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Increasing Business Agility with Platform-as-a-Service


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Cloud has become a popular tool, representing a much larger problem domain that encompasses:

Consumerization of IT via smartphones and tablets
Knowledge of smartest and best solutions available to the enterprise at a reasonable cost
Inclusive scale, performance and availability for enterprise applications at no additional cost
Value-based products and services with nominal cost for change

These four factors drive business agility, which is the number one reason businesses are considering cloud according to Gartner Group. Still, for many, cloud represents an intangible entity requiring tangible examples to bring the value proposition to life.

Learn how you can:
Leverage emerging IT capabilities afforded by cloud, PaaS and DevOps automation
Demonstrate the speed and ease with which you can deploy modern cloud applications across multiple cloud service providers
Drive agility within your organization with cloud solutions

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Increasing Business Agility with Platform-as-a-Service

  1. 1. Increasing Business Agility with Platform-as-a-Service JP Morgenthal (@jpmorgenthal) - Director, Cloud Computing & DevOps Practice Sean Wright (@wrightseanf) - Director of Innovation Technology and Strategy
  2. 2. Perficient is a leading information technology consulting firm serving clients throughout North America. We help clients implement business-driven technology solutions that integrate business processes, improve worker productivity, increase customer loyalty and create a more agile enterprise to better respond to new business opportunities. About Perficient
  3. 3. • Founded in 1997 • Public, NASDAQ: PRFT • 2013 revenue $373 million • Major market locations throughout North America • Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fairfax, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York City, Northern California, Philadelphia, Southern California, St. Louis, Toronto and Washington, D.C. • Global delivery centers in China, Europe and India • >2,100 colleagues • Dedicated solution practices • ~85% repeat business rate • Alliance partnerships with major technology vendors • Multiple vendor/industry technology and growth awards Perficient Profile
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  5. 5. JP Morgenthal Director Cloud Computing & DevOps Practice Speakers Sean Wright Director Innovation Technology & Strategy Sean Wright leads development of mobile and enterprise solutions for retail, government, DOD, health care, manufacturing and other commercial industries. His strengths include: • Design of component-based architecture with multiple development methodologies • Design patterns and development frameworks. Sean is an expert at delivering simple, yet elegant software solutions with enterprise architecture, modern development tools, and relational databases via mobile, cloud and web deployment strategies. JP Morgenthal, a published trade author and speaker, has more than 25 years of experience in information technology spanning multiple disciplines and specializes in multiple industry verticals including banking, brokerage, retail, supply chain management, healthcare and federal. JP is responsible for furthering Perficient’s efforts in: • Cloud computing through services development • Sales force enablement and training • Strategic account support • Development of programs to drive cloud computing
  6. 6. Businesses are demanding agility
  7. 7. Increased time to market/use
  8. 8. Efficient use of funds
  9. 9. Easy access to resources
  10. 10. Efficient use of resources
  11. 11. Ability to scale to meet demand
  12. 12. How can IT better meet the needs for business agility?
  13. 13. Reduce need for human intervention for repetitive and time consuming tasks
  14. 14. Enable self-service
  15. 15. Increase standardization of platforms for applications and data
  16. 16. Leverage cloud computing to scale in, out and down as well as up
  17. 17. Align IT engineering and operational actions with critical business initiatives
  18. 18. Drive toward a culture of continuous improvement and delivering IT-as-a-Service Continuous Integration Continuous Test Continuous Deploy Continuous Improvement Incorporate
  19. 19. Everything Now Touches IT • “Computers aren't the thing. Computers are the thing that gets us to the thing!” – Halt & Catch Fire • Cloud is a means to an end that has become a popular term that is rising in interest due to one or more of the following events: – Transition of workplace to more savvy technical individuals – Consumerization of IT via smartphones and tablets – Economical alternatives to acquiring technology infrastructure and applications – Inclusive scale, performance and availability – Value-based products and services with nominal cost for change
  20. 20. IaaSIaaS Infrastructure-as-a-Service Stack Logical Transport Business Logic Controller Interface Consumer Interface Application Platform Operating System Cloud Platform Server Storage Physical Transport Controller Interface Controller Interface Controller Interface Consumer Interface
  21. 21. SaaSSaaS Software-as-a-Service Stack Logical Transport Business Logic Consumer Interface Application Platform Operating System Cloud Platform Server Storage Physical Transport
  22. 22. PaaSPaaS Platform-as-a-Service Stack Logical Transport Business Logic Controller Interface Consumer Interface Application Platform Operating System Cloud Platform Server Storage Physical Transport Controller Interface Consumer Interface
  23. 23. How Does PaaS Assist with Increasing Business Agility? Infrastructure & Platform Standardization Deliver As-A-Service Scale To Meet User Demand Leverage Hybrid Cloud Architecture • Easy access to resources • Efficient use of resources • Efficient use of funds • Scale • Efficient use of funds • Efficient use of resources • Faster time to market/use • Efficient use of resources
  24. 24. What You Will See Today • We will use a Perficient-developed tool called Raptor to generate a web- based application – Raptor takes a descriptor file written in JSON format and auto-generates the application in Java or Ruby for manipulating and viewing data stored in a data service • We will then demonstrate how quickly and easily we can deploy that application in two PaaS environments – Salesforce Heroku and IBM BlueMix • Key elements of this demonstration include: – Increased time to market for applications – Ability to select cloud service provider based on the best economic and support profile for the business – Speed and ease of moving PaaS-based applications between PaaS service providers – Ability to share common services regardless of where they are deployed – Ability to leverage public cloud for dev/test with option to deploy on private cloud and vice verse
  25. 25. Postgres Database IBM BlueMix Heroku Model ORM Framework View Controller (Business Logic) UI Layer (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery) Router Sinatra Ruby ActiveRecord Raptor git push heroku master Software Generation cf push myapp git push heroku master
  26. 26. Advanced IT Solutions • Let Perficient assist you in driving increased business agility – IT Modernization • Cloud computing strategy, assessments and architecture • Infrastructure and Platform-as-a-Service quickstart • Cloud workload migration • API design & development • DevOps planning and implementation • Webscale architecture and implementation – Business Integration • Service oriented architecture • Complex event processing • Data visualization and predictive analytics • Business process management – Award-winning vendor partnerships
  27. 27. As a reminder, please submit your questions in the chat box We will get to as many as possible
  28. 28. Daily unique content about content management, user experience, portals and other enterprise information technology solutions across a variety of industries.
  29. 29. Thank you for your participation today. Please fill out the survey at the close of this session.