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Together We Know More. Jaap van der Meer, TAUS


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Is the translation industry ready for the massive changes that are approaching? Most companies tend to rely entirely on internal resources and wisdom with the execution of their strategies. Jaap van der Meer makes a plea for industry collaboration. The translation sector is slow in adopting technology and immature with business intelligence. Jaap van der Meer will present the TAUS program of shared industry services in four distinctive areas:

1. Translation data sharing,
2. Translation quality evaluation and industry benchmarking,
3. Driving technology adoption,
4. Translation

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Together We Know More. Jaap van der Meer, TAUS

  1. 1. TAUS ROUNDTABLE 2014 22 May/ Moscow (Russia)
  2. 2. THURSDAY, 22 May /16:45 – 17:15 Together We Know Jaap van der Meer, TAUS TAUS ROUNDTABLE 2014 22 May/ Moscow (Russia)
  3. 3. TAUS 2020 Together We Know More
  4. 4. We live in a time of hyper-globalization  Trade integration: Last 2 decades 75 of developing countries are catching up with economic frontier  World trade is growing  From stuff to fluff  Democratic: openness is widely embraced  Criss-crossing globalization Peterson Institute for International Economics, July 2013 Global flow will double or triple before 2025 McKinsey, April 2014 “Global flows are creating new degrees of connectedness among economies— and playing an ever-larger role in determining the fate of nations, companies, and individuals; to be unconnected is to fall behind. Our scenarios show that global flows could reach $54 trillion to $85 trillion by 2025, more than double or triple their current scale.”
  5. 5. From theTAUSTranslationTechnology Landscape Report (January, 2013) Entering the Convergence Era
  6. 6. Together We Know More We Know Better Is the Translation Industry Ready? TAUS is uniquely positioned to support the rapidly expanding and innovating translation sector with industry-shared resources.
  7. 7. TAUS Objectives Our aspiration is to enable better translation, to help the world communicate better. Our business is to support buyers and providers of translation with industry- shared resources and technology.
  8. 8. Data The largest publicly shared repository of translation data. Currently 55 billion words. Four Action Lines Automate Central resource for education and advancement in translation technology. Evaluate Platform for measuring and benchmarking of translation quality. API Coordinate translation web services to optimize connectivity.
  9. 9. Now • Search • Data Upload and Download • Matrix • API New • Collaboration with Japanese government funded consortium • Evangelize Human Language Project • New features: Matching Scores & Data Collector 1. Data
  10. 10. Now • Monthly MT Buyer-Users Call • Monthly Translation Technology Webinar • Tutorials, Reports, Research • Knowledge Base: MT FAQ Forum • Directories New • Community Forum • Question-answering in 24 hours 2. Technology
  11. 11. Now • Best practices • Bi-monthly DQF User Group Call • Bi-monthly Translation QE Webinar • DQF Knowledge Base & Content Profiling Wizard • DQF Evaluation Tools New • Post-editing courses • Community Forum • Automated metrics (correlation with human evaluation) • API • Work with ISO towards standardization 3. Metrics
  12. 12. Now • Basic Translation API • Online validation check New • Expanded translation workload formats including language industry standards like XLIFF, TIPP • Industry standard REST API • Industry standard authorization/authentication • Open source test implementation • Extension with procurement • Consultation with industry 4. API
  13. 13. 1. Free membership for universities • Use of 40 billion words in 2,000 language pairs for research only • Use of DQF & metrics for education 2. DQF standardization • Work with ISO to convert best practices into standards for QE 3. Translation API standardization • Work with industry to enhance and standardize Translation API 4. New features for Data platform • Promote data sharing by adding more attractive features to TAUS Data New TAUS Investments
  14. 14. Returns on Investments 1. Reduce the shortage of skills and talents  Free university program prepares new generation of language workers 2. Bring credibility, reliability and flexibility to industry  QE standard and industry benchmarking promotes scalability 3. Stimulate growth and innovation  Common translation API reduces friction and stimulates innovation 4. Proliferate use and development of MT  More shared data improves the performance of MT Benefits both for individual companies and for the industry as a whole.
  15. 15. 1. Ratify – Feedback on the strategy 2. Recommend – Talk about TAUS and refer others to the program and activities 3. Recruit – Increasing our member and user base helps to raise the impact of the TAUS program and activities What TAUS Asks
  16. 16. This slide may not be used or copied without permission from TAUS