Fiona in Prague: Path to purchase, a case study


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Tracking real consumer experiences

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  • LG In-Store Capabilities: A Competitive AdvantageDedicated team Shopper experts at LG Specific research for store/shopper to uncover key category, retailer, & shopper insightsFocused on lifting category , not just brandHow We Like to Partner with Retail Trade Partners:Significant category shopper researchProvide Key Shopper InsightsTest and Learn initiativesCategory-changing activation recommendations
  • In-Store Opportunities:Leverage endcaps as starting destination points for category & navigational hubs for shopperMaximize the WOW factor (i.e. interactive kiosks, Discovery Zones) from 10-30’ away
  • In-Store Opportunities:Develop tools that bring the internet into the in-store space (i.e. Mobile Shopping Assistant)Provide common assets for Retail partners to use online / in store
  • In-Store Opportunities:Use LG touchscreen in new ways to help shoppers make the right choice (Virtual Blue Shirt)Provide Consistent, benefit-focused communication for all HA products (Digital and Analog Signage)Utilize Fact Tags to help tell a good, better, best story to make it easier to understand step-ups and trade-offs
  • FionaThe core approach involves a mix of traditional and innovative methodologiesWe recruit participants via online panel (or F2F) and they complete a questionnaire answering about awareness, usage, consideration and attitudes towards the brands identified for the study – here we recruited 300 participants per week (Customers and Prospects).At the end of the questionnaire, participants are asked to become researchers as they go about their everyday lives and to text whenever they see, hear or experience anything to do with Sky, Virgin, BT and a set of other brands.They do this for one week and at the end of the week, the participant answers some of the same questions on consideration and image statements so that we can see which experiences have created which shifts in brand measures.
  • FionaThis is a photo sent in by a participant.You can see that they still have their shopping bags out and are relaxing in front of the TV when this ad came on.
  • FionaA – to indicate which brand they had just experiencedA – to indicate the touchpoint – TV5 – to provide us with a measure of how engaging this was5 – to indicate how persuasive the experience was
  • FionaThis text then went into the participant’s diary and we ask people to pop into this every other day so that they can ad more detail including uploading photos and providing comments about the experience.
  • Fiona in Prague: Path to purchase, a case study

    1. 1. LG Shopper Tracker, Home AppliancesFull year review of findings Content Ⅰ. Setting the scene - Drivers of consideration Ⅱ. Using Touchpoints to drive consideration III . etc …… Appendix. 2011.02.14 LGEUS
    2. 2. Insights Drive the Business but where to get them? ? Heat Shop-alongs Maps Focus Exit Groups Interviews Eye-tracking 2
    3. 3. LG In-store Marketing MissionMake it easier for shoppers to find,understand, and purchase LG products 3
    4. 4. LG In-Store Marketing: Category Leadership LG is recipient of the 2011 Chief Award from POPAI • Awarded to brand that best demonstrates effective, innovative use of marketing at retail 4
    5. 5. LG In-Store Marketing: Results DrivenEndcap Initiatives launched in Q1 2011 showed positive 46% effect in sell-through QR Codes on 2011 POP showed dramatic increase in 10K shopper interactions ViewsInteractive Kiosk placed In-Line resulted in double digit 20% increase on sell-through 5 SOURCE: Internal LG Sell-Through Data
    6. 6. Endcaps are a Critical First Stop • 41% of Shoppers visit an endcap at the beginning of their in-store journey 6
    7. 7. In Store and Digital are Closely Linked• Shoppers go back and forth between online and in-store experiences• Categories are seen as too complicated to rely solely on one source of information 7
    8. 8. Shoppers feel overwhelmed by choice• Shoppers need help in navigating through to a decision 8
    9. 9. The LG Shopper Tracker
    10. 10. Online Real-time Online 10
    11. 11. BRAND: A)LG B)Sony C)Samsung D)Panasonic E)Visio F)Other OCCASION: A)TV B)Poster/Billboard C)Radio D)Conversation E)Cinema F)Newspaper G)Magazine H)In Store I)Online J)Mailing/Leaflet K)Public Place L)Someone elses home M) Other FEEL: 1)Very negative 2)Fairly negative 3)Neutral 4)Fairly positive 5)Very positive PURCHASE: 5)Much more likely 4)Slightly more likely 3)No difference 2) Slightly less likely 1)much less likely11
    12. 12. Where did make youWhich brand was it? feel? it? likely you experienceHow did it did it make you topurchase the brand next time?OCCASION:A) TVB) Poster /BillboardPURCHASE:MANUFACTURER (TV):FEELING:C) Very positiveA) Radio5) Much more likely to purchase next time LGD) Fairly positive Conversation4) Slightly more likely to purchase next timeB) SamsungE) Cinema3) Made no differenceC) Neutral Sony2) Newspaper likely to purchase next timeF) Slightly lessD) Fairly negative PanasonicG) Vizio Negative Magazine1) Much less likely to purchase next timeE) VeryH) OtherF) In Store ah 4 5I) OnlineK) Mailing/leafletL) Public placeM) Someone else’s homeN) OtherA) TV 12
    13. 13. I saw a display at the end of one of the aisles showing a 40” LED TV. It made me very interested in finding out more!13
    14. 14. How we’re Now and using the in the Tracker future
    15. 15. Shapes our decisions on marketing investmentsIn Store is the most persuasive experience Touchpoint Experience Map Total Market – Q2 2011 70% Someone else’s home In Store Purchase Intent T2B % 60% Conversation Online Magazine 50% TV Public Place 40% Newspaper 30% 50% 60% 70% 80% Positivity T2B % 15
    16. 16. Helps us understand what is workingIn Store experiences improved in Q2 following end caps Brand Experience Map - In-store – Q2 2011 90% Electrolux 80% Samsung Purchase Intent T2B % Maytag 70% Whirlpool LG Q2 2011 60% LG Q1 2011 50% Kenmore GE 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Positivity T2B % 16
    17. 17. Allows us to see from the customer’s perspective Transition from In Store to Online In speaking with this salesperson, the Kitchenaid sale with free installation and removal of old unit is I didnt realize the color saving me this typical $149.99 charge. After in store options that are available. viewing, I compared on internet and found the sameThis definitely puts LG ahead - Kitchenaid is the brand for me in dishwashers. of the pack at this point. Day 5 – Kitchenaid, In store Day 1 – LG, Online Sears has a lower price and a lot more reviews per product. Reviews are stellar for the LG 7.3 w/d units. Im now torn between Samsung Day 3 – LG, Online and LG. I went to HH Gregg to get their opinion as well and will likely buy LG from HH Gregg.I thought I had decided on Day 6 – LG, In storeLG, but this Samsung really has changed my mind. Day 5 – Samsung, In store 17
    18. 18. Highlights the power of actual experiencePower of seeing in someone else’s home Touchpoint Experience Map Total Market – Q2 2011 70% I walked throughelse’s neighbors Someone my Someone else’s home In store home Purchase Intent T2B % 60% garage and noticed the machine in Conversation the laundry room and noticed how Online Magazine 50% quiet it was while running. TV Public Place 40% Newspaper 30% 50% 60% 70% 80% Positivity T2B % 18
    19. 19. Comments give Context to the Data “Interactive display showing the benefits of LGs cold wash capability. While looking at it, a salesperson stopped by and pointed out the washers features.” LG, Washing machine, In Store, Best Buy, Special display, Fairly positive, Slightly more likely to purchase 19
    20. 20. Real-time shopper insight helps… create strong trade partnerships keep in touch with whats relevant to people provide a fresh perspective to stimulate ideas 20