Healthcare Reform & Physician Loyalty: What Can CRM Do To Support ACOs?


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Martin Sizemore, Enterprise Architect at Perficient, and Lisa Anderson, CRM Solution Architect at Perficient, discuss Consumerism in Healthcare, Physician Practice Challenges & Alignment, and provide a Physician Loyalty Campaign Demo

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Healthcare Reform & Physician Loyalty: What Can CRM Do To Support ACOs?

  1. 1. Healthcare Reform & Physician Loyalty: What Can CRM Do To Support ACOs?
  2. 2. About PerficientPerficient is a leading information technology consulting firm servingclients throughout North America.We help clients implement business-driven technology solutions thatintegrate business processes, improve worker productivity, increasecustomer loyalty and create a more agile enterprise to better respondto new business opportunities.
  3. 3. PRFT Profile Founded in 1997 Public, NASDAQ: PRFT 2010 Revenue of $215 million 20 major market locations throughout North America — Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fairfax, Houston, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, St. Louis and Toronto 1,500+ colleagues Dedicated solution practices 500+ enterprise clients (2010) and 85% repeat business rate Alliance partnerships with major technology vendors Multiple vendor/industry technology and growth awards
  4. 4. Our Solutions Expertise & ServicesBusiness-Driven Solutions Perficient Services• Enterprise Portals  End-to-End Solution Delivery• SOA and Business Process  IT Strategic Consulting Management  IT Architecture Planning• Business Intelligence  Business Process & Workflow• User-Centered Custom Applications Consulting• CRM Solutions  Usability and UI Consulting• Enterprise Performance Management  Custom Application Development• Customer Self-Service  Offshore Development• eCommerce & Product Information  Package Selection, Implementation Management and Integration• Enterprise Content Management  Architecture & Application Migrations• Industry-Specific Solutions  Education• Mobile Technology• Security Assessments Perficient brings deep solutions expertise and offers a complete set of flexible services to help clients implement business-driven IT solutions
  5. 5. Oracle Partnership• Oracle Platinum Partner• Expertise with both the Applications and Technology stacks• 10+ year relationship of loyalty and trust• Hundreds of successful implementations• Deep technical expertise on Siebel, OBIEE and Hyperion platforms• Oracle Certified Education Training Partner• Help provide recommendations for overall product direction• Work closely with Oracle product management to provide feedback for functional enhancements• Participate in Beta testing initiatives with Oracle Development• Strong partnerships with field sales and marketing organizations
  6. 6. Presenters• Martin Sizemore Perficient, Enterprise Architect, Healthcare• Lisa Anderson Perficient, CRM Solution Architect
  7. 7. AgendaConsumerism in HealthcarePhysician Practice Challenges & AlignmentPhysician Loyalty Campaign DemoQuestions & Answers
  8. 8. Healthcare Provider Landscape• Strong competition around the delivery of care• Increased pressure around reimbursements• Increasing cost of delivery• Increased regulatory rules and compliance requirements from CMS and the Payor organizations• Difficulty in aligning with physician practices• Challenges in creating the right incentive models for behavior changes in the care delivery model• Creation of an efficient process delivery model across the entire healthcare system• Ability to differentiate your organization on Brand• Inability to directly connect and influence the consumers of healthcare servicesHow do you become a Consumer Driven Healthcare System?
  9. 9. Physician Practice Challenges• 50% of physician practices are small community based that have less than three physicians• Increased pressure around reimbursements• Increasing cost of running their practices• Increased regulatory rules and compliance requirements from CMS and the Payor organizations (i.e. P4P)• The recently based ARRA Stimulus Bill around adoption of EMRs and the associated behavioral changes• Challenges in creating the right incentive models How do you Align and Connect to your Physician Practices?
  10. 10. Physician Alignment MattersAverage annual revenue generated by Specialty:• Orthopedic Surgery $3.0M• Cardiology (noninvasive) $2.6M• Cardiology (invasive) $2.5M• General Surgery $2.4M• Neurosurgery $2.4M• Internal Medicine $2.1M• Family Practice $2.0M• Hematology/Oncology $1.8M• Pulmonology $1.8M• Gastroenterology $1.3MSource: Meritt, Hawkins & Assoc. and Healthcare Financial Mgt. Assoc.(HFMA)
  11. 11. Consumer Trends – Nonclinical FactorsHow Consumers Choose Hospitals Source: The McKinsey Quarterly
  12. 12. Physicians in Crisis What Doctors Are Seeking:• An American Hospital Assn. report found increased requests for jobs as well as money. During the first quarter of 2009, 56% of hospital CEOs said their facility got more physician requests for aid.• Of those CEOs: – 83% reported more physicians wanting increased pay for on-call or other services provided to the hospital. – 69% reported more physicians seeking hospital employment. – 56% reported an overall increase in doctors asking for financial aid. – 31% reported more doctors looking to sell their practices to hospitals. – 23% reported more doctors seeking to partner on buying equipment.
  13. 13. Where do we go from here?• How are you responding to shifts in Consumer behavior?• Are you at risk of being ‘Commoditized’?• How will you differentiate your organization from the competition?• Do you want to strengthen you physician loyalty?• How can you reposition your organization with your target market?• Are you looking to expand business opportunities? What is Your Plan?
  14. 14. Patient/Physician Experience Maturity Model
  15. 15. What Can CRM Do To Help?CRM helps healthcare organizations manage their most valuable asset: The Physician Relationship• Target and qualify the right physicians for your organization.• Drive physician alignment through measured contact and aggressive campaign marketing activities.• Identify physician admission and procedure trends.• Understand physician affiliations and relationships.• Recognize the feedback loop and patient satisfaction efforts of the health system that need to be collected and reported back to the physician practices.
  16. 16. Oracle CRM On Demand Demonstration• Physician Loyalty• Recruiting
  17. 17. Physician Loyalty Analyze Research Referrals Physician and 1 Group 2 4 3 BookAppointment Understand Issues
  18. 18. Recruiting Research Review specialties cardiologists 1 2 4 3 Reviewopportunity Target and event specific Doctor
  19. 19. Benefits of Consumerism• Maximizing share of healthcare spend• Ability to expand outside of current market share• Strong Patient and Provider Loyalty• Higher level of Brand Loyalty• Increased revenue through commerce expansion• Expanded service offerings to consumers interested in my health system
  20. 20. Physician Loyalty Programs Matter• Consumers are driving a change in the way they purchase/access healthcare services.• Physician partnerships are an important element to a successful consumer- oriented health system.• Physicians are looking for alignment that helps their patients and practice thrive.• Health systems that adopt consumerism elements will also drive incremental revenue and associated delivery cost savings. Let us Help You Be A Growing and Prosperous Health System
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