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User Empowered Machine Translation. Dion Wiggins, Asia Online


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"Empower" is a buzz word that has been pushed around extensively by many Machine Translation (MT) vendors. Empowerment implies by its very nature that you are required to put in some effort to have the control that empowerment promises and of course that you have the necessary experience and skills required to be empowered. In reality, few MT vendors offer little more than the ability to upload translation memories. True MT empowerment comes by having total control and transparency in the entire customization and translation process. MT empowerment also enables the business as a whole to expand its capabilities and reach by performing tasks that were previously unobtainable with a human only translation approach.

This showcase demonstrates on the how Language Studio™ empowers organizations to use MT optimally and strategically by enabling project managers to control and define the MT customization process. Language Studio™ provides a wide range of tools and processes that enable customers to have complete control over their custom MT engines. With the guidance of Language Studio™ Linguists, the process is streamlined with expertise gained from building thousands of custom engines. This expertise is leveraged to meet your specific custom MT requirements. Just like a human translation project, every custom engine is unique and is managed in a similar manner to human translation projects with term definition, style guides and quality assurance.

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User Empowered Machine Translation. Dion Wiggins, Asia Online

  1. 1. TAUS ROUNDTABLE 2014 22 May/ Moscow (Russia)
  2. 2. THURSDAY, 22 May /16:15 – 16:45 User Empowered Machine Translation Dion Wiggins, Asia Online TAUS ROUNDTABLE 2014 22 May/ Moscow (Russia)
  3. 3. The term by its very nature implies that you are required to do something
  4. 4. Just Add Water Upload Data Any vendor that tells you that high quality MT is easy is either trying to fool you or is incompetent Time, Effort, Skill and Investment are MandatoryCopyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  5. 5. Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  6. 6. • Generic MT from Google, Bing, etc. offers unknown productivity gains and sometimes productivity loss due to lack of control. • Competitors offer < 20-40% productivity gains due to domain centric and “dirty data SMT” customization model. • Language Studio™ : – Targets of 150-300%+ productivity gains with granular sub-domain “clean data SMT” approach. – Provides complete control of writing style, terminology and is mapped to target audience reducing editing effort. Language Pair Top-Level Domain Engines/Sub-Domains EN-ES Automotive Honda Cars Motorbikes Toyota Marketing Service Reports User Manuals Engineering Service Manuals User Manuals Engineering Service Manuals Client Product Target Audience / Purpose Cars 50%+ 90%+ 150-300%+ Customization Level: Typical Productivity Gain: Google/Bing Quality Level Typical Competitor Quality Level Generic ???? Domain < 20-40% Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  7. 7. MT Effort Translation Quality Your MT Department Effort Your Effort Google Click to Translate DIY • Majority of all Technical Tasks • Custom Engine Development Plan • Quality Improvement Plan • Issue Analysis and Resolution • Terminology Normalization • Unknown Word Detection and Resolution • Gap Analysis • Data Manufacturing • Rule Creation • Translation Quality Analysis • Many more Quality Centric Tasks… <20-40% Productivity Gain • Term Management • Engine Definition • Evaluations DIY Upload TM Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  8. 8. MT Effort Translation Quality Post-Editing Productivity (Reduced Post-Editing Effort) Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  9. 9. • Most failures are avoidable • Most fail because – The wrong approach to customization was taken – The lack of experience of the team doing customization – The lack of understanding of how to work with data – The lack of skills to be able to diagnose issues – The expectation that it was going to be easy – Lack of a clear and coherent MT strategy Every MT Vendor has Projects that have Failed The “Your MT Department” program is designed to address all these issues and more Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  10. 10. • Business Development and Expansion • Strategic Planning • More Rapid Exploitation of the Full Commercial Potential of your Custom Engines • Support and Training for Project Managers • Monitoring of Technical Performance • Simplicity, Transparency and Control • Understanding of Return On Investment and Total Cost of Ownership Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  11. 11. • 2 Meetings Per Month with Project and Technical Staff – Project strategy for development and improvement – Status of engines and Task progress – Best practices – Post editor Feedback • Business Strategy – Periodic senior management meetings – Strategic business guidance and Road map planning – Guidance to move project based MT to MT as a strategic initiative – Where required, participation and presentations to management meetings – Mentoring for project managers • Sales Support – Sales team training – Joint presentations to clients – Presentation library – Joint proposal and RFP response development Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  12. 12. • Custom Engine Development – Provide guidance and assist project managers – Project planning – Custom engine training plan – Custom engine quality improvement plan – Data gathering and acquisition – Data manufacturing – Data preparation and cleaning – Gap analysis – Project tracking – Pre-translation analysis – Post-translation analysis Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  13. 13. • Staff Training – Sales training – Webinars – Technical training – Post editing training • Technical Support – Knowledge base – Support ticket system Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  14. 14. Skilled Language Studio™ Linguists understand the complexities of customizing high-quality custom machine translation engines, so that if you don’t want to you don’t have to. • Language Studio™ Linguists will listen to your issues and help to identify the cause and apply a correction on your behalf. • Users can focus on translation and when required the identification of issues. • Skilled Language Studio™ linguists perform the more complex tasks of resolving the issues provided by clients. • Your account manager will assign a linguist to work with you to quickly resolve each issue. Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  15. 15. Quality requires an understanding of the data There is no exception to this rule Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  16. 16. Spanish Original Before Translation: Se necesitó una gran maniobra política muy prudente a fin de facilitar una cita de los dos enemigos históricos. Business News After Translation: Significant amounts of cautious political maneuvering were required in order to facilitate a rendezvous between the two bitter historical opponents. Children’s Books After Translation: A lot of care was taken to not upset others when organizing the meeting between the two long time enemies. Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  17. 17. • MT + Human can deliver higher quality output than human only translation processes • Cost reductions • Faster deliverables • Higher customer satisfaction • Happier post editors Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  18. 18. No Data A Little Data Sufficient Data Large Amounts of Data Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  19. 19. Language Pair Foundation Domain Foundation Client Data + = Custom Engine Asia Online Foundation Data + Sub-Domain Specific Data Manufactured Data Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  20. 20. Before Machine Translation Pre-Translation JavaScript (JS) - Complex pre-processing can be customized via JavaScript. Pre-Translation Corrections (PTC) - A list of terms that adjust the source text fixing common issues and making it more suitable for translation. Non-Translatable Terms (NTT) - A list of monolingual terms that are used to ensure key terms are not translated. Runtime Glossary (GLO) - A list of bilingual terms that are used to ensure terminology is translated a specific way. After Machine Translation Target text is processed and modified. Post Translation Adjustment (PTA) - A list of terms in the target language that modify the translated output. This is very useful for normalization of target terms. Post Translation JavaScript (JS) - Complex post-processing can be customized via JavaScript. Runtime customizations can be applied in 2 forms: Default: Applied to all jobs. Job Specific: A different set of customizations can be applied for different clients. Source text is processed and modified. Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  21. 21. Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  22. 22. • Unprecedented machine translation control and power • But that is not all… • The “Black Box” is transparent!! Copyright © 2014, Asia Online Pte Ltd
  23. 23. Asia Online Automated Client Role Incremental Improvement Select Language Pair and Top Level Domain Create Sub-Domain Engine Project Upload Data Linguist Review Create Training / Quality Improvement Plan Pre-Customization Consultation with Client Clean Data Data Manufacturing Client Data Validation Training Evaluate Quality Fine Tune with Rules Release to Production Release to Diagnostic Review Machine Translate / Post Edit Create New Project Version Initial Customization More Client Data Needed? Acceptable Quality? Evaluation & Release Yes No Yes No Asia Online Specialist Key