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Manpower Text Marketing

  1. 1. Powered by
  2. 2.  Your prospects receive an automatic response straight from you within 10 secs.  After prospects text in to your keyword they receive an automatic response letting them know you will be informing them of job availability, events, and emergency job openings.  You can change the welcome message anytime from any Internet connected device.  You can send alerts to one or all prospects at anytime. 94% will read the message in 3 mins.
  3. 3.  Allows prospects to react immediately no matter where they happen to be.  Increases brand loyalty and keeps prospects engaged with Manpower.  Adds to your existing marketing. Add it to your radio, newspaper, voicemail, letterheads, and email signatures.  Notify hundreds of prospects in seconds instead of hours using phone calls or other methods.
  4. 4. Prospect Sends Request The first thing that a prospect must do is text the specific keyword assigned to your Manpower branch to our “shortcode” 41411. In this example, the prospect texts “manpowerjobs” to 41411 on their cell phone.
  5. 5. Prospect Receives Automatic Response Within 10-15 seconds, the prospect will receive a reply similar to the one shown here. This “Automatic Response” can be changed by your office at anytime. After it is changed, any future signups will receive the new “Automatic Response”.
  6. 6. Log into our website
  7. 7. Click the ‘Client Login” Page at the top
  8. 8. Click the ‘…manage your 41411…” link
  9. 9. Click the “Login Now” Link Click here to login
  10. 10. Sign in with the Google Account provided to you You will be provided with a Google Account to login here.
  11. 11. Click “Manage” next to your keyword Once logged in, Click here to manage your keyword
  12. 12. Send Alert - Keyword Management Options Enter the text you wish to send to all subscribers here Total active subscribers Send Now or Schedule it!
  13. 13. Send alert to just one subscriber Must be an active subscriber. You can copy & paste from your list of subscribers. Use this area to send a quick message or notice immediately to one subscriber.
  14. 14. See all subscribers, signup time, and remove subscribers See all your subscribers, when they signed up, and delete them manually from here. This is a great area to monitor the effectiveness of your other advertising by seeing if you have a surge of signups. Clicking here goes to the “Send Alert” page
  15. 15. See all recent messages sent to subscribers See all sent alerts, use copy & paste to easily duplicate a message See exactly when the message was sent
  16. 16. Sign in with the Google Account provided to you Not at a computer and need to send an alert? Register a cell phone here and send from anywhere instantly to your entire subscriber list.
  17. 17. Changing the Automatic Response You can change the Automatic Response at anytime. New users that signup will receive the changed Automatic Response.
  18. 18.  Great response from prospects & immediate signups from all marketing.  Prospects will respond much faster to job requests and more will show up for events.  Greater Brand recall rate for Manpower.  Using 41411 suggests information. Prospects remember this shortcode best.  Great feedback on how fast prospects find jobs and are informed of job fairs.  Easier to land clients when they know you are using today’s technology.
  19. 19.  Most cell phone users seldom leave home without their cell phone and have it within reach at all times.  By tying your other advertising and marketing into mobile advertising you are engaging prospects with a device that is now a part of their everyday life.  Mobile advertising penetration hits one in three mobile phone users with high recall statistics. Of people who have recalled seeing an sms message on their phone, one-third recalled the brand unaided.  28 million text users recall seeing mobile advertising in the previous 30 days and say they responded to a mobile ad.
  20. 20.  Choose an available Text Marketing Keyword for your branch, such as “manpowerindy”  Call CityNFocus (promotion company for Perfect Mobile Marketing) to schedule an appointment for the setup of your campaign.  Start advertising your keyword everywhere  Send at least 2 messages per month  Check your growing number of subscribers  Be creative! Learn what works for your branch
  21. 21. Website: Jomo Williams, CityNFocus – Call Jomo at (765) 282-9477 (limited availability)