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A Data-Driven Approach to Testing the Right Devices, Platforms, and User Conditions


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Almost every mobile team struggles with which platforms, devices, and user conditions to test when there are constantly new technologies coming to market. You can stop the test-coverage guesswork by incorporating a data-driven coverage approach.

This web seminar will show you how to develop a comprehensive test coverage strategy using industry data, benchmarks, geography, device statistics, and app ratings. You will learn how to ensure your app or website performs well and provides a better user experience, even in unpredictable environments.

Attend this event to learn how to:

-Develop a test coverage plan that reflects your actual users
-Factor in regional differences worldwide
-Test user conditions like common background apps, network conditions, and location
-Stay ahead of the market by testing on new devices, operating systems, and browsers

Published in: Mobile
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A Data-Driven Approach to Testing the Right Devices, Platforms, and User Conditions

  1. 1. A Data-Driven Approach to Testing the Right Devices, Platforms & User Conditions
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers Eran Kinsbruner Mobile Technical Evangelist Perfecto Amir Ghodrati Sr. Manager of Marketing Insights App Annie
  3. 3. Agenda 9/8/2016 3© 2015, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 01 Digital Test Coverage Overview 02 Introduction to Real User Condition Testing03 New Index Edition Insights 04 App Annie Coverage Perspective 05 Q & A
  4. 4. Introduction to User Condition Testing Bringing the End User Into The Test Lab Using a retail App 1 2 Network Quality Cellular, Wi-Fi 3 Varied Device Conditions 4 Multiple devices Specific profiles 5 Location 6 Resource Conflicts 7 Interacting with sensors Peak time - Millions of transactions 8 Simple Functional Testing Is Not Enough 9/8/2016 © 2015,Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. 4
  5. 5. The Test Coverage Conversation – What To Answer?  Which Devices & Browsers?  Which OS Versions?  How Many platforms are enough?  Under what user condition to test my app?  When should I refresh my test lab?  Who is in charge of coverage?  How to size my lab across projects and teams? 9/8/2016 5© 2016, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  6. 6. Mobile Test Coverage Method
  7. 7. Mobile Device Coverage - Attributes • Device and OS popularity (market share/usage) • Screen sizes, resolution and other screen attributes such as pixel per inch (PPI) • Device age (launch date) • Quality related issues (e.g. Android 5.1.1/Samsung S6) • New and trending devices and platforms • Operating system version update rate (e.g. reference devices like Android Nexus get a higher score) • Unique device properties important for testing purposes – chipset, CPU, memory • Audience demographics 9/8/2016 7© 2015, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Reference Devices/OS Popular Devices/OS Legacy Devices/OS Emerging Devices/OS
  8. 8. What’s new? • App Annie App Usage • India Index Coverage Digital Test Coverage Index 5th Edition
  9. 9. 2016 Calendar and Forecast 9/8/2016 9© 2015, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  10. 10. Top Used Android Apps May 2016 (U.S. Example) 9/8/2016 10© 2016, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Installing and Launching highly used apps per regions as pre-condition test step for your App
  11. 11. Index 5th Edition General Insights • iOS 10 (iPhone 7) & Android N • Beta Testing Importance • Samsung Market Recovery • iOS vs. Android Tablet Market Diffs 9/8/2016 11© 2016, Perfecto Mobile Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
  12. 12. We help build better app businesses delivers data and insights to succeed in the app economy
  13. 13. 16 Offices & 450+ Employees Worldwide Raised $157M in Financing
  14. 14. Most Trusted Partner in the App Economy And many more… Social Investors Platforms/ Mobile Additional Industries Games Media/ Entertainment
  15. 15. Why Mobile Apps?
  16. 16. App Downloads Will Reach Over 288B by 2020
  17. 17. App Economy will reach $102B in 2020
  18. 18. Entertainment Apps Will Grow to Over $6B in Revenue in 2020
  19. 19. Emerging Countries Will Account for 40% of App Store Revenue by 2020
  20. 20. Apps Are Eating the Web
  21. 21. 85% of Consumers’ Time Spent in Apps 9 min. Top 10 Mobile Browsers Other Apps
  22. 22. Time Spent in New Categories is Growing
  23. 23. Apps Are Succeeding Across Multiple Sectors
  24. 24. Nearly All B2C Industries Turning to Apps Sector Companies Sales and Marketing Product/ Service Usage Customer Service Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) — — Consumer Devices Transport Retail Media Financial Services — Mature App Usage Emerging App Usage
  25. 25. Apps Cover Every Aspect of Our Daily Lives Eat Social Work Travel Dating Entertainment Learn Shop Games Pay News Health
  26. 26. Quick Service Restaurants
  27. 27. McDonald’s Japan Ties Up with Pokémon Go X
  28. 28. Retail
  29. 29. Walgreens Engages With “Print From Facebook” Ad Impressions Boost #1 Advertiser by Share of Supersonic Ad Impressions #32 Advertiser by Share of Supersonic Ad Impressions Android Pay adds Walgreens for first retail store loyalty card integration Aug 01 Aug 07 Aug 14 Aug 21 1 100 200 300 400 500 Download Rank History United States - Aug 1, 2016 - Aug 27, 2016
  30. 30. Retail Banking
  31. 31. Consumers Banking on Apps Continues To Grow Total Sessions in the Top 10 Retail Banking Apps* Android Phone *Top Apps by monthly active users in each age group
  32. 32. High Engagement for Retail Banking Apps Among Younger Users Daily Sessions in Top 10 Retail Banking Apps* Per User Android Phone, H1 2016 *Top Apps by monthly active users in each age group
  33. 33. Media & Entertainment
  34. 34. On-Demand Music and Video Apps Grow in Share of Wallet
  35. 35. Usage Patterns Show Local Preferences for Music & Audio Apps
  36. 36. User Conditions Affect Your App Testing Strategy
  37. 37. Test Most Used Apps No Longer Available in the App Store Most Used Retail Apps in Germany Android Phone, May 2016
  38. 38. Prioritize Apps that Cater to Local Preferences Most Used M&E Apps in the United States Android Phone, May 2016
  39. 39. Pre-installed Apps are Important to Overall User Experience Most Used M&E Apps in Brazil Android Phone, May 2016
  40. 40. Audience Give Away – Free Index Download