Creating Realistic User Experiences with Interactive Prototypes


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A webinar for IT, software, user experience and design professionals.

Interactive prototypes and simulations allow designs to be tested and validated with real users before the development process begins. This provides an opportunity to make changes and provide stakeholders with a preview of the application design and functionality before coding starts.

Inexpensively created interactive prototypes allow you to see and touch what w...ill be built before you build it and allow you to gather important user experience which can save time and effort while improving design in the process.

Join us as we discuss:
• How prototyping can save you money and help you get it right the first time
• Involving stakeholders to identify key tasks to be prototyped and build consensus
• Prototype fidelity: low, mid or high. Which to use and when
• Choosing the right tool to produce your prototype
• Determining the method of getting stakeholder buy in and user feedback, both in person and remotely

Presenter DeeDee DeMulling is Director, User Experience, Perficient, Inc.

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  • Perficient is an IT consulting firm with mission to “help clients implement business-driven IT solutions” that deliver business value in the form of integrated business processes and technologies that meet the expectations of their customers.
  • The fast facts about Perficient: we are positioned as a rapidly growing, successful IT services firm with sufficient scale to handle large projects while being more flexible and responsive, based on our size relative to the large players.
  • We help you strategically address business process or technology problems and offer you targeted solutions with positive impacts for your company, your partners and your customers.
  • Perficient has a customizable user-centered design approach for developing highly intuitive and usable solutions. With research, design, testing, and implementation, we create a user experience that meets the needs of its users, while being satisfying and enjoyable to use. Using next generation techniques, we help you achieve the desirable mix of brand and functionality, as well as usability.
  • Poll: Which fidelity of prototyping are you or your organization doing most often? Lo Mid Hi None
  • Most UX professionals are adept at paper and ePaper prototyping. Most visual designers are adept at creating design comps. Now both are beginning to be adept at interactive prototypes because of the simplicity of expressing requirements and the richness of user feedback we can collect during the design phase.
  • Even after 17 years of doing this, I am still surprised what the users can teach me All the things you hope to learn about a new design can only be achieved with highly interactive prototypes, current applications. Visual design preference, content organization, page layout, transaction flow, and overall user experience.
  • POLL: Which is your favorite interactive prototyping tool? HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver or similar Photoshop, Fireworks or similar iRise (is there anything similar to iRise) Axure ProtoShare, BalsamIQ or similar Other
  • Qs: How do you help your team learn the skills they will need to produce interactive prototypes?
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