • Product Constrains • Procurement/ Transfer Rules • Substitution Rules Call Center eCommerce StoreMobileKiosk
  23. 23. IBM Leading the Way Order Visibility and Management Capabilities  Enables aggregating, managing, and monitoring orders from all channels  Provides a single order repository to create, modify, and monitor and track an order’s lifecycle real-time  Line level Independence allows for more flexibility in building orders  Visibility down the supply chain by linking related orders  Coordinates intelligent sourcing and fulfillment across the extended enterprise Benefits  Maximizes customer satisfaction and revenue  Improves order fill-rates and cycle times  Reduces order management and expediting costs  Reduces inventory costs and obsolescence  Gives channels complete transparency of the order and all relevant information pertaining to it.
  24. 24. IBM Leading the Way Drop Ship Capabilities  Automatic purchase order creation  Process monitoring for timely response  Acknowledgement  Interim status  Ship confirmation  Web-based partner portal  Review, acknowledge and release orders  Print documents and labeling  Interface to carrier  Submit inventory availability  Supplier performance monitoring  Proactively manage your drop ship process and community by exception  End-to-end drop ship support for the supplier  Accurate promising with inventory availability Supplier Collaboration PO Capabilities Benefits
  25. 25. IBM Leading the Way Capabilities  Enables directed workflow for all tasks with visibility and status tracking, and alerts and event management  Supports automated item re-classification, based on return status and disposition codes, and configurable rules  Enables linking return to original sales order and all subsequent return processing activities  Enables ‘blind return’ processing  Simplifies complex returns scenarios such as wrong item returns, even and uneven exchanges. Benefits  Provides end-to-end return processing visibility, i.e. ‘one version of the truth’  Ensures timely processing of returns by enabling managing internal / external process participants  Can be readily reconfigured to support changing returns (business) processes Returns Management
  26. 26. Why Customers Choose Sterling OMS Capabilities Benefits  Enhances customer service across all channels  Better exposure to problems so CSRs can react quicker  Reduces training  Cross-channel call center solution gives CSRs visibility into selling and ordering processes across channels and fulfillment methods  Wizard driven order entry and modification as well as scripting  Provide customers fulfillment options  Easy to use task based user interface Cross Channel Fulfillment – Call Center
  27. 27. At a Glance Challenge This retailer launched its strategic commerce initiative in order to meet the demands of the increasingly informed consumer by providing a multi-channel retail experience. The retailer needed an order management system that could: • Handle growing demands across multi selling channels • Achieve an inventory view across all demand and fulfillment channels • Reduce fulfillment cost • Expand its direct-to-consumer channel • Improve profitability Solution This retailer engaged Perficient to implement IBM Sterling Order Management to address its key commerce challenges. Facts Nutritional health and fitness retailer operates over 1200 stores in 45 states employs more than 17000 team members Wish List • Improve Competitive Positioning • Reduce Cost • Expand Web Product Assortment • Enable Drop Ship Business Value Delivered • Reduced fulfillment cost • Expanded Web Catalog • Improved possibility • Vendor drop ship platform
  28. 28. At a Glance Challenge This retailer’s unique business includes numerous brands, products and a diverse customer demographic. As their business evolved the company tried to support its varied needs using legacy systems. This led to siloed processes for each brand. The speed and flexibility of the existing system could not keep pace. Solution This retailer selected Perficient as its implementation partner and IBM’s Sterling Order Management to serve as the platform. Facts Apparel & housewares retailer operates over 400 retail location across a variety of brands Business Value Delivered • Consistent seamless customer service • Increased revenue by reducing lost/missed sales • Purchase online and pickup in store • Browse online and hold in store • Ship to store • Drop ship capabilities • Improved home deliveries Wish List • Reduce legacy system costs • Consistent buying experience across all channels • Regain market share
  29. 29. Envision • Creation of the vision, business case, implementation plan that leads to program development – Roadmaps / Workshops / Strategy Execute • Requirements, design, development and testing for solution implementations that result in project results – Blueprints / End-2-End Project execution / Optimize Evolve • Assess and maintain deployed solutions for operational improvement – Training / Mentoring / SupportBased on best  practices from industry standards… How We Engage The Enable Methodology
  30. 30. Daily unique content about content management, user experience, portals and other enterprise information technology solutions across a variety of industries. Perficient.com/SocialMedia Facebook.com/Perficient Twitter.com/Perficient For more information, please contact: Katie Hull 972-762-1236 Katie.Hull@perficient.com